New members of the Russia forum, introduce yourself here – 2017

This is great news! I hope to start a beauty salon  when I move there. I will keep you in mind!

Russia is a very interesting country. i would love to go there soon. I wonder how strict their government is in accepting foreign tourists.

No problem as long as you meet their criteria for their Visa requirements...great place to visit...I am going again to see the football World Cup in June next year...and also to visit Moscow St.Petersburg and Nitzny Novograd.....can't wait even if I am going 'solo'

Hi, everyone! I m french, living in Moscow for 5 years, and teaching yoga here. NIce to meet you all!

I'm new (again) in Moscow:)
Spent last nine years out, (west and north Africa) but was coming sometimes.
Came back for good a month ago, my usual longtime friends dont really speak French or English, and in my head i m still not used to not communicate in French that long with somebody:) lot a friends moved away or are not friends animore(it happens sometimes in life:) still my russian familly is my everything!
So! will be glad having new friends! Never mind race or religion, color or gender: untill you are good human being:))

Well , the government is like any other government. They welcome tourists from any party of the world.

hey im kris from ivory coast living in russia since 2012
hope you're enjoying our country...

Hello! I'm a native Russian from Saint-Petersburg.
I'd like to meet new people. Would be glad to help, if you need any information.

Hello Vladimir! My name is Julia. I live in Texas and am hoping to move to Russia in a year or two. I work for Regis Corporation, they have lots of hair salons all over the world. What do you, as a Russian, feel that I should do before the move? I am working on Russian and  Cyrillic off of YouTube, trying to narrow down the sites.

Thank you very grande !)

As a Russian who is an expat in China will give you 1 advice... just pay for a good offline dictionary/translator and learn numbers + simple words such as "excuse me, yes, no, toilet, how much, left, right, straight ahead, money" . Install/add a Cyrillic keyboard on your phone.  download 2GIS (free offline maps) and enjoy your life.

Julia, you're right. First of all you must know Russian language. If it is possible establish new contacts or find people/friends as a support for first time. It is necessary to have a clear idea how to make your living.

ammojtaba :

Hello guys, any body can introduce a good nightclub party for 870th anniversary of moscow in the moscow ? Or if anyone available wecould enjoy it together !!!!

hey! The club called "Icon" is pretty good

bamneon :

Russia is a very interesting country. i would love to go there soon. I wonder how strict their government is in accepting foreign tourists.

Not strict at all:)

Dear all,

I'm Ilya from United Nation. I am a PhD student at ITMO university in St Petersburg. I wish to meet new people and find friends )

I am Jane , english teacher i teach both children of all age and levels .


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