South Africans making it in Thailand?

hey guys
I would like to know if myself a qualified and admitted lawyer and my wife a registered nurse would be able to get jobs and afford a house of our own in Thailand? preferably in Phuket p.s we have a new born baby boy.

kind regards
Patrick Vosloo

NON-Thais working is very hard. you should be able to look at Thailand's visa laws

Providing legal services as lawyer is a prohibited profession.  You should check list of prohibited jobs at top of Thailand forum in pinned subject.

The few foreign lawyers that work in Thailand do so as consultants working for a Thai law firm or have started their own law firm listing themselves as managing director then hire Thai lawyers to do all the legal work.

Nursing does not seem to be listed in prohibited jobs but if treated like doctors the person must pass the certification test that is only give in Thai.  Also nursing does not pay that much in Thailand.

Yes you can own a house but you will never be able to own the land it sits on because foreigners cannot own land.

Wow ok great to know thank you
when looking at the subjects on the forum its seems teaching is by far the most popular choice for South Africans who have degrees?

Hi Patrick
I am from SA and I live in Thailand but am retired.Why do you not look at Vietnam and even maybe Malasia.
Here you need to speak Thai if you want to work and as said by Straydog certain professions are "banned for foreigners.
Contact me on a private message if you would like to know more

Hi Barry . I saw your post . I am looking to move to the Far East but preferably not to teach . I have a degree in logistics and looking to relocate for work in my industry . Any assistance in this regard would be appreciated . Regards . Jeff

Hi Jeff,
Here are many large factories here manufacturing from vehicles to electronics.
There are Adverts in Newspapers like Bangkok Post, Thai Visa and Expat Blog
There are also jobs available in Malaysia and Vietnam.

Hi Patrick

I am not sure about your question about getting a job here.

My husband & I live in Phuket , we are renting a lovely 2 bedroom villa with pool , for Thb 40 000 garden & pool service 2 x a week.

Not sure if my mobile number will be allowed or blocked - +66 620138150

I will send you pics , if you send me your number.

Good Luck - we LOVE Thailand !!!!

Ian & Irene

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