New members of the Norway forum, introduce yourself here – 2017

Hi all,

Newbie on the Norway forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Norway if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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Hi everyone, finally joining the bandwagon! I am a Filipina, RN who had been working in the offshore industry for the past 4 years, my company has a manning office in Makati and our main office is here in Norway which basically allowed me to travel back and forth PH-NO all the time via my Schengen Visa. My fiancé is Norwegian. I am currently learning norsk- bokmål. I have been to a few places here to name a few like Haugesund, Ålesund, Ulsteinvik, Drammen, Moss, Oslo, Skien, can't remember the other places but overall I must say that I really fell in love with this beautiful country. I discovered this site just recently while I was anxiously seeking answers and procedure for pretty much the same situation like me who wants to get settled here in Norway. It helps a lot to learn and read from the forum here and I'm excited to share my journey soon.

All the best!



I'm Hera, I'm 25 years old, French and planning to move to norway in a few years. I haven't picked a city yet but I'll probably be moving to one of the major cities at first.

I am fluent in French (duh), English and currently learning Norwegian Bokmal.
I work for the state in different fields (administration, warehouse and material logistics, driver, etc...)

I visited Norway during summer last year and been in a few cities like Oslo, Bergen, Lillehammer, Stavanger and a few small places. Must say that I've loved it.

I'm definitely up to chatting about Norway in general or France if you are interested by moving in.

Ha det bra!

hello pam.Just got married and in the process of getting my stay papers by family migration and i really would like some heads up on anything any of you would like to point out to make it alittle easier.

God dag!

My name is Miguel, i´m a Spaniard living actually in Norway since September 2016, in the North of Norway in mountain lodges as maintenance, guide...a lot of tasks! Im moving to OSLO in the 15th of February, try to finde a job there and a place to stay, any help would be great! I choose Norway because of the nature, and study Viking history period. I wish you best of lucks Expats!

Hi everyone that have choosen my country as Your future by now.. I am a genuine Norwegian guy, that want to contribute and to share my knowlegde abt my country and city of oslo.. If there is something i can do to help in any or some way, i will be happy to do..  Peacendlove..... Tivo

And by the way, i am not New in here, but still my first introduction :)

Hi out there i am 23 years, I'm looking for friends from Oslo and the surrounding area around nesøya sandvika. someone with whom i can talk to have a cup of coffee to spend nice time for shopping or just eat something. I moved recently from Ghana and hoping to meet new people to associate myself with. i am on a visit and will soon be going to Ghana in April 15. i am very easy going person. i am a national tennis player from my country . i have a high level of playing tennis and a high level of teaching tennis.  for now i have a very flexible time and a distance my house is a new tennis club open in Nesøya - i will be available to give out tennis lesson or play with anyone who wants to . i will be happy if i get a little job to do for the time being since i will be going back in April.. i will be happy to meet new people in my life.
you are welcome.


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Hi, I come from Croatia and my story is little different than the most of them. I have a great job, with solid salary and I´m happy at home. But I would like to do more with my life. With my experience I think I could do it. This way I hope too meet someone who can help me with a good advice, what should I do to make my dream come true. To come to live in Norway.

Hi Tivo, you sound very friendly :) I´m from Croatia. Do you know anybody from there?

Hi Jasmina.  Yes,i am happy to say that i do actually know people from the most of this world, now also you 😊And if i dont remember wrong,i have some kroatian people i know here in oslo....  Feel free to mail me,if there is some thing or issues you have on your mind or your heart,and i will do my best to update and uplighten you... Peacendlove from Oslo

Hi Everyone, Im Brie from Philippines. I have a Norwegian fiance and we're planning to get wed in Norway some time in the summer. Ive been to a few cities in Norway in the last 3 years. Im basically here to ask a few questions about visa application. Anybody from the Philippines here who'd be willing to answer my questions? :)

Hello all, I am going to move to Oslo in May with my three children (10,13,16). I'll be working as a vet and studying. It would be great to meet people in similar situation and to make friends. I enjoy the nature and having deep conversations among many other things.  We have two dogs and a pony. Any children/teens interested in horses/dogs? Also, I would love to hear about schools, hobbies etc. but most of all just to meet open, warm-hearted people to share thoughts and the everyday life with. ☺

Hello: As a second time expat to Norway (I lived in Oslo in the 90s leading Tandberg, now a Cisco company international business expansion), I am back for work.. I lead a global management consulting firm specializing in commercial and digitalization strategies and we have lots of opportunities in Europe. My base is Oslo with travel across Europe but I would really like to connect with a community of friends and like-minded people in Oslo.  I look forward to getting to know people here.Thanks Jennifer

Hello everybody,
I am a french student in mechanical engineering an since I finish my studies this year I want to move to norway to work there for a while. I never been to norway but its definitly a country I am fond of.
I dont know in what place to settle right now but ill go in big cities at first.
I would like to meet people and to make friends, I Will move by myself so I need some advices about the procedures and stuff.
I did a similar travel to Brasil last year for 3 months I would be glad to share my experience ! Loulou

Hi everyone,

I've just joined, looking to move to Bergen in the NY with my Norwegian partner. I look forward to get to know new people on here in the similar situation.
I'm looking to work in the hospitality industry as this is my main field of work. If anybody knows of any companies hiring English speaking staff could you please let me know,  would be so grateful.
I hope you are all having a great day.

Kim :)

Hei :D
I'm a Computer engineering student graduating this summer . I'm planning on moving to Norway to study or work or both .
I've never been to Norway but I have to say it seems like a very beautiful country  with beautiful people . Very peaceful and down to earth .
I'm learning Norwegian bokmal and I speak English, French, Some rusty German, some Korean and a little Japanese .
I wouls like to make friends before I move since I'll be going alone .
Not exaclty sure where I'll settle . Depends on the  Studies or the job but hoping Oslo. Heard it's pretty expensive .
if you have any questions or advice please contact me !

