New members of the Poland forum, introduce yourself here – 2017

Hi all,

Newbie on the Poland forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Poland if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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I guess I'm probably first on this thread for 2017 :)

Cześć ! jestem Stephen.

I've been looking around the web and stumbled upon this site as I look for my way to reach Poland. It is my dream to be able to move out of my comfort zone, the Philippines, to create a better life for myself. I also want to see and live with my girlfriend most of all, who lives in Łódź. She has been teaching me about her country and her language. In turn, I've also been studying some Polish!

However, I don't know anyone successful in making a transition from my country to Poland. So, it is delightful to see several people here from my country that have made it.

I would like to hear from them and also have some tips on making this big move in my life.

cheers for a good 2017!

Hi Stephen
Nice introduction and your points are very interesting
As an ex pat you are asking yourself how can I achieve a successful transition into Poland? This generally translates into a need to earn a suitable income. This in turn puts up the question: Should my income creation be individual in that I offer skills that are needed or do I need investment to get me started?
Many ex pats bring a required skill and settle upon being paid by an employer to apply the skill eg: engineer, mechanic, programmer etc.
Thinking outside the box? A number of ex pats will ask themselves, what can I import from my home country and feel certain that Polish people will want to buy it?
The question is what can I import? The usual list covers..............
1, A product from my home country which the people here will buy. This is interesting, people tend to think about high end products but keep in mind local everyday products produced in the Philippines but not available in Poland. Here is an example: A knew a guy in Taiwan who became very rich exporting simple hand made bamboo carpets/mats to the UK. The mats look nice, very durable and can be used inside and outside the home. Clothing, art, Antiques, furniture, food products etc.
2. A style of cooking eg: Chinese cooking, Indian cooking, Italian, a type of fruit or vegetable, a health product-food-drink-herb etc.
3. An ability? Yoga, Martial arts, language, a philosophy etc.
Which transition approach are you considering?

Hello Polish forum,
I'm moving to Wroclaw at or about April. I'm not really sure what to expect there. I visited for a few weeks back in August of last year and it seemed like a nice place. I'm leaving a good job to come there and am currently in the process of looking for something that I can feel comfortable with. I've been searching LinkedIn for positions, but I'm guessing that it's probably not place to search for work. If any of you have ideas or are recruiters you can check out my LinkedIn profile for an idea of my qualifications.

I'm also interested in knowing about more about whether there are activities or meet ups that happen from time to time. It'd be nice to have some people to hang out with or at least some events to look forward to.

A little about me:

I'm American, but have been living in Taiwan for the past 11 years. It's an amazing place. I would probably have lived the rest of my life out in Taiwan, but I just got married and my wife is based out of Poland currently. I would rather live nearby than do the 3 to 4 month long-distance relationship thing. It gets boring quite fast.

I love technology, and am a bit of an autodidact. I spend quite a bit of my time researching or self-learning topics of interest: currently, it's been full-stack developing and social media marketing. I wouldn't mind meeting some people that code and meet up to discuss or people that meet up to eat pizza or whatever it is that's popular to eat there in Poland. 

I have a number of interests and love to get to know people from all over, so let me know if you are out that way and down to meet up when I get settled in.

That's probably about good for now. Look forward to getting to know you all.


Hello All,

My name is Ping and will be working in Warsaw for at least a year. I'm very new (2 weeks old in Warsaw) and really want to make friends over here.

I'm from Thailand, living here by myself and working for Swedish cosmetics company - Warsaw branch in Finance Department.

Hope to get to know you guys.

Ping :)

i have been in thailand also

This forum isn't very active, is it?

Hi everyone and welcome on board  :)

@ Jason, well this thread is only dedicated to the introduction of new members. You will find recent threads here :

In any case, if you need any info on your expatriation project, i suggest you create a new thread on the forum, even though if doesn't seem active, hopefully, someone will provide you some feedback.

