How I can get rented accommodation ?

:) hi,   I have never ever done this before so am abit nervouse lol,  my name is Pauline, I am considering moving from England to settle In the sun , I need all the help I can get as I,m in my 60s now , giving all my time to my family, now its time for me to try and do what I want and that is try and get to Gibralter ive been told how lovely it is, and it seems ideal for me,I live alone with my cat, I love any animals so if you can give me any information about how I can get rented accomadation I would be very grateful, I am a born again Christian honest and caring, looking for peace of mind near the sea
thankyou for taking the time to read this if you feel you can help me, like, where the best place to live is i would be very grateful, also who I need to  get in contact with
I need  ground floor accomadation due to a leg and back injury


First of all take a look at:-


Hello there hope out don't mind me contacting you,where is a nice place to live over there,also do they have council accommodation for disabled people? We're do I get forms ,I'm at a loss where to go for help Pauline from england

Apologies for late reply but I have been away.

Gibraltar is very small nowhere is more than 30 mins walk how do you define nice area.

Council accommodation know here as Government accommodation is available but would take you in excess of 25 years to qualify.

Sorry it's bad news


hi there,
thankyou so much for your reply, I'm not bothered about council accomadation. I,m just testing the water to see where I can live in Gib I don't know where to look for ground floor anywhere realy

Apart from checking the accommodation advertised in the link I posted you could always contact the agents themselves.
They are listed at the bottom of the opening page

With reference to your mobility most properties have lift access.
However if you also drive then allocated parking at a level with the lift is also to be checked.


hi there can anyone tell me if there is a retirement complex I Gibralter?

you don't look grumpy to me ,lol, just sayin

Sorry paktjk0 no retirement complex as such but this is the closet thing to one:- … on=forsale

Hi grumpy

I've looked at the websites for rentals but they are all furnished..... is there a site for unfurnished places 😁 tia

Englishbird1973 :

Hi grumpy

I've looked at the websites for rentals but they are all furnished..... is there a site for unfurnished places 😁 tia

Not that I know of but try contacting the esatate agents listed on


Ok ty. 😁

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