Need suggestions/advice to find work in Bahrain

Hello everyone,

My name is Haseeb, i'm living in France, i did my Bachelor's in IT in 2015, This year i'll get my Master's in IT.

I was in Bahrain from sept 2015 to june 2016, for an exchange programme, 5-6 years ago i didn't even know that there was a country called Bahrain in this world, and before going to Bahrain i had very few information about the country, the 1st month was really difficult for me, but once i made friends, i started loving the country, before leaving the country in june, i decided n told my friends that i'll come to Bahrain once i finish my studies. It was such a great experience.

from last 4-5 weeks i'm sending my CVs to companies in Bahrain, i have applied for like 15-20 jobs, i have also sent many unsolicited Cvs to IT companies in Bahrain

I have created my resume in the job section of this website, one person contacted me to ask for the CV & detail about work i did, i sent him my CV but never got a response, i sent him another message 2 weeks later but never got a response

Out of 40/50 CVs i have sent, i got only 1 response, that person said they are looking for someone who is already in Bahrain, i replied them that i have experience and i have lived in Bahrain then they said we will see but after that i never heard back from them

I'm searching on Linkedin, Bayt, Naukri etc but there are not a lot of opening in my field

I have 2 years of experience in Web development and graphic designing, i can develop iOs application too

I know it's not easy to find a job, but my problem is that i'm not even getting response, i have everything in France, my family, home, i'm a french citizen but still i'm ready to sacrifice all this to go to Bahrain, i know i'll not get good pay at the beginning but i'm still very motivated

So i need suggestions/ Advise and if you know any IT company in Bahrain please let me know

Any help would be really appreciated

if you know Arabic you can go to Bahrain directly and apply to the jobs face to face. I am sure it is better way than applying on web.

Otherwise, it is really hard to find somethings either you should find a company which is your nationality and already have an investment in Bahrain or you must follow face to face as I mentioned above.

Good luck.

Well arabic is not my mother tongue, but i can understand few sentences n alot of words

I was planning to go to Bahrain in March for vacations, i should try "face to face"

But i dont know how to do, is it ok to go to a company and give them your CV?

Even in France i always apply from the web

And yes i'm also looking for french companies in Bahrain

Hi guys,

I'm finally going to Bahrain next week for 2 weeks, i want to enjoy but also i'll search for a job

Do you guys know any good recruitment agency in Bahrain ?

I want to go to IT companies to talk to them directly, any suggestions?

You may send your CV to AK Information technology, if your resume or experience suits the current vacancies, they may inform you.

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