Starting own business on Dependent Pass

I searched for an answer online but couldn't find any on that specific topic.
Is it possible, as a foreigner on a Dependent Pass (married to another foreigner), to register a low-capital company in Malaysia?

Thanks for any input on that...

Any input anyone?

As I know, if you are having a dependant visa then you are not allowed to register a company in Malaysia. Based on my experience. Last 2 months, I just registered a sole prop biz. In the beginning, I wanted to register for partnership with my spouse. He is a foreigner with spouse visa/ltvp. But we are being told that only Malaysian or PR can register for a company or biz in Malaysia. So the end it only my name can be registered due to I'm a Malaysian myself.

As dependent u cant work but ofcourse u can do ur own bussiness.
U have to look for a small running bussiness with sdn bhd company then buy over it then automatically u will be entitled for director visa so i will get bussiness and visa too , this is wht i have done 4 yrs ago

And now we are relocating from malaysia to canada and wanted to sell our bussiness so if any one interested to buy over contact  me

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I am interested, please contact me

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