Witnesses for Wedding 25th January 2017!

Hi all,

My fiancé and I are 'eloping' to Gibraltar in 10 days and we are looking for two witnesses for the ceremony. We are booked into the registry office at 12:00 on Wednesday 25th January.

We could probably grab a couple of people from the hotel where we are staying, but thought it would be really lovely if we could find some people that we might make friends with, as we plan on having our anniversaries in Gibraltar every year if we can!!

I am also looking for some advice on a good hairdresser and beautician to get my hair and make-up done that morning. If anyone has any recommendations, let me know.

Thank you very much,


Did you get any replys to your message. We are doing the same on the 6th December 2017. How did it all go.

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