Canadians in Belize

What part of Belize is a good area to retire to if you are looking for beach, bars and close (walking distance) to markets... Thanks

If you want some information i could possibly help you . I am a  Belizean living in Toronto area. If you would like some information , please let me know.

Tonyest01 - We have used Jose Cardona for our real estate transactions and are very happy with his services.

I am not a real estate agent , just some tips if you need any

51 single dude from Toronto and spend time in Miami.
Looking for a change and want to know the best place to recon. Belize.
Where is there a place like Miami... quiet but a short walk to the action, beachy but not too primitive, best looking girls, 420, good eats.  I want to go for a couple of weeks and see as much as possible to decide where to live if I decide to move there.
Air b&b?  Hotel? Private villa?  Air con, internet, TV, transportation.
Palcencia? Corozal? Cayo?  Would love a local expat in my similar situation to give some valuable intel.  I wanna hit the ground there before years end so let's start chatting.
Thanks to all in advance.

Welcome to the forum, you will get a wide variety of answers to all questions you might think to ask here. The truth is everyone's reality is different and only an extended visit away from the conveniences of the resorts will answer your questions based on your expectations and comfort level.

As a Canadian that moved here two years ago from Innisfil (just north of you), I would say good luck finding Miami here, but then most of us were looking for something a little different when choosing Belize. The closet area to fit that discription would be San Pedro on Ambergris Caye, but you will pay a premium to live there so again it will depend on budget and your personal reality. It has the beachy areas, lots of good eats, a vibrant nightlife, and as far as the best looking girls go, well that is all perspective isn't it. I find at 55 that there are less and less "so called ugly" girls in the world. lol. That been said you will generally find the people of Belize to be warm, friendly, helpful, and welcoming.

Belize has been everything we had hoped for but living in "paradise" does come with the price of giving up a lot of things that we take for granted in Canada, so again ultimately coming and living here for a period of time is the only way to really know if Belize is the right choice for you.

I would be happy to connect and share our experiences either by email or video chat to help you make an informed decision (Contact request sent) on Belize as a retirement option.

The best place to find Canadians is Canada and the best place to find Miami is Miami

are you at The Palms?

Would love to learn as much about belize as possible. 
Thinking about investment property and then eventually retire thwre.
We r 51 and 55.
Condo or home? What's the best income and selling benefits.
Resale values?
Want to be near water/beach and walking to market.  Good Internet and community services. 
Any discussion is great

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