All the very best,

Dear fellow expats,

My name is Matheus, I live in Brazil and I am moving to Kraków next month with my wife & little daughter.

I am an IT guy and I work with databases. We want to embrace Kraków as our new home, make new friends, build a snowman (fathers of girls will understand  ;) ) and have some Żubrówka!

hello :) if you need any help in Kraków just let me know - I live here.

Best, Natalia

I would like to get better with my English (with speaking).
I can teach spanish (or catalan if you prefer!)

If you are interested.

Send me a message!!

i am interested to learn spanish, please email me at ***

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***    manda me un email

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Hi Expats,

I am Prasannah, I moved here in January. Looking to extend my career a little long.

I work in Krakow.

Hello my name is Ramon,

Myself and my polish wife and our son would like to move to Poznan.

I have been working for 10 years in a printing house as a production manager and my wife is a estate agent.

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Hi, Jason
I am Diana, i will move to Poland in August, but i have not decided which city i would stay in, probably Cracow as i visited it in Feb, it is a really nice place.
I am from ShenZhen, China, i have a nice job here and have been working in the company for over 8 years.
Something happened and i want to move to Europe as a new start.
i am happy to know that you have been living in Taiwan for a long time, i love Tanwan too, i think it will be easier for us to talk about cultures of China :)
I hope a chance to meet you up for coffee in Cracow or Wrocław
It will be amazing to have some nice people from all over the world as friends in Poland.
All the best

Hello all,

I will be moving to lodz with my 2 year old baby and husband. Husband got a job in Poland. Really good job. I wanted to know how is lodz. Will I find playgroups for my little one. All I speak is English. So would like to know more pls help. Cheers

I am Federico, an Italian guy blogging about Warsaw (in English).

Nice to meet you all!

Hi all,

  I am Sudheesh Chandran,from India,planning to do my masters from WUT. Hope I can join coming semester, exited to be there !!

Hi! I don't really know if i'm at the good adress for that but...i think this site could be very helpful!
My name is Laurie, i'm 24 and i'm French. I'm going to Krakow from 14th june to 21st June 2017. It's my first solo trip and i'd like to share it with people there. I love History and Krakow is full of it, so i'll do my tourist job (hehe) but i also want to meet people from everywhere.

So exited!

Hello, everyone!

I'm in the final stages of signing a contract to work at a private language school here in Warsaw. I would arrive in Warsaw on August 23.

I'm a recent college graduate from Georgia, USA.  I'm 21 years old (I'll turn 22 soon after my arrival in Poland) and I'm a native to the US. I spent almost a month in Krakow last summer and fell in love with the rich history of Poland.

My degree is in International Affairs, Political Science, and TESOL; I focused my research on development and political economy. It's interesting to me how two countries can be similar in geographic location, economic output, and regime type, but due to small nuances turn out so different.

My university classes in TESOL were accompanied by an online pursuit of a TESOL/TEFL teaching certificate. Most of my work consisted of looking at differences in L1/L2 acquisition and effective techniques.

Now that I've effectively bored you all with academia: I also love trying new foods, the outdoors, coffee, and traveling. I'm also a huge fan of classic rock and reading fantasy novels. My favorite country that I've travel to (aside from Poland) would have to be Italy. I love cold weather, so I'm excited to have more than a fair share of that in Warsaw.

My Polish is sparse, consisting of only "dobranoc" and "na zdrowie," but now that I'm free for the summer, I'm devoting many hours to learning the language. My job also offers free Polish classes, so we will see how those go.

Feel free to message me as I'll be arriving in Warsaw not knowing anyone (aside from a friend in Ciepielowice). I'd love to meet up for coffee when I get settled!



Hi Britta,

I hope that you enjoy Warsaw.  Have found a place to stay yet?  I have heard that places are on the more expensive side of Poland and less affordable.  I will be transitioning about the same time as you with my fiance in a town near Warsaw called Gorzow, Wlkp. near the German boarder.  I have family from Georgia; specifically Savannah but haven't been back for quite some time.  I guess we could call you a "Georgia Peach"  although you will not look much different than anyone in Warsaw from the looks of your photo. They really won't know until you start speaking.  Good luck on transitioning to Poland and Welcome!

