visa rejected due to pro forma mariage

hallo all
im non EU citizen and im married with an EU citizen with permanent residence since 2015
i applied in the norwegian consul of my country here spetember 2015 for a ressidence card for spouse of EU national
i made interview here at the same time of submiting the application
at 14 spetember 2016 my wife made her inteview in the police district .
we was waiting to get a positive result even afeter this 17 waiting months
but today my wife got an email from thr UDI stating that our appilication i rejected due to that they think our mariage is pro forma
we was shoked bcz i know my wife since 2012 .we met in real in end of 2013 .we married at april 2015
and my wife come to visit me when she had money bcz i live in north africa.
My documents was genuine and my marriage is registered in norway , in my country , and the home country of my wife .
my wife was near me last week for one month .i feel really much bad
but the mad things is that i was reading about the pro forma mariage and the sanctions that result
as i readed that in not authorised to enter the shengen zone more and i will be registred the shengen visa system like that .
i think nothing can be more bad as this thing .
if someone know what we can do then  dont hesitate to help me plz .thnx

You have right to appeal and you can appeal, I would suggest to hire lawyer in Norway to examine your case and what additional documents needed to prove you genuineness of relationship.

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