What type of visa should i apply?

Hi all!

I hope I could get answers here. My husband is currently working in Christchurch for like 9 months now and he asked me to come over to live with him till he finished his contract. We've been together for 8 years, married for 2.5 years and have our own property together in Singapore so I think for partner with work visa, we definitely think that we have met all the requirements. So the question is, he is holding a skilled migrant visa.. i read somewhere that we cannot apply partner with work visa if our partner in NZ is holding a skilled migrant visa. Is that true? if so, what type of visa should I apply which allows me to live and work in NZ.

Thank you in advance.


If your partner is working in NZ as a skilled migrant you can apply as his partner but you will have to show evidence of your relationship and not have lived apart from each other for to long

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