I Am Sajjad want to move Norway.i Am citizen of Spain and living in Barcelona.i want to move Oslo and please Guide me and How can i find work in Oslo but if anyone want to need Information about Barcelona Spain Then contact me my email xxx

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Hi everyone and welcome on board  :)

@ Sajhad, you should start by reading the articles in the Living in Norway guide. Then, create new threads on the forum if you have any question.

All the best,


I'm Pinar, I'm from Turkey, and I've wanted to move to Norway for a while. The visa options seem a bit tricky because I'm a freelance writer (although I have an ESL teaching certificate from Cambridge).
I wouldn't mind mixing writing and teaching English to make a living, but Norway seems to want you
to come with quite a bit of money in your account before you arrive. 

If any non-EU citizens came on a freelance-related visa, especially if they are writers, I'd love any and all advice. Thanks!

(My Norway background: 2 semesters as an Erasmus student in Halden in 2005-2006, and multiple tourist visits on tourist visas since then.)

Originally, I wanted to make this post in Oslo group, but realized lately that its for the newest members. Sorry if I bothered you.

Peace :)!


Hei Everyone! 😊 My name is Jen, I'm 32 and I'm from the United States. I have been trying to move to Norway for two years. Been having issues with many law changes and living in a lower income area in the mid west. My fiancé is Norwegian and lives in Stavanger. We have been together for a little over three years now but friends for so much longer ❤ We were originally going to stay in my country but had some unforeseen issues with his health so plans have changed. If anyone has advice on how to make my transition easier to his country I would love to know. Our end goal is Bergen. My current company I work for here has given me the green light for transfer. I just have to get there on a visa 😁

I would advice getting married  cos finacé visas are now really thoroughly  scrutinized  by the Norwegian  government

Alternatively you can try conning with  a work visa witch will elevate the pressure of a hasty marriage

I wish I could do a work visa. The company I work for offered a transfer if I can get in the country legally. They will not sign any documentation for me to move. However we can get married in my state in the US. Minimal effort and very cheap. I have thought about a reunification visa. It's not the wedding I want and I prefer not to have to con anyone. We have been friends for almost ten years with proof so I'm not worried about the scrutiny as much as the fact I now have to apply outside of the country. I told him we should have done all this before they changed the law back in 2015 but he still had cold feet. Now that he has decided he wants to go through with everything and that he is tired of playing a game of tag around the globe all the laws changed. Lol

If you do choose to get married and it's not the wedding that you wanted. You can always have a 2nd one at a later date. In that I mean a blessing?

Hi everyone, I'm eve and I'm now in Norway, I just received an answer yesterday about my family reunification and It was granted, I'm so happy 😃,Goodluck everyone

Hi Oveva,happy to hear that your visa is granted,did you guys had a interview,if you do ,can you tell us how long did it take the result after interview,thank you

Hi thank you, no we didn't have an interview on family uni,but we did on my fiance application, and it took us about 2 months after the interview

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Hi Congrats your lucky.. .. i was applied family reunitification last October end 2016. At vfs CEBU. The Embassy email by April that my application forwarded to UDI. Then 25 my husband got interviewed the politi.. after 3 days  i got mail that the politi returned already my app to UDI.  May 2 i got mail from UDI state that my application is still waiting for processed. Until now no result yet.. its already 7months of waiting.

Thank you Kityym123,  don't worry I think you'll get your results soon. When I applied for fiancee visa it took 11months. Yes I waited too long too,but now it's Ok,Goodluck.

Thank you...🙂

Hello everyone/Hallo alle sammen
Hi I'm new here in this forum. I also applied a fiancée visa in Norway last March 16th 2017 they said they will changed the case of processing time up to date,that means every month changes. I was a bit worried coz till now i haven't received any results yet hence VFS Cebu told me that it will take 1-3mos. I don't know if it will come or not? Hello kitty from where are u in Cebu? Maybe we can communicate sometimes if that's ok. Which place in Norway do U live? I'm in Rogaland☺️😊

Hi Daggilyn9 , Im from Lapu-Lapu Cebu.  In Norway Dale . I was applied last October end 2016 but untill now im stil waiting for my family reunitification.  Thank you and good luck god's well and god bless😊

Oh ok I'm from south (Balamban) I thought it's fiancée visa. But anyway don't worry I have some friends who had ur situations too before. So they've told me that fam reunification was taken too long maximum 9-11 months than fiancée visa it was 3-6 months because of some up to date changes of UDI I haven't got any replies from the visa but emails every month of 2nd week prior to the applications that I had submitted they were up to date. But hoping for your luck. Let me know if u got ur visa soon😊Maybe next month. Have faith😇🤗

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Yeah sure i will update here if i got my residence permit. Hopefully it will be soon. .. thank you and  good luck.. hope you get your result soon too.😊

Yes kitty thank you🤗 Nice to met you. Were hoping for the good result. And for sim city it's not ur business if we're talking here. It's not out of topic it's acquaintances. Sorry but u are so rude!!😏🙂✌🏻

Kitty can u give me ur fb? We can talk on messenger sometimes. If that would be okay? Thank you😘

Daggilyn9 :

Yes kitty thank you🤗 Nice to met you. Were hoping for the good result. And for sim city it's not ur business if we're talking here. It's not out of topic it's acquaintances. Sorry but u are so rude!!😏🙂✌🏻

I am not being rude, I am saying make another post or take it to PM's. This post is not for you to have a chit chat!

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