North Midlands meets Viborg

I was born in Derbyshire and studied in Sheffield and lived a lot of my life in North Lincolnshire, before moving here in my late twenties. My wife is Danish and we two children on the edge of adulthood. I studied librarianship and worked in the education sector until cutbacks in VIA University College. My leisure time is used on gardening. birdwatching, reading (history and natural history), football (Derby County, in particular), dog walking (we own a Border Collie) and travel. I would like to become part of the ex pat network for no other ulterior motive than making some meaningful contacts.

Hej their,

I live 30 minutes away from viborg. You know if their are more expats near our region?
I have heard their are a lot expats who have farms around here but don't know where to start looking. Also wanting to have a job and start on real Danish classes instead of only trough the Internet

Kind regards

Maybe, this will be a start?


Thx Nellie, I have put a post up in the group. Just not so easy sometimes have 2 kids and boyfriend has evening job -.-

Hi Bonny,

Danish people aren't always the easiest people to get to know really well.

I would always recommend learning Danish. Getting a reasonable job is dependent upon knowing the language and having some relevant training or qualifications.

There are quite a few Dutch people owning farms in the area, but I don't know any of them.

I am also half Dutch. I spreek dus een beetje Nederlands.

Vriendelijke groeten


Nice ,

All though I know some basic danish, been together for 2 years and sometimes we do talk danish to each other because his English is not the best.
I also really started talking danish with mormor, because she don't speak English and I really love the women and want to hold a good conversation with her. But she lives in CPH :(

Every time she is on visit we have our jokes. Last time we where reading books together.  Every week I try to read vesthimmerlands Avis. But I want to start on real classes because of the talking part. In the shops and outdoors I do talk it but I want to build my confidence

Does anyone know if their is a class in aars or viborg ?

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