Following fashion in Uganda

Hi everyone,

Do you follow fashion trends in Uganda? Every country and every culture has its own dress code. As far as you are concerned, have you changed the way you dress?

Can one easily find fashion boutiques in Uganda? Are clothes expensive there? Or cheap?

What do Ugandans usually wear or like to wear the most?

Share your experience!


Hey am Ugandan. And I love fashion (African and foreign). Well, there's a lot of culture in Uganda over 16 languages are spoken in Uganda. Our culture comes with the fashion side. Each ethnicity has its dress code. But this is showcased mainly at traditional ceremonies. Someone's tribe can actually be identified by the way they are dressed.
From the Gomesi of the Central people to the Busuti of the Western people the kanzu, Mushanana to mention the least.
For the foreign cultures e.g Indians Saris(hope I got it right) these are everywhere specifically at Zai Plaza downtown. My favorite being "Cheetah" Owned and run by Indians. These are all affordable

Fashion in Uganda isn't expensive. There are several boutiques that sell affordable nice clothes. Malls like Grand Corner downtown Kampala.
Besides that, people here are fashion forward. People get famous for how they dress. Funny but true. During day time you night not see all the fashion and glam because people dress simple during day but the night life surely does make people in Uganda "get dressed" hit clubs like Guvnor, Liquid silk, Riders Lounge, Sky Lounge and you will see for yourself.
Lastly buying clothes in Uganda depends on what you love, if you love African Dressing then there are several shops that deal in that around Buganda Road and Garden City Mall
The classy but affordable style you have to go down town Kampala BUT watch your bag its not safe!!!!

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