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I am sure I have seen this discussed on this site before, but I can't see where.
Does anyone have any experience of using a consultant to set up a company in Mauritius and administer the compliance requirements? If so, what was your impression of the consultancy? Good value / efficient / better off doing it yourself etc etc.
I want to start a company in Mauritius, but run it for now from South Africa, which is where I live - in time I plan to move to Mauritius to live. The company will source (and conduct due diligence on) viable early stage mining opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa and raise funds for them in the UK and Australia.
I understand that a Mauritian limited company requires at least two directors to be resident in Mauritius - is this the case?. 
Many thanks in advance.

Dear John,

Precisely you are looking for a Category One Global Business License (GBL1) incorporated in Mauritius. Why am I saying so is that the company's obejective is to source viable mining opportunities in SSA and secondly to raise funds from UK and Australia, which definitely needs such license for conducting financial and investment activities.

Unfortunately the formation of a GBL1 company cannot be made by any consultant but only Offshore Management Companies (OMCs) regulated by the Financial Services Commission ( where you will have the list and contact details of all OMCs.

Yes, coming to your question of two local directors, as it is a requirement of the GBL1 to have two local directors genuine and approved to be appointed and documents sent to the Commission Board.

I am not pulling your legs to say that I am the Chief Operation Officer of one of the Offshore Management Company, licensed and listed on the FSC website. I have my profile on linked in as well for your information and attention. If you are interested to get rapid service and value for money attitude, which is rare in other OMCs, I shall wait for your response and maybe we can get in touch on either MSN or Skype.

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Thank you Ghirish.  I am also on Linked under John Martin Bradley

Hi John,

I sent you a private message.  My company is based in Mauritius and we work with mining companies around the globe to deliver business management software systems.

I'll be in Cape Town in a couple weeks for the Mining Indaba so if you'd like to meet up I can answer a lot of the questions you may have and tell you about our experience setting up a business in Mauritius and living / working here.

Good luck....

Hi John

There's a couple of management companies to do that here, am myself with a GL1 company, so if you want i know of 2 good companies you can get in touch with.

Send me a private message



Just to bear in mind that a local domestic company might also be appropriate.  Of course, if you're seeking the usual benefits associated with GBL1, why not.  But then again, the huge management consultancy fees will soon rip away the tax economies you won yourself.

In a local domestic company, you simply need 1 Mauritian director and you're not bound by the strict rules of the FSC.  One of my clients rightly pointed out that in international business, his domestic local company was perceived as more honest than his GBL company.

Seek a good comparison sheet between the two options: GBL and domestic!

I'd go with what Nadeem said and go for a Domestic one with a Mauritian director.

Hi Nadeem, would not thought that we will find oneself here, on Hey man, sorry but I do not agree with your saying to this post exchange.

A domestic company cannot raise fund from outside Mauritius. First thing! For any financial activities lihe fund raising, banking, leasing, asset management, The FSC is the mandated regulatory body that no one can deviate on their way.

I have explained to John that his objects above will only be substantial if a GBL1 category be formed, with two local directors and management by an Offshore Management Company. Still, we need to seek proper terms with FSC so that the licensing conditions cover the Fund Raising Activities.

Lastly Nadeem, all management companies are not operating the same. I understand that Offshore business is a luxury one but bear in mind that the one I am operating now is more client conscious to say that I charge my client only when they are operating within their Offshore company, saying so, a dormant company, which there is nothing to manage in, why shall I charge the client, which others are doing.

Please do keep in touch and say a HI to Bhai Habib.


Sent message to your inbox.

Good luck in your venture.

There is no need for a Mauritian director. It should be a resident director, so non-mauritian equally eligible if holding residence permit. Many foreigners are made to believe that it is compulsory to have a mauritian director which is wrong

I agree with UTL. As a resident, I didn't need a Mauritian director in my company.

Julien :

I agree with UTL. As a resident, I didn't need a Mauritian director in my company.

Provided you are resident. For foreigners who don't reside here, they still need to have one Mauritian Director or a resident foreigner.

Check the following link out, it might help: Registrar of companies

Nope, they would actually only need a resident director. (as per S.132 of the companies act: "A company shall have at least one director who shall be ordinarily resident in Mauritius.")

i would like to publish a magazine related to sustainable energy and sustainable building in Mauritius. my aim is to work from south Africa and latter move to Mauritius. is their anyone who can offer me good credible advise on how to achieve this or who to contact.


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Plse visit the web site of Companies Division in Mauritius.

You can also visit the BOI (Board of investment web site).

Thank you Jchen.

Hello Julius,

Get in touch with me through private message and we can discuss that. I just registered a research consultancy.

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