Yes, thank you! The language school is going to be providing me with accommodation. I went on FB to find people with the school listed as their workplace and private messaged them asking about the provided accommodations in case the owners were exaggerating about their quality. I know some people are way about combining accommodation and their job, but it's so much less stressful for me to let them handle it (especially so I don't have to worry about arranging utilities, too).

Savannah is a wonderful town! I've been there many times. I'm currently in Athens, GA which is a bit further north than Savannah is.

I might be moving from UK to Lodz over summer. My kids are a little older but maybe we could meet up. 2 newbies with kids who have not learned Polish Yet!

Hello, I'm really interested about teaching English in Poland but I don't know how ,I'm  Moroccon not native but fluent with lot of teaching experiences .if you could help me with that please .thnx in advance.

Hello Natalia,

I am new in Warsaw. Maybe you still can be of help!! :)

Kind regards,

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Hello everyone.. Im a filipina and been working in greece and  planning to move to Poland. Is there anyone  could help me to get  job. I' ve been working in a small resort villa hotel as managing the site. it will be nice if theres any suggestion.

Hi, I just came to Warsaw from Canada. I'm looking for work here and want to eventually relocate my family to Poland as well. In the meantime I was hoping to meet some English-speaking people in Warsaw. I am also fluent in Polish.

Janek here.
From Wrocław.
Can help you if you have any questions about my City.
Write pm.

Dzień dobry everyone, 

Hi my name is Rizza,

I've been living in Sosnowiec and would like to check if we have Filipino community near my area or in Katowice. 

I would appreciate if someone can give me information.

Best regards to you all :)

Hi everyone,
I'm a yoga instructor and after spending 6 mths in London I miss a lot teaching yoga in English - so if anyone misses yoga classes - I hope my message would reach them. :)

I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I moved to Canada when I was very young. I spent my childhood and most of my adolescence. I have been living and studying in Portugal since I turned 16. I have a degree in Sociology and a Master´s in HRM. Worked for the National Employment Services of Portugal for almost 20 years as a Vocational Guidance Counsellor. Now I set up my own international recruitment business which I am hoping to gow, expand and export.

Hi, all!

I've just moved to Gliwice to teach for at least a year.  I've heard it's difficult for Americans to make friends easily in Poland, so hopefully I can find some friends among the other expats living in nearby cities :)

I studied Political Science and International Studies in school, and I know mostly about East Asian and West African history, politics, and development.  I'm excited to learn more about Poland and other cultures, however!

I'd also be interested in any meetups or tips centered around filipino food/culture in Poland, as my boyfriend will eventually be joining me here (and is from the Philippines).

Nice to meet you! :)

Hi. I've just moved from Perth, Western Australia to Bielsko Biala. Am currently a native speaker looking for friends!! I like the simple things in life coffee, walks and talks and dogs...of course dogs :)

If you are ever in the south of Poland and wish to catch up...let me know :)

Peace everyone


Hi everyone !
I am a student from Ukraine and now  I am in Warsaw ) Nice to meet all of you. Really want to find some friends here. I can speak English, Russian, Ukrainian and Vietnamese, so just text me :))


I am Omar from Egypt, I plan to move to Warsaw by the next two weeks, Actually, I'm going to study Engineering at Warsaw University of Technology, hope to meet a lot of colleagues here to start this new journey together :)

Hi Janek,
Just saw your post on the forum.  I am from Pakistan and need some information on setting up a business in your country. 

Kindly let me know about the people and the food they like to eat? I am asking this as I intend to setup a Continental kind of a restaurant business there.

I'll look forward to your reply.

Best of regards,

I'm already in poland.I'm from nepal.I'm trying to find job but cannot got.please help me to find job

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