New members of the Scotland forum, introduce yourself here – 2017

Hi all,

Newbie on the Scotland forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Scotland if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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My name is Patti and my husband is Ron.  We are retired and wish to move to and live in Scotland.  We need info on places to rent.


I'm Celine, french girl living near Paris ! I plan to move out to Scotland in 1 or 2 years from now ! Time to save money and prepare all I need like improve my english skills !

I decided to expatriate because I want to work hard on one of my dream and to give me all the chances to achieve it !

I cannae wait to be there ^^

See ya !

I am Jaca, from Croatia, looking forward to move to Glasgow, with my 15 yrs aged son, by this summer latest. I am professional in the area of grant's project management, and if I don't find a work via internet, I will move in, and than continue looking for a job.
In any case I am looking for shared accomodation for the two of us, preferring female, or married couple to share a flat.

My name is Sue and I have to admit I am not an expat.  My grandad was, from New Zealand, but that was a long time ago.  I was a Careers Adviser and volunteered to work in 2006 in a High School in Langa, a township in Cape Town.  Ever since then I have been working to set up a project  to help the young people and unemployed of the townships to make career decisions that might make them less vulnerable to the temptations that the gang and drug cultures pose.  Now we are getting somewhere, with 2 guys working in the townships  and we really appreciate input from a South African expat here in Scotland. 

Hoping that someone might find this challenge of interest?

Hi, it seems there are only few of us in this Forum. I understand that you aim to give support to S. Afria expat, only. Am I right.

Hi All,

My name is Serena and I live in Durban, South Africa. I am interested in migrating to Scottland, hopefully soon.

I would appreciate some information on how to go about doing so from those that have recently moved over..


Hi, I'm Sara, i'm currently living in Mexico, but i really want to know more about Scotland and it's culture. It's one of the places i've dedided i must visit almost once in my life, and i would be very happy if i have some friends there :D

Hi, I was born in Scotland and came to SA when I was 5.  I am in my late 40's and in finance and wondering what job prospects are like for someone my age.  My brother in his early 50's has been unable to find work and is thinking of selling his house and leaving.  Any advice on the job situation for me?

Hi, I'm Athena Laura, 28, mixed Asian (Fil-American-Chinese) living in dubai, interested to know more and discover Scotland. It's actually one of the best country I wanna travel soon because of it's culture and beautiful landscapes. I am always fascinated to travel to europe and I hope I could go back there soonest.

Hi y'all!

I am currently living in Louisiana USA by way of Philadelphia. We relocated here in the fall and are again relocating for my husbands work to Aberdeen Scotland this summer. 

Husband will likely be working near the airport and I have to small kids will be 3&5 at the time of the move. I will be going from work at home mom to Stay at home.

I am hoping to get some guidance on great locations to narrow for our house hunt as well as connect with some other people recently moved or moving to the area.

If you have chosen to continue reading about my relocation, I feel like it might be helpful to tell you what I'd be looking for if you have any recommendation.

I love convenience, but also hate congestion, traffic, parking, etc. I usually opt for "suburbia" with easy commute to a target :). Kiddos have allergies, so need to be near areas with great healthcare providers.  I love drive through coffee (young kiddos). I need a yard with a fence and at least 4 bedrooms/ 2.5 baths.  Open floor plan and updated.  Schools are the other big factor. I believe international school may be part of our relocation (still working on getting the details). I like to take walks with kiddos, bike rides, etc... also barre class and fitness center with childcare a must.

I am very excited about this adventure!  I have Scottish roots and love the opportunity to explore them as well as well as other cultures. 

What have you guys found?  Any areas that jump out to be suited for us?  Anything I won't be able to find?  Thank you for taking some time to read this. Feel free to connect with me!


Hello!everyone..i really dont know how to start in this forum :) I am pilipina  born in philippines .i was married to scotish..we just moved here just 3 weeks ago and  it was my first time in here in scotland ..everything is new for me and to my kids...we planned to settle here in uk give our
children a good education..

Hi, All, glad to hear some forum for expat! Looking to travel so some advice sharing is always great!

Im going to philipines soon!
Looking to hear which places to visit

Have you tries the embassy, there is a big south african community here in Edinburgh . I think a fb group too

To get a job embassy?

im a filipina too. can i ask how did you get a visa going to UK?? i really wanted to visit there for 1 or 2 weeks...looking forward for ur reply.. tnx! :)

lot of islands to visit here in the philiipines.. :)

any suggestions how to get A VISA hoing there?? im planning to visit edinburgh on holiday and how much will it cost me?? im planning to stay there for 2weeks and see how the place looks like the people the culture foods and everything,,, looking for your reply guys.. thanks :)

Hi!cookie .i would think tourist visa is better and easiest coz mine is settlement visa thats y it took as almost a year...we do process it when we r in the philippibes thru uk embassy here in uk...i think when u do tourist it will cost u minimun 15k .and f u stay here in uk with ur friend they will ask u to get invitation letter from  him /her

really?? thanks for the help.. how much it will cost me to get a ticket?? i mean i already look at the reqmts needed i wouldnt be there for a month just 2weeks will do..should i still have an xray??? really wanted to go there hahahah..:)

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G'day from a proud Auswegian. An Aussie living in Glasgow. I'm the mother/wife of a family. My husband and our two sons, now aged 15 and 18, moved to Glasgow in September 2016. We've settled in quite well. We are both working full-time, one of our boys graduated from high school in Glasgow this year and our other son is still in high school.

