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Hello India forum.
My name is Annette and I am moving to Bangalore from the UK in March this year.
I am very excited about the move and a little anxious too.  I have visited India many times but never lived there before.
Any advice you can give will be greatly appreciated. 
The one important piece of information I am keen to get is the name of a good serviced apartment near my work place.  The address is as follows:

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Hi Annette,

Welcome to! :)

For your accommodation search, you should try the housing in Bangalore section. It might help.

Good luck,

Thank you and apologies, it was a business address but I will re-word my message

am ready to help you annette.....get in touch

Hello Annette wise decision its a beautiful place if you have any queries don't hesitate to ask.

HI Annette,
you can check in the form or google out for places in stay in bangalore and you will find thousands of places.

Hi Annette- I can understand your anxiousness and apprehension since I also recently moved from Singapore to Bangalore. First, Bangalore is an amazing city, helpful people and very cosmopolitan feel; actually, I don't miss Singapore at all.

The traffic is a bit of concern and you will hear this from everyone, again this is normal with every country at peak time. I highly recommend you take accommodation near your office. Try and do your own research, there are some good real estate builders- Prestige, Sobha, Brigade, Purvankara. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to connect. All the very best and hope you enjoy your stay in India.

Hi there, thank you so much for your response, has definitely put my mind at ease! I have visited there before and experienced the traffic so already thinking I should stay close to office.  Oh well, I land next month and will take it from there and contact those real estate builders.
many thanks again

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