New members of the Mozambique forum, introduce yourself here – 2017

Hi all,

Newbie on the Mozambique forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Mozambique if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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I am sarfaraz mallick, i am working in mozambique nacala from last 3 year worked as a finance controller . But now  i am looking job in maputo .

Hi dear Members of the Mozambique Forum,

Mi name is Camila. I am moving soon to Maputo. I've visited Mozambique several times before since 2014.
I've been reading some of the threads on the forum to help me for the moving.

Thanks in advance. I hope to see you when living in Maputo.



I'm Marise, I moved to Maputo in July as my husband works here. So far I am loving the place but still getting used to it!

Hi my name is darshana manchu. N I'm housewife. I live in maputo from last 14years.I'm Commarce graduate in india. N I finished 5 nivel English course in international English school in maputo. I 'm looking 4 part time job in maputo.


I have been living in Mozambique for the past five months now. Here on a short assignment for nine months (making it 4 more to go). Have been enjoying my stay but the language is a barrier at times as I don't speak or understand Portuguese. Though trying to learn now.

I love meeting people over coffee and have interesting conversations about life, culture, travel etc and always looking forward to making new friends.


Hi my name is Adriano Alberto Mucavele ,i am working in mozambique Maputo from last 12 year worked as a Internal Sales Manager for  DAWN Africa Group . But now  i am looking for  job.

Hi I'm commarce graduate in india n I finished 5 nivel English course in international English school in maputo. I don't have any experience in school teaching but i gave tuition classes in india .I love 2 tech maths.I'm looking for job as a teacher in maputo.

Aloha ;-)

The name is Paddington. Im currently in Zimbabwe, Harare and have been muting a move to Maputo as i see a lot of future potential in Mozambique. So upon coming across this website it was a no brainer if i should join and im glad i did. So to those who can assist i would appreciate any help with getting a place (room) to rent in a neighbourhood thats safe starting beginning of May. Also anyone with knowledge on how to find a job in the travel and tourism (especially travel agencies)industry i would appreciate that help too. P.S Im a single guy

Kind regards


Hi members of Mozambique forum I'm Joanna. I'm currently  searching for employment as a primary school teacher in Mozambique. I've the future in Mozambique, those who can kindly assist please feel free to inform me on new developments,

Hi everyone

I am currently a 3rd year Political science student at the University of Johannesburg, I am hoping to find a job and relocate in Mozambique next year as this is my last year. I am half Mozambican. I would love to make new friends, meet my future boss through oh and a mentor.


Hello. I am an entrepreneur in the travel industry and interested in building networks with individuals who like traveling and making lasting family, friendship, all types of  memories one can create for oneself. I am based in Zimbabwe and I reach out to business people and individuals alike.

My Name is carl brewster looking for a job in mozambique, in past i have visited this country and really loved this place and people

Tah.M from Zimbabwe in the Quality Assurance industry (ISO Mgt Systems)...looking for employment opportunities.

Hello. My name is Memory. i have been staying in Chicuque, Inhambane for almost 7months now. im a missionary with the United Methodist Church. I have about a year left in service here!

Private rehabilitation services.
Hello i recently moved to tete, with my husband. I am an experienced physiotherapist am new to the area. Anyone with an idea on job opportunities for occupational therapist and physiontherapist. Also volunteer organisations. Also can work in a special needs school. Contact me

Hwllo, are you already in mozambique? Have you already gt a job? If not text me on pvt

Hi Joanna,

I saw your post on the newbie Mozambique forum.  Did you find work as a primary school teacher in Mozambique?


Hi my name is Godinho Moiane .
i was born and live in Mozambique
i would like to create network with young entrepeneus or business ppl .
i own a small IT company and now considering to jump over to other industries.
making friends as well....


Hi everyone,
Im Simon, currently doing an internship in Lisbon, Portugal, and coming to Maputo for one of my company's projects. Ill move in October and stay for 2 months.
It would be great to get in touch with a few people before my arrival, to get some local advice (especially on housing) and meet up once Im there.
Im also looking for people in street art and social entrepreneurship in Maputo.
Regards from Lisbon! Simon

Iam zimbabwean  looking for job in mozambique . I am qualified fitter and turner who is planning to planing to move to Mozambique as soon as I get an offer for job

im a qualified primary teacher looking for a job in Mozambique


im Marty from Zimbabwe and stay in Beira. looking for a better job now that i have finished my degree

am sam from mueda mozambique but for now am in tanzania
i need more friends whatsapp me on ***
if anyone can help me to get work in mozambique its will be better
i can make international cocktails, i can wowk as barman or waiter also

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I would like to open a company in  Mozambique to do excursions like quad biking and fishing,.

How long would this take and who can i contact to assist.

Any help will be appreciated.


You're going to deal with what in your company?

Hi Ryno

I'm Lize and also on the forum you can talk to me I have been here for 20 years

lets see what u want to do and where .....

have a blessed day

Hi guys
My name is Fradreck Evans Nyamutumbu. I have been working at a remote mine site in Marroppino, Zambezia province for a short term cpntract of six months from May  2017 to December 2017.l have vast experience with different qualifications in Health, Safety and Environment including lndustrial hygiene. I am currently looking for a job. I  look forward to relocate again to Mozambique as soon as an opportunity knocks on my door. As for for portuguese language, l now have the basics of someone still learning.

Hi Liz
I am happy to be on board with people with such long years in Mozambique like you.
I am willing to receive any form of assistance as far as securing a job is concerned.
Good day
Fradreck Evans (Zim)

Hi everyone.  We are considering moving from South Africa to Mozambique.  I am looking for a position in the I.T. industry.

Hi all
My name is Sandra Mutasa.  Am Zimbabwean.  I am interested in working in Mozambique. I am into IT, do you think I could get any opportunities there?  Are there any recommended employment agencies.


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