Working permits for Australians

I've been researching all day, but am still not sure about what kind of visa options there are for Australians to work in Vietnam?

I want to work as a photographer (that is - I want to start a business, and not have an employer). I have a 4 year degree, not sure if this is relevant?

I would appreciate any advice, thank you!

You have two options.
Register 100% foreign own company here in VN about $4,000 AUD
Or take on a Vietnamese partner  on and have them register the company and you as a employee / manager this way you can apply for a work permit around $600 USD  to register VN company

Hope this is of help.


Thank you Brett! This is really great advice. Silly question - if I have a company, can I work for that company, or do I need a separate visa or permit?

If your product was exclusively sold outside of Vietnam you could probably get by without all that hassle and just stay on a tourist visa(s).  In that case you are just a guy traveling around taking photos.  If you want to operate a gallery or have portrait sittings, then you will need to set up a legitimate business.

Thanks for the advice! I'd want to work within the country, so it looks like the legit way is the best! Now, wish me luck with the famous bureaucracy!


If it is 100% foreign owned then you can apply to get a 30 year visa.
If you register the company with a Vietnamese partner then you will still have to get a work visa but not sure how long the visa is valued for be for you have to re apply for new visa maybe yearly but not really sure.
If you register the company as 100% foreign own will cost more to setup. But you have full control of the company.


HI everyone, I am hoping that you can help me!  Can any one tell me what you needed to do to get a working VISA:

Specifically did you have to do a medical?  If so what sort of things did the medical cover?  i.e. checks on eyes, ears, blood, lungs etc. etc. etc.

safetywa :

If it is 100% foreign owned then you can apply to get a 30 year visa.

Thirty year visa  :/   Tell me it's not a typo.  I sure missed that the first time around.  At $4000 that works out to $133 a year.  I expect that if it were true there would be a lot of more permanent expat types setting up shell companies.

The trouble with making a company is the tax reporting every month for VAT. I really dont see why you want to setup up business unless you are wanting to sell your product here in Viet Nam. Maybe some more info will help. … n-vietnam/

the best way: talk with the peopl they have what you wanna : so they will tell you: how to get it done .....

colinoscapee :

The trouble with making a company is the tax reporting every month for VAT.

Zero sales, zero VAT.  A report maybe, but how hard can that be if it is all zeroes.

Of course we are just gabbing because there is no 30 year visa.   :whistle:   Still fun.  :dumbom:

If no sales, then the business will fade.

If the VAT system is the same as when I owned a business, you had to report every month, then a quarterly report, followed by a six monthly report and finally a yearly report. All up, 18 reports a year, and heaven forbid if the official you were using gets replaced, as you then have to go through the reports again with the new official.

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