How much is the average salary of ESL teacher in Erbil?

I plan to work in Erbil as an EFL teacher. I have over 3 years of experience, and I'm a CELTA-qualified one and a bachelor degree holder. How much will be the salary for an expat who'd like to work for a renowned language center in Erbil?

Thank you.

With a bachelor's and CELTA you should get ca. $2500 (bottom line $2000 plus accomm.)

Some with an MA get $3000, or for a BA and more years' experience they might bend the rules and shunt the offer upwards.

Thanks for the info.

Dear expats. I got an offer in pvt. University in ebril. Is it ok to join as teaching faculty in ebril @2000USD with shared accommodation?  What are standard living cost their. I need information asap. Regards

2000 USD is not enough to live in Erbil,  by the way your from which place in India

You know, it's not bad.  You are getting your accommodations with it, which Is the biggest expense you would face.  So all of your living expenses should be covered.  Food is not expensive, and you can undoubtedly cook in your accommodations.  From experience, It's a good deal, and on a par with what you'd get most every other place.  So snap up the offer.


I'd just like to know the average salary for a primary teacher in a British international school in Kurdistan. I have over 5 years of experience as an ESL teacher, CELTA-certified, and a Bachelor's degree holder.

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