Considering a move to tianjin

Hello. Am Lav from Singapore. In banking technology. We are thinking of moving to Tianjin due to work related necessitie.  We have an almost 6 year old. Have a few question and will really appreciate some insights

1) work will be in teda (binhai) area
2) maybe Tianjin international school for child.

What will be the best area to stay in? We want a atleast a 3 bedroom apartment or an independent house if possible at all.

Is there an option of living near the school and commuting to teda for work? How do people normally do it?

What are the ways to get Indian groceries? Do we get them?

How do we go about looking for a part time helper to clean the house?

How do we go about getting a nanny with good references and who speaks English and good mandarin?

Thanks in advance for your advice


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@lavjan hii there
where do u wanna settle in tianjin?
if u gonna choose teda then its situated in outskirts of tianjin where u will get teaching jobs easily if u are native  or non native speaker because its semi urban area. and if u wanna buy groceries there u can order online on and if u wanna get 3 bed apartment then its maybe cost 4000 rmb. and leaving expenses here is 2000 per month..


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I'm living in Teda, I may help if you need.

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