Speaking Spanish in Ecuador

This weekend while in a taxi and talking with the the driver he asks me if I was from Venezuela. So I started laughing, but it has me thinking with regard to speaking Spanish.

Some of us will develop accents whether we like it or not.   

My preference is to have a neutral accent, like newscasters and some politicians, but I'm told to achieve such will require some kind of accent neutralization training.

In Ecuador, depending on the company you keep, your accent might be a mix of several dialects and internally from within Ecuador or from other South American countries.

People will probably assume you lived in the areas of those dialects. Has anyone put any thought into it this?

Yes, you can't help but pick up speech patterns, words and phrases, and pronunciation depending on the area in which you live, even with a conscious effort to remain "pure" or neutral.

I've lived and spoken Spanish in Ecuador, Puerto Rico and Colombia, with trips to Mexico and the Dominican Republic, and they have all influenced me to some degree.  But the most influence is of course from my Colombian wife!  In Colombia she can often identify speakers down to the city in many cases, based on how they speak - and pretty much can tell from what country other Spanish speakers are.  I can barely tell a Cuban from a Dominican Republic from a Puerto Rican, I just know they sound different, and would not mistake them for Colombians or Ecuadorians or Mexicans.  Argentinians I can mostly always recognize, they always sound to me like they're slurring their words as if they were a bit drunk.  Colombian Spanish and Mexican Spanish sound the clearest to me, when the speaker is not slurring their words and using a lot of colloquialisms.  It's been so long that I've heard Ecuadorian Spanish I don't think I could recognize a speaker by their accent, but most of the educated Ecuadorians always seemed to me to speak clearly with little variation from "perfect" Spanish, always pronouncing vowels clearly.

But then when you throw in all the regional variations and pronunciations, all bets are off.  That's part of the charm for me, discovering new words and accents, although as I say I mostly try to keep my accent "pure" Castellano, the Latin American version more or less...

Here is a Spain Spanish speaker, note how fast he talks and the "lisp":

Here are accents of Colombia:

Here, Ecuadorian accents:

Here, some quiteños speaking:

Cuban accent:

Argentine accent:

This song, "Que difícil es hablar el español" with subtitles in Spanish, is funny and interesting, contrasting some of the different words and meanings in different Spanish-speaking countries.  Note the difference in accent between the two singers:

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