Learn Tunisian online

Hi all. Does anyone here know where I can learn Tunisian language online? Thanks.

It's the Arabic Language... You can learn it anywhere... but if you mean the Tunisian Popular Pronunciation let me know I can help you.

I understand it is but it has a lot mix of french and berber as well. And also, the arabic language varies in a lot of ways according to the region, unless it's the fos-ha. Not saying I know how to though, I don't even know the rules of the fos-ha arabic. I tried going over to youtube, but there is not enough learning material. I just want to learn the Tunisian way, something that is enough for a normal everyday conversation, then maybe take it a step further once I am able to speak the language.

Learn Tunisianthe language spoken in tunis-street arabic is what he calls it!! LOL!! But says this is the perfect way spoken out there. :)Learn Tunisian

If you want i can teach you 😕

hi emna. where are you located at? I am in hammam sousse and getting bored. I find it hard to go out because it's hard to communicate. If you are from hammam sousse, maybe we can hang out sometimes?

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