New members of the South Africa forum, introduce yourself here – 2017

my name is Ryan i'm from Harare, my family is originally from Durban SA, i am hoping to move to Cape Town soon.

Hi ladies and gentlemen I'm nolitha in south Africa I'm happy to join you

Hi all,
I am an owner of a voice and radio agency looking for Amharic speakers interested in voiceover work. They need to be within the Johannesburg area.

If you are interested or know of anyone who may be, kindly email me on xxx

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Im guy gustave lusanga living abroad for long particulary in south africa
Western cap cap town
Where a experience good and bad story to tell
Moore stories will follow on my next message

Hi my name is Rara I'm now living in SA and looking forward in making friends.

You moore than wellcome to be come friendly to me

Your mail does not apear would you resend it

Welcome Sir, Enjoy South Africa..a cool place to be

Ho yes i do

Yez you moore than wellcome

Wt you sai

Hi Folks!! :)

I am an American currently living the expat life in Dubai. I am contemplating a move to Cape Town, at least temporarily in January. I will be working remotely for a company in the US, although looking to take on more remote work if the opportunity presents itself. 

I have a friend who lives there currently, I'll be moving in with her, and would love to meet new, like, minded individuals.

Love wine tasting, which is a major draw for me and why I am considering CPT. Love hiking, and beaches, and trying new things. Will be looking to do pilates, and HIIT classes whenever I can and love to have workout buddies to check out new places.

Feel free to reach out to me.


Hi, I am Angie

I studied Labour Law and Business Management. I love learning new things.

Yes favourite thing to do is laugh, as laughter is good for the soul.

I love people and enjoy reading.

Hi everyone!

I am a lawyer from Nigeria. I have been in South Africa for almost a year now. I am currently studying to be a pilot. I am a part time Au pair and loving my stay here. I just wish I could make friends, I get really bored some times.

Hi ya all.

I live in Centurion, South Africa. Currently learning Russian. I would like to interact with Russian speaking people on the forum. Attorney and in international trade.


Good day everyone!

I have currently arrived in Cape Town, after a 1-1/2 years working in UB, Mongolia as part of a team tasked with improving production and expansion of the Tavan Tolgoi in the Gobi Desert. I have chosen the Carradale apartments to live. My purpose in South Africa (SA) is working as a contract engineer for Rio Tinto (mining corporate) in the northeastern part. My contract is for one year with a possible extension. I have recently joined the indaba mining team and hoping to make many fiends and close acquaintances in SA as I have over the years in other countries I have worked. In short, I am somewhat of a wandering professional gypsy who bounces from country to country (mainly mining corporates).

I have countless interests and lead a very active and explorative way of life. Next month, along with a few of my work associates, we have booked a flight to Kruger National Park to go on a “Big 5” safari – can’t wait, and another line item I can scratch from my bucket list. I enjoy leisure time as well in finding great coffee shops and pubs who serve cold ale.

Please feel free to reach out and greet me - one can never have enough friends in this big world!



Hi Julien,

actualy, I live in Cape Town but relocate in Porto... so I must have done something wrong on my profile...

My name is Salimu Daudi, i'm Tanzanian till now i'm living in Tanzania. Professionally i'm a teacher i complete my study at Jordan University in Morogoro - Tanzania.
Now i'm a job seeker, i'm ready to work to any kind of environment, and to any job which i feet,  not only teaching. Love to live in South Africa.


My name is Anna, I’m 24 and I currently live in Copenhagen, Denmark. I’m planning on moving to Cape Town start of next year as soon as my critical skill visa comes through. I would love to meet new people when I move down! So if anyone will be down in February/March or anyone living there is interesting in hanging out, let me know!


Hello Anna. I am not sure when I will be there but I am planning to be in Cape Town in 2018 via skilled visa so hopefully we meet one day.

Hey Anna:

Hamish here. I am an American living in Cape Town and loving it. I am an engineer presently working with a well-known mining corporate, and can tell you that every day is like vacation living here. The culture was somewhat different than anticipated, however, just adds to the intrigue and appeal. I would love to hang out with you while you are here, and would be my privilege to show you around. Not sure if you enjoy wine tasting? I am from California originally and thought nothing could compare to the splendor to California's wine regions, especially Napa Valley and the Central Coast, however, the western Cape is easily the best kept secret in this regard in the world. You must also visit the Zeitz museum, You will also want to visit cape Point, Table mountain and have dinner at Harbour House. Anyhow, I am rambling :)

Welcome to Cape Town Anna!!


Hi All,

My name is Fouad, I'm new to the Forum but been in SA for more than 6 years now. I spent most of my time in JHB, but last year moved to Cape town.
I'm originally from Lebanon and I work as a software engineer. Have joined different companies and my current one is based in Claremont called IPREO.
If anyone on the forum interested in playing tennis(medium level), pleassse let me know. I like to connect and do any kind of activities, I think anything will add a value at the end :)
So let's reach out to each other, greet...etc.

Thank you

Hey Anna, Under what skill-set your visa will be? Did you secure a job already?

My name is nora 28 years old from Morocco 🇲🇦 plainning to move to south of africa

Nwarame :

My name is nora 28 years old from Morocco 🇲🇦 plainning to move to south of africa

Are you moving to Polokwane?

YES in march maybe

Nwarame :

YES in march maybe

I stay in Cape town, stayed before in Johannesburg for around 5 years. Never been to Polokwane. But feel free to reach out if you need info/advise about SA in general. Good luck with your plans.

Heck yeah I'll fly there if your going to be there Jesus christ what a beauty

nice to meet u ,
thank you so much for intentions . And yes i will need your advices and informations cuz i never been there

Hi Hamish,

Here's one more friend.

My name is Zenani...moved to SA about a year ago.
Love it here. Having lived in many countries around the world
friends are the most valuable asset in my book.

If you and your friends are ever in the Sandton part of Joburg  feel
free to holler and we will give you all a Sandtonian welcome.

Enjoy Kruger National's an experience worth having.



Hey Zenani!

It is my privilege and pleasure to count you in as one of my new friends. A little about me, I am a structural engineer who sells his skill-set on the international market to whoever will pay me the most and retain me for the longest tenure - a modern day hired gun I guess best describes me, LOL, However, instead of taking lives, my job is to ensure they are not lost. I have been globe-trotting doing contract work for many years now, and have rarely returned to the USA. I still have my home there, however, for the most part have forgotten what it looks like. LOL. The reason I enjoy working in several unique countries, one - it pays well, and secondly, it gives me an opportunity to immerse myself into the culture and know the people as I generally spend at least a year working there. I will admit, SA is somewhat unique to other places I have travelled throughout the world. Generally, when I just get settled in, and develop a circle of friends and routine, I am off again to parts unknown.

Kruger National Park is absolutely on my bucket list and hope to go on a Safari which guarantees all Big 5 siting's. I have not yet been to Johannesburg, however, will definitely make the trek once I am more settled in on my job.

Well "Z" my new friend, thank you for kindly reaching out to me, and hope to experience that Sandtonian welcome in the near future! :)


Hi my name is Francisca from Nigeria. Currently I base in south Africa. I am into hair do. But planing to establish my business in a mega way. I am looking for a well-known company that sells Brazilian n Peruvian hair in bulk. Tanx in advanced. Waiting for ur response

Hi all :)

I am not sure if i am even on the correct platform here, but we are a south african family, looking into the possibility to re-locate to Mauritius. Any advice or possible job opportunity contacts would be most welcome.
Thanking you in advance, kindest regards

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