Single mumma moving to Milan. Help!

Hi there, I am a newly single mumma of a one year old and wish to follow my dream of living in Italy. I am currently based in Australia.
I have no idea where to begin or how to pull this off.

Fortunately I have a very broad skillset when it comes to employment, my Italian is basic, I have no idea about moving abroad by myself with a baby and everything that goes with it. Accommodation, daycare, the healthcare system, paperwork to name a few.  My baby has a European passport but I don't, I don't have much money but I do have a very positive attitude and a big dream. Hopefully it can become a reality.

Is there anyone out there who has done something similar?

I would appreciate any advice or recommendations to Facebook pages, blogs, websites, or people who can kindly point me in the right direction.

Thank you

Hello Fufu_forfina!

Welcome to!

The following guide will help you - Living in Italy guide.

Jaisan ;)

Hi, 1st of all, trying to define a list of priorities, you need a job, to afford life.
I suggest you to move in an area where unemployment rate is lower and where international companies/expats presence is quite high and you can live talking a basic italian (at least in early months). Milan area would be the answer.
It is important to define your points of strenght in your cv and areas of expertise. Starting from there  you will need to find a position where English can be considered as working language (positions in personal assistance of executives, call centers, technical positions in internatonal companies). Try also Australian Chamber of Commerce and Australia organization for sport, supporting olympic athlets, I recall some open positions there based in Milan area.

Mind that a rent (furnished apartment) in a town close to Milan (were to commute daily using public transportation) is around 500-600 eur, plus around 150-200 Eur for gas, eletricity, building and so on.

1 liter of milk is 1 Eur, 1 expresso coffeee either...for food put in budget 10-20 Eur a day, approx 40 (monthly) for public transports

Approx avg net salary for a personal assistant position is 1400 Eur (jr with some experience), same for a technical call center. Teaching English (huge no. of competitors here..) with a training company, around 10 Eur/hr (net)

it is a big jump, but I know many people who made it realistic (and strong)


If you're under 30, you can get in for 1 year on a working holiday visa although i don't know how that works with a child. Okay, scratch that you cannot bring a child on that visa.

In terms of how you'd make the jump, as the previous poster mentioned, your main concern is money. You cannot possibly hope to do anything without sustenance. So unless you can support yourself with a job or otherwise, forget it.

I would personally use the 90-day tourist visa (which comes with every Aus passport) to come to Italy and look for any place that will want a mother to help out.

It may be the case you could get work at a language school for children, or help out in a day nursery or whatever. Use the time to get involved as much as possible, and then make pertinent inquiries as to a permanent contract. This will then allow you to move to Italy on a more stable basis.

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