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Give me your fb acct. and i will add you. Thanks

Hi take my FB: Van hercol*** and my whatsapp number ***, i want to have more information about norway thank you

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Hi all,

I'm from Bosnia and I tend to move to Norway as a PhD researcher. I need someone to advise me on every issue regarding how to get my PhD in any Norwegian university or institute.


Im martial TCHOUAPE from cameroon, 31 years old.I would like to take a master degree in Industrial Engineering in norway. So I'm looking for people who can tell me about norway. I want to know everything.

Hi Everyone,

I go by Ganesh.  I am Singaporean lawyer and on the way to Oslo to study at UiO.
I'd love if someone could point out where to get cheap groceries (exciting life, I know). 
I also recently got a drone (in anticipation), so I am looking forward to plenty of trekking in Norway. 
Lastly, if anyone is thinking going up to Lofoten, I would love to go surfing north of the Arctic circle.


My name is Suleyman Abdi,age 31 years old. I am a Norwegian citizen from Bergen county in Norway and originally born in Gedo,Somalia but currently relocated to Nairobi,Kenya  and married to Kenyan lady with two children.

Hi everyone :)
My name is Becca and my partner and I are considering moving to the Bergen area within around 2 years. We have 3 children between us, age 8,7 and 1. He is a carpenter/joiner by trade and I am currently at college here in the UK studying my level 3 city and guilds Barbering.
His mum lives in Norway, in Manger, Radøy and his brother and sister live within the surrounding areas, Fonnes and Bergen city centre.
We are looking for somewhere nearby to his family.
We frequently trawl through and have found some wonderful properties to rent, they won't be available when we are ready but it's nice to window shop :-)
We have started to learn norwegian a bit more in depth, as it's obviously a good thing to be able to speak the language, and we are really excited to get there and start the process of becoming Norwegian Residents!
Thanks in advance for help and advice, and I look forward to possibly making new friends too :)

Hi, my name's Kim and I moved to Sande in Møre og Romsdal, Norway in July 2016. I live with my Norwegian partner and we have a three and a half month old baby.

I'm originally from Scotland so speak fluent English, and I am currently learning Norwegian bøkmål.

I don't know many people here so am interested in meeting some expats in my local area. My hobbies are quite limited with a baby but I enjoy long walks and chatting over coffee and cake!

Hi All,

I am Rajnish from India and planning to move to Bergen by end of Oct on dependent visa, as my wife has Norway Work Permit. Currently, i am working as an IT project manager and have total exp of more than 15 years. In Bergen, i would try to find out a similar job. However, i am not sure how easy and difficult it would be for a person on dependent visa. I hope it should not be impossible :)
If someone can guide me on this, that would be really helpful.
Also, what are the options to earn/study for a person on dependent visa?


Hei hei!!

I'm Irene from Toronto - Canada. I took an epic trip down to the Antarctic last year and fell in love with it, decided I had to experience the Arctic as well, went on a trip to Svalbard via Hurtigruten frrom Tromso and now I'm hooked! I love Norway, its people are nice, and the landscape is even better. I decided to make a change in my career and become an expedition member on cruises going to the Arctic and Antarctic. I think with some time and perseverance I will get it :) If you guys have any other recommendations like English guiding in the Tromso area or even Longyearbyen please let me know!

Lots of love,

hello my name is peter,am from nigeria while my wife is from poland,and we are new in stavanger we try to meet good people who can show us a way to find job and even a place to the moment where still living in hostel,and i wishe to meet some nigerian people here.thanks

Hello there,
My name is Ashker Ali Khan,  I live in India. I'm new here,  want to know about the student visa process for Norway. Hope somebody will be able to offer a help. If someone know the procedure or what to do, kindly help me out. Thanks in advance.

My name's andre and i live in Bergen. Actually i'm not working and i'm waiting for burocracy... so i have a lots of time and i like doing sport around Bergen.

A bit late to this forum. Nonetheless, my name is Douglas and I will be moving to Haugesund this September to live with my girlfriend. Yet to find work but hopefully wont take too long. Just hoping to find some friends in similar situations.

Hi everyone,

I'm new in Stavanger and looking for friendly,communicative, active people who wants to grab a cup of coffee or a drink. I'm Lithuanian, 25 years old. Looking forward to hearing from you.

If you really have a great job and a solid salary than stay home! Dont make your dream come a nightmare!  :)

I am a social media strategist at a [link moderated].

Hi! Sounds cool that you're deciding move (or have already) to Oslo. Would love to chat more?(:


Just moved from London here!

See you around!
Ha det!

Hvordangår det med Deg
Yeah.. Let's see ;)

I can definitely relate I moved here for my boyfriend also but to Oslo. Hopefully you get comfortable living there it's a really nice country. Can be a little disorienting for brits but hope you find a friend circle asap! Lol lykke til!


This is Vivek from India. I will soon be relocating to Oslo after few years gap. Looking forward to make new friends and exchange information.


Hi my name is Grace from the Philippines and i live now in Sørumsand. I move here last June 2017. My fiancé and I is waiting for our fiancee's visa which we applied last Sept. 12, 2017. I hope we will have an answer soon so that we can plan for our wedding. Have a good night and god bless all.😃

Hello, I'm Vanessa I'm new on this forum. I live in the netherlands but I'm French. I am very interested by Norway. I went 4 weeks this Summer drove to Lofoten with my son and my Toyota yaris and I loved it.
I am considering moving there in the next years. I will have some questions of course and in the meantime I'm going back in october...
Have a great day !

