Foreigner(visitors) Muslim Marriage in Malaysia

Hello Beautiful Malaysia,

Does Foreigner(Couple) can legally married in Malaysia?
If yes KINDLY someone share info, personal experience what is the procedure ?

your answers will be highly appreciated .

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Hi there. I saw your post seeking for assistance for getting marry in Malaysia. To be frankly, I owned a consultation company that basically assist foreigners that are facing the similar problems like yours. I have successfully assisted alot of foreigners couple married in Malaysia. I understand that the process might be confusing and difficult. So if you interested, please do not hesitate to reply me and I'm happy to assist you.


That's sounds really great !!
How can we reached to you !!

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Dear Amani,

Could you please give me your email address?  I need your assistance about your country regulation

hi Amanilim i want to reach u too pls

Bit of an old one now but I suspect a few people will be interested in the answer.
It clearly is possible because my wife and I, neither of us being Malay, were legally married in Malaysia.

Hello Fred! May you please share the experience? Was it very troublesome? Im canadian and my fiance is indonesian we want to get married in malaysia. Your help will mean a lot to us

It was pretty easy.
A couple of places were less than ready to welcome us but the Islamic centre in Shah Alam (Near the big blue mosque) were great.
They issued an appropriate ID card for me and we were married the next day.
I needed a certificate of no impediment, birth certificate and passport from the UK and she needed her birth certificate.
The dudes phoned her dad to get permission and left the line open through the ceremony, asking him questions from time to time.

That was about that.

Oh, you have to have a HIV test before you marry.

Madam what about my issue?

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