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I'm kelsey. I'm currently an ESL teacher in S. Korea and I'll likely be moving to Sri Lanka in April or August depending on when my work ends here. I'll likely first go as a student for a year to study Sinhalese before my fiance (who is Sri Lankan) and I marry some time after that. He must return to Sri Lanka by July (when his Korean visa expires). We aren't sure where we'll live yet. My fiance has said when we're both there we'll look around and figure out what's best. So I'm currently preparing by doing general research online.


UK ex-pats living in Egypt, intending to visit Sri Lanka for a month early next year.

Currently looking at February which, from my research, means that the northeast/east of the island is out of bounds for us (we don't do monsoons).

Would love to interact with Elephants, Whales and Turtles, see the sights that are worth seeing, but mostly relax by the sea and eat lots of food. We're planning to be there about 4 weeks, would like to see the best of what the island has to offer, whilst also enjoying the food and culture, on the cheap.  The more we save on accommodation and trips, the more we can tip :P

Any advice appreciated, my family roots are based in Sri Lanka but I've not managed to visit yet.

hello everyone,
i will go to Sri lanka for working in a construction project end of the september. i will live in there for min 2 years.

Hello everyone, it's Ayan. Just joined I enjoy being around different type of peoples all over the World. I've been living in Sri Lanka for more than one year. Such a wonderful country. Nature has been decorated with natural beauty. Places like Nuwarailiya and Kandy gives rest to eyes. It's been a year now that I'm here so I knows little extra about the tradition, culture, daily life and society. I'm residence visa holder. But the thing that annoys me is I'm jobless here. I'm trying everywhere but no response. I would like to discuss it here can someone help me to get a job for me. Whatever the job doesn't matter. Juat want to get foot in the door. Thanks

Dear  kelsey,

If you want to settle hear get proper knowledge about country.
better you come and stay hear some longer.


Ayubowan, Vanakkam, Assalamalaikum, Greetings:

My name is Sarrah and I moved here years ago after being brought up in the UAE, post secondary schooling in the UK, Moving to the US where my family remains and getting residency in Canada.

I am in Corporate Global Mobility, Immigration and Compliance. I write on Immigration, Culture, Compliance issues for international magazines in my free time. I also have a Literary Salon called SCOR where readers meet to meet authors, discuss books, conversations on themes of life and enjoy drinks/food themed around the books. I also work on women leadership, advocacy for entrepreneurship and helping female entrepreneurs to network and scale up their businesses. I am also the Chapter Leader for the Forum for Expatriate Management UK which is for Corporate HR to assist their expat assignees understand about policies and benchmarking in the mobility industry.

My life 's foundation is my husband and my 11 year old daughter and my dog Hermes; my family and friends. 

Pleasure to be here and again greetings to you all.

Warm regards
(p.s. writing from the Windy City of Chicago)

Hi There..:)

My name is Divya & I'm from Malaysia. I have been to Sri Lanka twice and its amazing, and I've decided to stay in Sri Lanka a little longer.  I'm in the midst of applying to study/work in Nawala, Sri Lanka this December. 

Would like to hear from fellow Malaysians, maybe a little help on the application process. So far I have only done my application for the course, and they will be helping me with the visa application. and I have been asked to give a cert of good conduct too (not sure if its necessary) and its currently in process.

If there is any information that would be helpful for my move to Sri lanka, please do share them here.

Can't wait for my new start in Sri lanka. Hope to have a wonderful experience again.

Hey All,

Name is Manoj,  Sri Lankan living in Negombo
Currently running a small scale guest house close to Negombo town
[link moderated]
Looking forward to interact with the members in this group

Cheers ..!!


hello i live in mirissa , if anyone need a travel buddy or want to make friends send me a pm :)

Hi, I am Chris
I am a Sri lankan, living in Dambulla for the past 15 years, Working as a Consultant to the Hospitality Industry, specializing in the FOOD & BEVERAGE sector.
I also have  a Backpackers Hostel in Dambulla.......
With Locals - we do have a Cooking programe with Lodging for a group or  a few.
T c
Chris Sena


Could you give us a proposal for a hotel in dambulla with your experience. If so, after my evaluations I can submit our directors in U.S.... Tuan

Hi Tuan
I need further info from you regarding your requirements and preferences.......etc
You can contact me on ***......
and aslo will be in Colombo from the 7th to the 10th of December.....
Chris Sena...

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Hi everyone,

Just a reminder: This topic is dedicated to the introduction of new members only.

Thank you



Nice to mee you


Hi all,

My name is Susan and I fell in love with Sri Lanka a couple of weeks ago!
I have lived abroad for many years and now back in the Netherlands for over 12 years. For the last 8 years orso the going-abroad-butterflies started flying again and have been looking for a country ever since. I guess I found it!
I made a deal with myself that I would love to move to Sri lanka within one year. I understand that it is not so easy to move there so I need all the help I can get. I have a local contact who is already helping me but every help is welcome.
I'm looking for a small restaurant to take over. 60-120 seats. I don't have a particular place I would like to be because the whole country is beautiful and every area has it's advantages!
So...I'm waiing for you all to maybe help me out with as much information as possible!

Hi there,

I am on FB .Are you on FB ?

I am Melroy De Fransz from Colombo. Please write to me on my mail with your requirement and how you would like to workout things ☺. ***
Thank you
Best regards
Melroy De Fransz

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hi i am ash from kalutara

Hi. I am an ex-Sri Lankan and I have lived most of my life overseas in the UK, Singapore and Australia. I now travel back to Sri Lanka often and would like to get to know more people who are living in Sri Lanka.

Hi everyone. I am Australian and have just arranged the initial trial - yet to be signed it's so new - for 30 days TEFL teaching in Sri Lanka for March 2018. I have never been to Sri Lanka, but it looks wonderful and I am very excited about going there!


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