New members of the Ukraine forum, introduce yourself here – 2017

Hi all,

Newbie on the Ukraine forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Ukraine if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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I followed the thread.  To help you out, I did the process in May 2014.  I brought all of my documents from the United States, notarized and with an apostille from your secretary of state from the state you live in.  Make sure everything is correct.  Divorce papers, court house for no criminal record.  You can get cheap medical insurance here.  Will never use it, but you need to have it.  Cost about 1,000 UAH.

I did not have to return to the United States, I brought all of my documents and I went to the Ukrainian Embassy in Moldova.  We were there for three days.  I received my Visa D from the Ukrainian Embassy in Moldova.  They were friendly and happy.  MAKE SURE ALL OF YOUR DOCUMENTS ARE CORRECT.  ALL NOTARIZED AND  APOSTILLE.

The biggest issue is dealing with OVIR in the city you will be living in Ukraine.  But you do not need to return to the states.  Have your wife call the Ukrainian Embassy in Moldova.  they will also give her information.  Many Americans have gone the route I have gone.

If you are European, you live closer to your own countries.  Go home and do it.  For Americans, go to Moldova for your Visa D.

Hi. I'm coming to Kiev this summer and I'm looking for English speaking Ukrainians or Brits to show me around a little and perhaps get a few drinks and show me the nightlife...

Hello. I lived in Ukraine for couple years and I am turning back. I had enough amount of time with so called "femens" and "anarchists". It wasn't honest as it seemed from the outside thou. So I left those groups. After years of forwards and backwards, I have left couple friends who lives in Kyiv. I have decided to live in the woods of Kyiv this time with less amount of need of people. I have got to say Ukraine has an amazing nature. I was told Turkey have one of the best nature in the region at summers but when I became an expat and discovered summer in Ukraine, it was priceless. Even though all the economical and political crisis going on for years already, I would prefer Ukraine over Turkey. As I will do very soon. Wish me luck!

I need a job in kharkiv do you have any leads? I work in construction  thankyou


Hi! Im Cham. Just currently here in Ukraine with a tourist visa. Im loving the country. Food is great. Temperature tho im.still adjusting since I came from a tropical country.

If there is someone who can help me or give me advice on how ti extend my stay here I would greatly appreciate it.

Hi - I'm David. 

Last spring I had never thought of visiting Ukraine and yet in June I had to travel here for business.  That apparently 'one off' trip to Kharkov turned into several over the second half of last year and more again so far this year.  I found the country fascinating and the people were welcoming and friendly and the colleagues I worked with dedicated, hard working and creative.  It was a pleasure working with them.

Along the way I became friends with a Ukrainian lady on the project and we fell in love.  Now my main project has ended meaning my business trips are over so we are looking at ways for us to be together.  I'm learning Russian as quickly as I can as I will be planning to live in the east of the country and so am looking at work in Kharkov either with a Ukrainian company or via an English company. 

Any help or advice or just sharing of similar experience will be most welcome.

I am in the same boat!!!

I'm still hopeful that I can get my current employer to allow me to work remotely for even just a few months before they wind up their business in Kharkiv which will give me breathing space to plan, look for work, get better at my Russian.

Have you been out there recently? I'm hoping to get back out in July but for how long is the question.


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iam mohamed from egypt and iam a student in fine arts collage and i want to complete my study there and to live there and work but i dont know how i start to make this from egypt to move there

Hi all , no guessing my first name.I have been travelling to the Ukraine for a just over a year. First trip was just a holiday to see what all the fuss was about. I am no spring chicken and the eye candy was fab (bit sexist sorry). well i met a fabulous woman and a few weeks ago got married.
wow what a fab time, but back in the UK, a dream of happiness was a massive let down, My let down , the UK. I found out today that for me to apply for a D visa will cost me £1464.00 its got to be the most expensive visa in the world.
I would be very grateful for any advice, taking the current situation and visa control. I can help on Olif and how easy it is to get married, travel etc etc.

TTFN martin

Hi there, Welcome to the Ukraine!

After several years in Thailand, I returned home to Ukraine, I am a citizen of Ukraine. In a visa to the United States I was for some reason refused, so now I think where else to go travel, along the way working as a remote web developer.

Now I am considering a trip to the United Arab Emirates, but it is still difficult to create a remote business in this country, and the search for remote work has not yet yielded results.
In Ukraine, you can enjoy in Lviv, Kiev, Kharkov and other cities, there is a wonderful culture, interesting traditions and nature.

If you have problems with someone in Ukraine or need to help find something or translate into the local language, you can call me at ***
I will try to help, it's free as in beer )

I'm fond of sailing and traveling - I'll be glad to talk :-)

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Thank you for the reply.  Yes, I am exploring making a life in Kiev.  The cost of living there is very attractive.  I am looking at business opportunities.  Do you use WhatsApp?  We can communicate that way maybe.  I'd like to maybe ask you questions about Ukraine. 

