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Good day all,
Am planning on relocating to Mexico from Ecuador via Canada and wondering where information can be obtained for the above. Thank you.


Edouard Nadeau

Seguro Popular with a resident Visa

Thank you for reply. Is seguro, National Plan ?



Yes it's National and free if over 60 years. Not sure about younger

Depending on your economic situation, it's also free for under-60.

Although Seguro Popular has no membership fee for most permanent & temporary residents in Mexico; NOT ALL MEDICAL SERVICES ARE COVERED--- Meaning NOT EVERYTHING IS FREE.

Also, there are no interpreters available. There are shared group hospital rooms & bathrooms. Medical records & diagnostic test results are not provided for external use. Your private physician cannot enter a Seguro Popular or IMSS facility unless they work in the system.

Of the two, IMSS & Seguro Popular, IMSS offers more services.


IMSS is available for those with Residente Temporal and Permanente, isn't it?  Anyway, if I recall from other threads, it is. I also got the impression it is the one considered the better of the two (but can vary by location), but it can boot you out or prevent you from joining due to health conditions (pre-existing or those that crop up).

Is that a fair summary?

IMSS and Seguro Popular are available to legal residents.  Check with a consulate to be sure.

I thought your reply here was interesting.  I used to enter Mexico on the 6-month tourist visas, but for my purposes now, temporary resident makes more sense.  I have Medicare and a supplement. Since last November, I've been concerned about Congress killing Medicare, and I've used their attempt to kill the ACA as a sign of this. Few 60+ persons do not have pre-existing conditions. So if IMMS does underwriting or rating in the sense of health insurers in the U.S., that would be a deal breaker. When I worked in Hermosillo, I knew many doctors, both IMMS and I think what was called ISSTE, or maybe ISSSTE, I don't recall.  Just wonder if you could straighten out that point.

The upcoming -- Goddess willing -- dumping of Obamacare and its replacement with something far better (i.e. workable) does not mean Medicare will be killed. Doing that is akin to a politician putting a pistol to his head and pulling the trigger.

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