employer not paying leave salary and other benefits

Dear members,
can Anyone give me right solution for my problem?
I was working with one well established company( 100% Bahraini Ownership) for the last 2.5 Years.On
17/11/2016 I have submitted my one month notice for resignation via postal. On 16/12/2016 company has cancelled my Visa . I have worked there till 21st dec-2016 and left with proper intimation to HR also i sent them email to settle my leave salary and salary for the month of November which was on hold after submitting my resignation.
I have sent them 2-3 mails after this for the settlement and didn't receive any reply . now I have changed my VISA to another company and I personally went to office with Visa. after showing visa they have given my passport and not paid my salary /settlement.

I would like to know how can I move to get my salary and settlement. Also if I want to complian in labour ministry when Can i give? I have plan to go to India next week and will be back after 45 days. can i give complaint after coming back? is there any time limit for giving complaint??
also how long it will take to get my money if I go for legal? also as my sponsor is bahrianii is there any problem for me if I go legal??
I hope someone can help me. if anyone had same kind of situation pls share with me your ideas .

I have had a similar experience. I suggest you contact the Ministry of Labour at the soonest along with all copies of your documents and raise a complaint against the previous employer. The Ministry will contact your ex-employer and will take the necessary action against them.

I only hope you have not signed any documents stating that you have received your dues or anything else to that effect. If you have not done this, you can rest assured that your dues will be paid in full by your ex-employer. It could take anything between 4 weeks to 3 years (if your ex-employer decides to contest your claim in court). In either case, you will get your dues. Rest assured on that count.

All the best!

Only option is contacting ministry of labour like Capt Chocolate said

Hi, I have joined the company for 3 yrs now I would like to know if the company has the right to change the contract that I have accepted?

Its depend on your initial contract. Most of companies mentioned that clause with or without notification they can change policies.
And mostly in Bahrain companies contract is 2 years and some companies only for 1 year.
If you completed your contract and it's expired.
Now they can easily make new contract on bases of new policies.

For more details you can check That link Expatriate Employee Rights and Obligations

Hello friend.   
I am working in small company I am having 2 years visa . Where I completed 1year successfully . I got good opportunity I given resignation with one month notice period . Company is not accepting my resignation and telling to work for 3 months . I have given resignation through Bahrain post office also he dint accept and not delivered and it returning back to me . How can I proceed to get mobility and relieve from my current within month . For knowledge I submit resignation on 19 sep 2017 . As Per notice period I served after end date if I stop going to   current job company can create any problem to me . And also company have to clear salary dues


Kindly visit Ministry of Labor and seek assistance.


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