Dependents exit reentry expired

11 year before my family came on permanent visa but in the same year went on exit-reentry and did not came back. Obviously their iqama and exit reentry expired while they were outside kingdom. When I check my absher it is still showing my family members as dependents and outside kingdom. I am afraid that as per new system I will also be charged dependent fee effective from 1-1-2017 and may face problem while final exit as I do not have their iqamas to surrender at airport.
I need the valuable guidelines from the members to solve the problem.


Don't worry you will not face any problems.
You don't need to present any iqama in the airport to leave the kingdom

But I am afraid that dependent fee will be applied to me as my absher accounts showing my family members as dependents. I want to cancel their iqamas.

You must ask your family to send their Iaqama
and go for the passport to be delivered
To chang state from Absher

Go to Jawzat

I have given dependent iqama to one agent to cancel and he said it's finished. But it shows still in absher.. how to remove the names from absher

Assalamualaikum warahmutallaihi wabarakatahu
I want to cancel/delete one dependent name from Absher Account because this extra name put by Ahwal Madaniya  (civil Affairs )
Please advise me where to go for this procedure

guys, it seems it is impossible to remove someone registered under your name. i dig everything possible and visited all jawazat offices in jeddah. they do not bother to check the system only telling from their brain that the iqama is cancelled but in my absher, it is still available and renewed with my iqama.  also showing in company muqem system. now i am stuck....

i tried to call absheer technical dept. on 920020405 and they do not pick the call. i need my wife back somehow, i am trying anything possible and i will let you know on any news i get.. whatsoever I have no levy outstanding fee in my account meaning her iqama is canceled but in absher will stay forever;(

Was any one able to remove dependents from absher after canceling thier iqamas?

it still shows as 2 dependent in absher (even after surrendering the iqama at jawasat)...but when i renewed my iqama only mine got renewed. So basically it means once in abhser it wont go...

U can try to get new dependent visa for wife I think to bring her back to u

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