Hey, Im Beth.

Just moved to Fredrikstad with my Norwegian boyfriend after meeting 3 years ago at uni in England :)   
Would be great to find some people on here.

Hi all

I moved to Elverum just over a week ago now, its very different to London where I came from! I moved here to be with my Norwegian boyfriend after 2 years of dating long distance. Feeling a little out of place so far, looking for a local norwegian class to attend is my first step. It will take me a while to learn the language so I can find work, I working as a nanny in London so my job does not transfer over here unfortunately. If anyone has any tips on meeting people, and working to finding a job it would be greatly appreciated.

Hello, I am Johan from Holland, living in Norway since 2004. We started our own company in import and distribution of electric and electronic components from well-known production companies in Germany. Now we are retiring and move to south-Europe. The last 13 years were very good years in Norway, living in the nature near the Swedish border. The first 3 years we rent a house; in 2007 we bought a house and have totally renovated it. In 2013 we have build a new company building, all well isolated and high standard. Now we are searching for a new challenge in south-Europe.
We are looking for enthusiastic people to take over all what we build up in these 13 years and continue it successfully. Do not hesitate to take contact with us.

Hi Johan,

Welcome to

You may drop a detailled advert under the Business for sale in Norway section of the website.



Hello Guys,

At present I have just finished my work. As far I can remember I have always dreamed of living and working in Norway. Therefore I decided to quit my job, change my life and follow my dream.

By hiring me you can be sure that everything will be done on time and with utmost precision. I am very methodical and accurate, what was needed in my previous positionsIn my previous job I was responsible. I am very strong and sporty and I am comfortable having a role that is physically demanding. On a personal level I have no problem working independently in the absence of supervision.

I am looking for a job where Norwegian is not absolutely necessary ( I am in the middle of Norwegian Course). I speak Polish (C2,Native), English (B2+/C1, FCE Certificate), and Norwegian (A2/B1)

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future if you are able to offer me something.


Marcin Spyrka

Hi im jeremy from philippines graduate of electrical installation and maintenance.. Is there someone out there to help me to get a job in norway? Any job will appreciated.

I'm 31 y.o. American living in Thailand and applying for Graduate School in NTNU and UiT. I was greatly encouraged by the straightforward process and everything I've read about life in Norway.
Although I've spent the last decade working in several different countries, I've never lived in Europe. I don't even know the typical food or anything.

I do hope I get the chance to live in Trondheim or Tromsø. Both seem like very nice and unique places. I want to make a good impression and be a good addition to my new overseas community.

You folks all seem nice, too.

Hello everyone.

I'm Fiona.  I have been married to a Norwegian gentleman for 6 years now.  Visit Norway each year but now we have decided to leave South Africa and spend summers in Bergen and the rest of the year in our new house in Spain.  I'd really like to meet other like minded individuals and share experiences.  Very nervous but hopeful!

Just moved to Jessheim from the US- am looking for a pet friendly apartment near Oslo. And a job :)

Hei everyone!

I'm Tata from Indonesia. I will be visiting Norway this February and it's very exciting! I have plans to relocate in Norway once I graduate (around 2018 or 2019 I think). Tips on how to find work, meet new people, and find a nice place to live are all very appreciated!


I am an Indian and my Indian fiance works in Norway. I am  currently waiting for my fiancee visa application result so i can move down to Norway with him. Can anyone tell how long will i have to wait , specifically how long it takes for fiancee visa permit for Indians? I applied on 27th Nov 17.

Any similar update will help me to plan my move. Thanks

Hi Rajnish

Iam also from India. May i know what time it took for you to get your visa after applying ? I am in similar situation waiting for my visa to come only difference is mine is Fiancee

Hello !

I’m Nika, a teacher from Poland. I moved to Norway this year. Tips on how to find work and meet new people are all very appreciated!

Hello, I am Vexter, an American from NYC. I am a co-owner of a media production company, and work mostly with clients as their creative guide or rather director for well known brands, as well as introducing new products [from AmEx, F&B like Stoli Vodka, Tech (Microsoft, IBM), to fashion (Revlon, Tom Ford, Gucci) to fabrics & textile manufacturing] - to the markets. The process involves A2Z guidance. Lately, I have been feeling the “burn!” of over working & fried brain cells. I need to recharge! I want a completely new environment to replenish my brain cells and I have been looking at short-term exploration of 3 countries that meet my interests listed in my profile - Norway, Finland & Iceland. I am a cold weather, nature loving guy - hence the decision to explore/live & learn in those countries. So here I am, starting out by focusing on Norway. I currently have no specific game plan. I don’t want to work with familiar mega corporations, so I am going to try and be a creative consultant for startups (textile, fabrics & fashion)  based out of Norway, while writing a book, photographing local culture & landscape, learning Norwegian. If anyone has any suggestions, ideas, collaborations, questions etc. for me, please feel free to contact me. All my best, and a happy 2018 - Vex

Hi my name is cipta, I come from bali and now I am study tourism for my bachelor. I have plan move to norway after graduate and get some linear job with my study. I am passionate in business fashion, food , aviation , and event duty. If anyone here can help to show what should I prepare and what should I do it will be really nice to talk with :) thankyou all the best for us


I am a veterinarian as well and I am moving in March to Hamar to work there as a lab engineer and veterinarian in a company called Geno. Do you have any tips to work as a vet in Norway? My main focus is on cattle. Thanks a lot!

best wishes,


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