Yes I have WhatsApp, write message to me.

I need your phone number, yes?

Yes, that is ***

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My name is Steve and I'm new to the Ukraine forum.  I'd like to stay in touch with people that might be able to help me make a decision to retire in Kiev.  Some tell me that I'm crazy, but I visited lately and was impressed and of course my retirement dollars would go a very long way and allow me to live quite comfortably.   I've been looking at the residency requirements, etc. which seem not to be very friendly to foreigners.  Any thoughts about how to make such a transition would be appreciated; job or investment opportunities, etc.  Thank you in advance. 


Hi everyone. My name is Richard. I am considering moving to the Ukraine and would love to live in the country. As long as a house is liveable I don't really care what its like. I will like to be as self sufficient as I can. A bit of land would be great to have a few poultry etc.

hi there

interesting post of yours. if you really really wish to be self sufficient, i may have the answer or at least the start . My wife has a large house , with a lot of land, and  i mean a lot of land. in a village called kemyanka near Odessa. if your interested in long term renting or buy it out write , if your interested drop me a line


Hi there

I may have already replied to you but if not, i hope this help. I am also retiring to Odessa in a few weeks time. I dont think your daft, adventurous yes like a bit of a challenge yes, but not daft. Other wise it makes me MAD lol. anyway it can be an easy thing to do. but you need to do it properly. If you need help drop me a line


Hi and thanks for your reply. I will certainly get in touch once I have sorted my money. If you can message some details to me prices etc that would be great.
  Thanks  R%ichard

martinodessa :

Hi there

I may have already replied to you but if not, i hope this help. I am also retiring to Odessa in a few weeks time. I dont think your daft, adventurous yes like a bit of a challenge yes, but not daft. Other wise it makes me MAD lol. anyway it can be an easy thing to do. but you need to do it properly. If you need help drop me a line


everything will be done properly so no worries about that. I have a farming background so I know a bit of what I want to do. I don't want large scale but enough so I can get away with not spending much at the shops

Hi Richard
rent would be about $150 a month you pay a the bills or we could arrange, that we do it for you. To buy it out wright $25,000. could do a deal 50% down the other 50% a year later interest free. or work something out along them lines, why ish she selling, theirs too much land and we have just bought an apartment.



many years ago she had two cows there, she got a lot of milk, made cheese swapped, cheese and butter for veg etc, had 40 chickens as well for eggs, but didn't eat them so i guess they had names and was more a pet lol. Can't beat a good roast ah


Hi All - I am Simon from England.

I am in the process of moving to Ukraine after meeting a wonderful lady and buying an apartment in Nikolaev.

Over time I will be setting up a business and applying for a permanant residency permit to allow me to come and go without the need to worry about Visa's etc. I have started to investigate how to do this and I believe that it is wise to employ the services of a local agency to help with the registration of a business and setup tax etc. I already have my own Ukrainian Tax Code, due to the purchase of the apartment.

I am sure that I will have many questions in the future, so I hope that I will find some answers here. It sounds like there are a few people who have spent many years in Ukraine. But for now, Hi!!


This month I am also in my second-time application for Temporary Residence since the first Temporary Residence was valid for a year only. Wish me luck! On February 2017 will be the second anniversary of my marriage to a Ukrainian citizen. It means on February 2017 I can apply for a PERMANENT Residence. Wish me luck again! :))

Hi all, I am an Australian looking to spend a year in Ukraine. I want to base myself in Dnipro. Has anyone got any advice on renting a property there? I also need to find a school suitable for my 9 year old son as he will be travelling with me. Any advice is appreciated.

Hi Brad,

Look this variant

This apartment nearly the Park and based in center of the city. 

or click to another links: or

If you have any questions - ask.

hi Simon

Nice to see you here i am martin from Odessa. If i can help mail me



Hey Simon -

I'm a bit late ( just joined ) to respond to your question.  Maybe by now you are all settled. 

However, I recently completed this very process ( except the marriage part :-) ) I've started a business and obtained a Visa type D, then later a temporary resident permit ( 1 year ).   I used a law firm in Kiev to help with the entire process - and was quite pleased with their work.   My lawyer advised me to also hire an accountant to make sure that I stay current and legal with taxes and other payments.   We learned that its often the case that people start a business just to "come and go" and end up having their permits pulled ( revoked ) if they are not paying salaries and taxes. 

At the end of the day - it took about 6 months with many steps, and even more patience and persistence.    If you have not done so already - you'll need a certified copy of your College Diploma ( called apostille ) its advisable to get this before you leave your home country.  It CAN be done later, but it will be much more costly.   

But for me it all worked out well in the end. I got the company established, and all visas and the permits as promised.


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