New friends in Warsaw

Hey to every english-speaking person in Warsaw :)
I'd like to meet up with some clever and interesting people! :idontagree:
If you are interested in travelling, adventure, new experience and living life to the fullest, let me know

Looks interesting, I'm in.

I'm from the UK but have spent a lot of time abroad recently-16 years. Most of the time in Taiwan, China and Malaysia.
Certainly I am looking to meet new friends in Warsaw. I don't age discriminate and that might be because I am elderly, lack a cool fashion sense,  decrepit and certainly ancient.
If your interested in badminton, socializing and social networking then we already have three points in common.
Anybody here who wants my email, whatsapp, wechat or line, welcome to contact me.

Hey, I'm from London and moved to Warsaw in September.

Drop me a message :)

hi how are you i would like make a good friends if you want thanks  moughal barcelona

I'm from the UK but just spent 16 years in China and Malaysia.
Been here in Warsaw for 4 weeks, looking to socialise.
Anybody interested in meeting Saturday 11th March, evening at the British Bullldog pub ( city center) for a bite to eat? Maybe we can get a group together, network and help each other.
I suggest we can call ourselves "The Warsaw Newbies Club"

How are you, Are you  free the evening for a chat and coffee.

Hey :)
I'm interested too if you did like to get to know me :)

How are you

Hi ;) I am looking for someone who would like to talk with me in English to improve my language ;)

Hi, my name is mero, I am visiting warsaw for 2days I would like to meet someone there for friendship . I speak english well if u r interested send me an email.

Hi ,i am kind i like traveling and adventure and meet up. but about clever ,i am not depends .

That's good and I am in if you decided to visit Egypt one day :)


If your interested in being friends we can perhaps meet for a chat, do you play badminton?

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