We are in Scotland on a UK Ancestry Visa and intend staying in the UK for at least 6 years so we can get our British citizenship. We have our own blog Dare to Done where we share our experiences moving from Australia and living in Scotland.

I'm happy to answer any questions you may have about living in Glasgow as an expat. Especially if you have teenage children, my boys can probably answer some of those questions as well.

If you're looking at moving across to the UK, I highly recommend it. I would advise however that you do a fair amount of research so you can manage your expectations. Things are different in every country. I just didn't imagine when we first arrived, that there would be so many difference between Australia and the UK, given Australia is a Commonwealth country. Some good differences and then some differences you just have to accept. All in all, we love it here and wish we'd bitten the bullet years ago. Don't wait. Just do it. Come to Scotland!

If you have a grand-parent born in the UK, you may qualify for a UK Ancestry Visa. Check out the UK Government website and see what visas you qualify for. This is how we came from Australia. If you are applying or coming over on that visa, I'd be happy to try and answer any questions you have.

Hey Daretodone

Welcome to :)

Maybe you would like to write a Blog here?

Hi guys me and my wife and baby daughter are coming to Edinburgh in 2018 on ancestral visas we really need some info on where the best areas are to live as we both work in the insurance industry so  if some of my fellow southafricans can please assist me in where is the best place to live for us that's close to everything and also nice for kids

Johnny222 :

Hi guys me and my wife and baby daughter are coming to Edinburgh in 2018 on ancestral visas we really need some info on where the best areas are to live as we both work in the insurance industry so  if some of my fellow southafricans can please assist me in where is the best place to live for us that's close to everything and also nice for kids

Hi there Johnny222 :)

Welcome to

For a better response to your questions, we invite you to start a new post with your questions. You can also have a look at the Housing Section of Scotland for more information.

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I am moving to Scotland, temporarily living in Glasgow until we find where we want to settle. We will be probably looking to stay between Glasgow and Edinburgh. I will be travelling for work and my husband and kids dream of village life and a nice little school.

We are excited about the adventure ahead.

Hey is anyone here from the Scottish Borders? I'd love to meet some new people from there since I'm relocating from Tunisia.


I was born in Scotland, emigrated  with parents when I was 12 years old to Canada. Just took early retirement.   My wife and I are thinking of moving back to Scotland  when she retires in two years  she is American.   We have a  very good income so won't need a job.  Any thoughts or suggestions on what I should be doing now to prepare?  I don't have any British documents except a birth certificate and my  passport.

Welcome to the forum AnotherOpinion :)

Am I correct in saying you are still a British citizen as you still hold a British passport? What about your wife? Is she, a Canadian citizen?

Exüert Team

New members coming there this Winter. Looking to rent a flat in Glasgow for 6 months to see how it goes. Not sure how the visas work there. Can we stay 6 months and leave for a week and return for another 6 months? We are retired and will not be taking jobs from anyone. Thanks! Reacher

We are retired as well and want to move there. Do you know about the visa situation for retired people? Thanks

Reacher :

We are retired as well and want to move there. Do you know about the visa situation for retired people? Thanks

Hi Reacher and welcome to the Forum.

Not good news I'm afraid.  The UK no longer issues retirement visas for anybody.  The only possibility is if you have family already resident in the UK, so can claim a family link.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team


Yes,  thank you for your response.    I am a British Passport holder  My wife has an American passport.

Hello Diane Bunker,

Welcome to

You may post an advert under the Missing people in Edinburgh section of thw website. It might help to gain some more exposure and spread the word.

Good luck


Hi I'm Melika from Iran, want to move to Scotland to study and live there but UK having no embassy here makes it hard for me to know where to start and what are my options.
Any opinion on that?

Hello everyone,
I'm in the process of applying for my U.K. citizenship by descent.
My mother was born and raised in Scotland.
I visited in September and felt I was finally home.

I'm just starting the process and exploring options.

Good to be here :)

HELLO EVERYONE IN SCOTLAND!!! I am currently living in the US and have one daughter...(in the pic with me) but I am contemplating seriously the thought of permanently moving to Scotland. I Would love to know all about anything anyone would have to say about the place. I have roots there and am of Irish/Scottish/American Indian stock. I'm 45, healthy, love to work AND PLAY!!! Please anyone that is a citizen there or has lived there for some time fill me in. You cannot possibly tell me too much!!!

                                    Thanks, eddie

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