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Looking for any kind of job in Aachen Germany

"Any kind of job" will not work!
First, you need to check whether you are allowed to work there (Which visa are you on? Do you have a work permit?)
Then you need to write a comprehensive CV, preferably in German and focussing on your skills (education and work experience) that are rare in the EU - since similarly skilled EU citizens must be hired first.
And last, you need to send this CV to potential employers, together with a letter detailing what the company would gain by hiring you. How to find suitable employers depends on your area of work, which you didn't tell us.

You should check out the popular job search engines in Germany for available job opportunities? The most popular job sites are Arbeitsagentur, Stepstone,, and Monster.

You can then use these sites to find any kind of job that you have the qualifications for and that suits what you are looking for.

Good luck & let us know how you get on!

New in germany seeking new friends n  a job

Mojo24: Did you read the thread above this? And similar ones about finding friends in Germany?
Just posting a one-liner here will neither give you a job nor friends. Why don't you start with an introduction of yourself (e.g. in the "New in Germany" thread), then people are more likely to be interested in you.

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