New in Krasnodar

Hello everyone!

I am posting this to get to know some people in Krasnodar. I am new here and I don't know Russian language. It is being very difficult for me to communicate and I have nothing much to do.

If anyone there, do ping me. 

Ahan! I have one more question...

Does anyone know about working visa papers and timing ?  My Visa is valid till the end of February and when I have to apply for Multiple visa entry.

Kind regards,

Hey buddy, you still in Krasnodar .....??!!


Yeah, I am still in Krasnodar. Where are you from?

From the uk.

I wanted to ask a few questions. I am also from Punjab, what are rent prices like in Krasnodar for a 1 bedroom flat in a nice area. What are the best places to live there as in most scenic, peaceful locations etc..??


Whatsapp me : ***

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Hey there buddy, I've landed in Krasnodar so far so good. The moderator deleted your number before I could put it on my phone. Please email me and I can what's app you. ***

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Hey! That's great :)

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