Let's make a group for a darija class

I am looking for a darija teacher and would like to get a small group together (total of 3-4 people) to learn with as it makes it better in small groups. Anyone interested? I have lived here a very long time and just want an official class. Instead of waiting for a center to start a class, I'd like to get one started on our own and just keep the fees from a language center out.

Colloquial. I'm not that ambitious. I doubt most people who would look into it are. Possibly the alphabet to read road signs.

Personally I don't mind doing some refresh things at the beginner level if I can get a group together, but myself I would say I am intermediate in my darija. I already speak tamaziert, I have learned the alphabet before but didn't use it so forgot it. I only function in Darija here, I don't speak French. My point with the language is that I know it is endearing and Moroccans are impressed that you take the time to learn it. I would even argue it is incredibly useful for work as well given what I do. Anyway, you can send me a message, let me know how much your looking to make and I will try to get a group together myself based on the price. Also how much do you charge for 1 to 1's?

Hello! I can give you Darija lessons. As i am a Darija teacher.

Can you send me a small cv and your price?

Hello Joe,
I'm very impressed with the passion you have of learning Darija, this is amazing man. I'll be very exited to take part of this group,

Hello Joe,

I will give Darija lessons for free and for fun.

Contact me for more on this :)

I am interested

Hey joeman098,

I could help you learning Darija for free if you still interested.

Contact me.

If you still havent find some one to help you with Darija, please feel free to contact me, i will be glad to do it  for free

I am interested too :)

but  my  friend  darija  in  casa    agadir  ...  is  not  like  tanger  tetouan   chefchaouen  .  sometimes  when  i  speak  faster   with  someone from  casablanca  or  agadir  he  never  understand  what  i  mean  hh   :lol:

this is  just  small example  :     darija  casa    rabat...                        darija    tanger tetoua
                    you                                     nta                                                          ntina       

                   take                                      chad                                                     chabar

                   pretty                                  zwina                                                 mziwna

                  brother                               khoya                                                     khay

                  fix something                          sawab                                             addal


i see that you are looking for a dariija teacher i do teach English i have experience with some Americans   so i am in if you get interested


Its very nice to hear that some people are interested in learning Darija!
I can help you with this if you are still interested.


Hello Joeman,i can teach you Darija if you still interested .

You are interested in darija? I want to learn and pay someone a small amount so I commit to it and go! Would you be interested in agreeing on someone to teach us? I having been trying to make a group for quite some time!

Anyone interested in learning Darija , welcome here in Rabat , just contact me

A certified teacher in Darija doesn't exist, we can speak it because all people use it like a mother language

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