Following fashion in Cape Verde

Hi everyone,

Do you follow fashion trends in Cape Verde? Every country and every culture has its own dress code. As far as you are concerned, have you changed the way you dress?

Can one easily find fashion boutiques in Cape Verde? Are clothes expensive there? Or cheap?

What do Cape Verdeans usually wear or like to wear the most?

Share your experience!


Fashion in Cape Verde is mainly driven by the youth. There is a thriving fashion market here with local designers and even a couple modeling agencies. In fact, the top fashion agency here, VAISS Models ( has recruited and developed local models who have made it to the runways of New York, Paris, Milan and other top international fashion hot spots, as well as right here in Africa!

Here is a clip from a local TV morning show highlighting one of the fashion designers. Several of the local models who ply the international catwalks are also in the clip: … 892910257/

Here is a clip from CNN about a fashion pioneer in Cape Verde: … s.cnnmoney

So if you're into modern fashion, you'll find quite a vibrant fashion scene here in CV primarily on the islands of Santiago and São Vicente.

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