Temporary longer stay visa for Portugal - possible?

Hi there

I'm hoping some of you out there can help :)!! I've not been able to reach the Portuguese Consulate yet but have spoken with some immigration lawyers who were not able to shed much light on my query.

I am an Australian looking to visit Lisbon for 4-6 months for a private research/study trip. 

I I understand that I can visit for 90 days under the Schengen agreement but I would like to stay for longer. My study is not attached to any university (so I would't qualify as a student), and I'm not looking to earn wages in Portugal (so I don't have a letter from an employer).

I do have evidence of enough funds, travel insurance and no criminal record - so I assume I would meet those basic requirements.

Can anyone recommend what kind of visa I might be eligible for or if you've heard of anyone trying to get a visa with these circumstances?

Many thanks and best wishes, George-Jac

Hey there!
I'm a bit surprised that you have not been able to get in touch with the Portuguese Consulate in Sidney...That's what I'd do in the first place. There won't be any problem for you to extend your stay in Portugal. You're not on any wanted international "dark list", got sufficient funds (should avoid stressing that online......). In Portugal, where do you intend to carry out your studies? Lisbon, Coimbra or Porto?
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Hi Anzarina

Thanks for your advice and yes(!) I did think that after I posted it ;)

Yes I will see what the Melbourne consulate says (I'm from Melbourne) - perhaps they will be happy to provide an extended visa. Good to know that you think it shouldn't be a problem to extend beyond the 90 days!  I'm thinking about heading to Lisbon- I was there recently and thought it would be a great city to live in for a period.

Thanks, Georgia

Hi Georgia,
I have a daughter living in Australia and I can reassure you that's easier to come to Portugal for 6 months than vice-versa.
So, after asking the Foreigner Official Department, the answer is:
- When you arrive at Lisbon Airport you passport will be stamped and stay valid for 90 days.
- After the 90 days you can stay more 90 days renovating the authorization. For that,  you go to the " Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras" and ask for the renovation.
- Take with you the passport,  the ticket of your returning travel, a proving of accommodation and an probative of subsistence (money or a statement of responsibility).
That's all !
Feel free to reach out if you need help.

Hi Palma

Thank you so much for this information! This is a great help.

Where is your daughter in Australia? I hope she's having a good time over there.

Georgia :)

Hi Georgia,
My daughter lives in Perth and she's enjoying Australia very much. I'm planning to visit her, but the long journey make me a bit nervous :)
If you need any more information to ease your travel, feel free to ask.
Best wishes

Hey Georgia,

Not sure if you have found your answer yet but I had the same problem. I ended up finding their facebook page and messaged them on there and got a response. Finally got the email of the person I need to talk to.

Here is the response I received:

Hi Ryan,

You can request an extension while you are there. There is no online application. You will need to go in to the nearest immigration office and request an appointment.  They will interview you and then decide whether or not to grant the extension.

The Immigration department office is called SEF (Serviços de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras).

Hello! I'm Australian and keen to move to Portugal on a working holiday visa. The embassy phone number, weblink and email addresses all do not work! Could you please share the email address you found?

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