buying in Florida

Hi i am trying to find out information of getting a loan from a bank in France or European Community  based on the euro and then buying in Florida. 
Does anyone know which bank will do this?  I want to do it this way because there are too  many fluctuations with between the euro and the dollar, and since we work in France we want to base
the loan on the euro,  Thanks for any help, suggestions and answers.

I don't have idea but when I go for Google search for your help then I find out Go for this.May be this help you out for your query.

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Hi Vicki,  It is difficult to get a loan from a bank in EU to buy a house in Florida. We went thru this process earlier this year. It all depends of how much your down payment will be etc. The realtor in Florida can also help you out to find a financial institute that can help you with a loan or company who can provide you a loan.
Hope this helps.

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