Moving to Nairobi - Need INFO....plz advice folks !!!!

Watz up folks ?????

Hi, this is andy from India.
Recently i've been offered a job in Nairobi in one of the travel companies out there.
they are offering me following things:

Accommodation (Furnished, bachalor)
*Food (Indian)
*Maid (After every 2 people)
*shared Car with a driver (24x7)
*Laundry services
*2500-3000 shillings as a pocket money (monthly)
*India Calling card
*Indian salary (tax free)
*Medical Insurance
*Drinks (Alcohol) every weekend

Wat all expenses can anyone come accross, if we are staying at Nairobi (mandetory ones) not leisure things ????

Looking forward for the help people....plz do reply !!!!!!!!!!



Hi Andy..

A quick reply-

2500-3500 Kshs pocket money in a month to do what? That's the kind of amount you would spend on a friday night. And what is the exact Indian Salary they are offering you?

What do you mean when you say they would provide you weekly alcohol? Would they take care of your drinking bills or they would hand over your fav liquor bottle every week.

Anyways, other than the above mentioned you might as well have to take care of:-

Fruits and Snacks (Around 4,000 a month)
Internet (4K pm)
Local Telephony- At least 1000 Ksh a month
Entertainment (Movies, clubbing etc) - 4K to 14K per month depending upon how often you go out. (It becomes mandatory after some point since ur a bachelor)
Travel Expenses (Local and India) - Assuming that you travel once every year and dividing that cost by 12, it comes out to approx- 8K per month.

Best of luck

Hey Socialiser....

Thnx a lot mate !!!!!!!!

as u asked...
They are gonna pay me INR 40k, they'll be serving the liquor at home itself.

i'll be able to use internet through the calling card (dats wat they said to me)

they are saying that there wont be any expense that i'll encounter there.

Also wanted to knw how safe is NBO to stay @.
people have frightened me bout it vry much.... :(

hows the night life out there??? is it safe for clubbing & all such stuff???

Awaiting the revert !!!!


also wats the exchange rate for INR to KSH???

google is your friend ;)

Hi Andy

Night life is pretty nice here. Some areas are unsafe though. And as I always maintain Nairobi is exactly like Delhi for a foreigner. If you know where you're going, when you're going and with whom you're going- You'll be safe.

Be careful about the conversion rate because what "GOOGLE" i.e. your best friend, will tell you is the interbank rate which is not real. When you actually go in the market to buy INR, it would cost you 1.84 Ksh for each rupee and when you would want to sell your Rupee they would give you an exchange rate of 1.68 Ksh for every rupee they buy from you.

Internet bills are very tricky here. The moment you cross your bundle limit for ex: 2GB per month, they gonna charge you a bomb. I actually paid an internet bill to Safaricom for 106,000 Ksh for the month of October. So be careful, ask for unlimited internet or at least ask the limit.

thnx again buddy...

just one thing.... the compansation wat they are offerring is ok or not ????

At least ask for 80 K INR per month to save, given that they are taking care of rest of the things.

my friend i do think the main issue should be what
estate you will get accomodation.
something tells me thats what you should care more about
than anything else.

and i invite your friend sociliser or any other other person to correct me... the estate should be westlands, parklands, muthaiga and may be even add karen.

if you get that everything else would be small details. rents in those places but more importantly keep you close to you country mates and the socail life you would need.and they are very very safe.

am kenyan myself i can live in any estate and more or less manage.

residential estate... establish that and you will make it or not.
i have many good indian customers for my business  so it really is a pleasure to write this.

I Think socialiser has offered andy some good advice,being an expatriate here you do not leave like the rest of ordinary Kenyans!you will need to adjust to the expatriate life

Hi Socialiser,

I have got an offer from my company to relocate in Nairobi.They are offering me around 2000$/pm with accommodation,transport-residence and office (to and fro).

Can you please tell me what will be the average expense for 2 persons(like food,visit places in Nairobi,other expenses needed for daily life ).I need approximate calculation.Actually i want to know how much can i save after leading a decent life in Nairobi.


Hi Arif, welcome on board.

You should start a new discussion on the Nairobi forum. Thank you.

Julien :

google is your friend ;)


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