I am a medical doctor (family medicine) from Nigeria. I accompanied my husband to Riyadh with profuse assurances from several quarters that getting a job as a physician here would happen in the twinkle of an eye, literally. I have been job-hunting since October last year. I eventually found out that I would need to obtain the Saudi Medical Licence and subsequently began the document verification with Data Flow. The process is so slow, communication is so poor and there is paucity of information out there.
I eventually had an interview with the prince Sultan Military medical City about two weeks ago and they have requested for my credentials for evaluation. I want to know if I have a chance of being employed before my license is ready.
Please, if there is anyone that went through this experience kindly enlighten me.


Good afternoon,

I used to work in HR at PSMMC so i know the process, they and any other hospital can hire you for the job but technically you aren't allowed to practice in the medical field without your saudi commissions license. But the hospital might be able to help quicken the process and help you get it much sooner.

The best of luck dear.

Thank you so much, DenverGirl. It's very nice hearing this. Just came from the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties. The visit was another nightmare.

your welcome,
unfortunately every public/governmental sector is always a nightmare. no one wants to do their job and getting things done is a pain. no matter what if you know you are doing something the proper way, stand your ground and don't let them send you to other departments just to get rid of you, because that is very common.

Wow! Thanks!

Hi DenverGirl. I got a job offer from PSMMC. My visa is being processed. Thanks a lot for encouraging me.

I am also a Nigerian and I am presently preparing to write my exams in a matter of few weeks from now.
I have been working as an Optometrist for about 8 months now without a License from the Saudi Health Commission.
You can get your job provided you have already applied for the exams.

Okay. Thanks a lot. I guess it's a lot easier to apply for the exams while outside the Kingdom. Up till now they have refused to give me eligibility number so I can apply for the exams. The staff at the SCFHS apparently do not know the West African College of Physicians, claim it's not on their list of postgraduate medical colleges (I later found out it is right there in their handbook), and would have to make a case for me before I can be given an eligibility number. Fortunately I have gotten a job so the agent/hospital PRO should sort things out. Thank you so much.

This is interesting. Please keep up posted Rabiekore.

...and best of luck.

I definitely will, Seesaw. Thanks.

Yes very true. Your company is now in the right position to follow it up for you.
That makes it all easier.
Success to you

Hi,am working with the MOH,i think you will eventually get your SCFSH CARD and work easily,just keep calm

Okay. Thank you!

It's been over a month since I got the job offer with PSMMC. I am still awaiting visa approval (they insist I must go back to my country to get a work visa). Does the visa approval process usually take this long?
And I am still awaiting the completion of the Primary Source Verification of my documents by Data Flow (applied for since December 2016). When I contacted Data Flow last week I was advised that my patience would be highly appreciated. Patience?! Since December 2016! Not encouraging at all.


I am in the same boat.
I applied for a position and was offered one in December. My DataFlow was processed in a week. My visa application was submitted the second week of January.

I am going to a government position and have a KSA government sponsorship and I am still waiting for my visa, granted there seems to have been a 3 week period when visa processing was not occurring.

From what I gather it takes approximately 3 months to get your visa processed but thats just my experience.

Its just a matter of time

January?! Wow!  And see me complaining. Anyway, I woke this morning to see a message inviting me to come and pick up my visa. By the way, several phone calls were made last week by different parties, with a couple of emails. I pray you get yours soon. Good luck!


Ive been praying since the start of all this. Apparently mine weren't good enough. However, your prayers on the other hand seem to have done the trick as I just received the call that my visa is in.
Stay blessed:)

Great! Congratulations!

Been to Nigeria and back with a work visa. Data Flow report came out three weeks ago (since December 2016). Resumed at PSMMC already. I have three months grace to get my Saudi Medical license. Currently awaiting eligibility number from the Saudi Commission so that I can sit for the prometric exam.

I was interviewed by PSMMC.does any body know how many days they take to inform about the result

Hi  Fariha. I got a response within 10 days or so.

Thanks Rabie.I was interviewed today according US eastern time.

Ok. Best of luck!


  Congratulations on navigating the KSA bureaucracy and getting a job offer!

My company is considering a joint venture with a Saudi gov't Emergency Medicine doctor as part of his second career plans.  As I'm trying to learn the Saudi job environment:
  - Is there a forum for expat ER, EMT, EMS, Paramedic, Medical Flight professionals?
  - Is the best place to look?

Steve D.

Thanks Steve! Yes, is a ideal forum for your search. Also check

"".... thanks much!

Can anybody tell me what happened of the interviews that psmmc's family medicine director took about3 months back?

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