New members of the Morocco forum, introduce yourself here – 2017

Welcome to Morocco and all the best.

Thank you sister

Hello everyone,

My name is Mariana. I went to Morocco for a 3 weeks vacation last September. I loved it there!
I am Mexican but I have been living in Canada for 2 years now and going to Morocco felt kind of like going home. The people is so warm and willing to help you and welcome you.
Now I am thinking of moving to Morocco sometime next year. I know it is not going to be easy in the sense of getting a rather good job that pays of the essentials but hopefully something will work out.
So any advices or tips on jobs/places to live in are welcome and appreciated! I am thinking to live either in Rabat or Tangier.
Nice to meet you all!


Hello to All:
My name is Elizabeth.  I currently live in the United States, but hope to soon live in Morocco.  I have a vision of helping others in any way that I can with self help.  My dream, if God should say the same, is to establish some form of business to provide jobs for the local people of Tangier.

I had an opportunity to visit Tangier on a tour and fell in love with its beauty.  This experience motivated me to return to the states to do research and prepare myself for a life changing event.

I hope to be embraced by this country as much as I loved it when I first saw it. 


You are welcome in Morocco

Hello and thank. you very much for for welcoming me.

I would love to hekp you too
Even If I'm not a citizen of Tangier

Thank you very much Brahim for your desire to help.  When the time comes, I will look for you.

God Bless You

Hi all I'm faiza from London  and also thinking to move to Morocco

Welcome too, in which city?

Enurse789 it's okay
And welcome to Morocco

that is a dream worth fighting for and it's a noble one too, please feel free to reach out to me if there i can be of assistance to you.

Welcome all of you in Morocco, and in Rabat especially. If you need any help or assistance relocating here in Rabat, don't hesitate to reach out to me. I can make moving in a smooth process, especially apartments hunt, knowing how hassling it is myself.
A pleasure to be of help to you.


Salam All,
I am a British woman from London.. I work in health and social care but looking for a better work life balance in a warmer climate. I have visited Morocco many times and love the culture and simplicity of country living.

I plan to come for about 6 months to spend more time learning about the culture, it's people, religion and system in general. My Long term plan would be to live in the countryside and work part time whilst being as self sufficient as possible.

I would like to meet others who are either in Morocco or who are in the process of doing this..... Any help would be much appreciated!!

Many Thanks Gabby

salam idris from agadir morocco 37 yeas old nice to meet new friends

Hi All,
I'm Yuni, I came from Indonesia
I have office administration  and finance background. I only speak in English.

Hopefully to have many information, experience and tips

At the moment, I'm interested into all the practicalities about the residence card and finding a job or free language course 😁

All the best..

Am a senior, semi-retired, multi-culturalist in Tangier to understand better why Americans don't know that Morocco was the first country to recognize is 200+ years ago and whether there was pre-Columban contact between Africa and the Americas. I speak French and Persian (Peace Corps Iran 1969-71). Am in Tangier and seek short-term residence through March 2018.

i am Egyptian
i want move to morocco and want marry from there
i am automotive engineer
i dont speak french only Arabic and English :-)

Hi, if you need any help in Rabat, I'm ready


Salaam hello I am Nasser from Manchester, England of Pakistani origin. I have an apartment in Cabo Negro, Tetoan north Morocco. I have been coming to Cabo for over 10 years and over  the last 2 years have spent 6 months at what I now consider my real home. I play a lot of golf and have been to just about every city in Morocco and regularly am in Marrakech , El Jadida,  Rabat , Fez and would love to meet and make new friends wherever you may be.

I am currently looking for employment or business partnerships with a view to permanent residency I hope.

Please for anyone who wants help with English and helping me with Arabic or French as I need to be able to communicate with everyone.

I have nothing but praise for Morocco and Morroccan people who I have found to be extremely helpful generous and will go out of their way to help you.

Hope to hear back from you guys soon.


I am visiting Marrakech on the 15th of December 2017 and need help with a  business that I amlaunching in Marrakech and the rest of Morocco especially in the big cities,

I have done all my knowledge of Morroco just need some information regarding a few business tips in Morroco.

look forward in meeting people in Marrakech on the 15th December

yes no problem I live in Birmingham and visiting morocco on the 15th December and looking for country and city managers to manage the whole of morocco for me.

Hi, my name is azz-eddine. I am always looking for people to work in Casablanca. I need people who can speak english and a second language like Finnish, portuguese, russian, turkish, german etc etc
So if you are interested, send me a message, Thank you


I am lokking for people who can speak spanish, contact me. It is about work in Casablanca, good salary

Hello.... Am Shareena from Mauritius, Currently living in Casa for 1year 7years now. Am 25 i speak english french hindi urdu and my mother tongue Creole. If ever you are looking for someone to work. You can contact me. Thanks in advance.

Salam and thank you so much.

Hi all, nice to meet you.
Im thinking about moving to Rabat. I ve read really good things about living in morocco related with activities to do, cultural heritage, educationo, etc.
I was wondering how is life for a single women That is travelling there: are there places to met people and have drinks? Is it possible to interact with Men or they dont speak to you?
Thanks a lot.

Hello I am here in Rabat.You can contact me for any help and companionship

Hi everyone im Ahmed from casablanca  , nice meeting you all
please feel free to contact me for any kind of help i can do

How about living in Marrakech Mme Elizabeth

How about living in Marrakech instead of Tangier, sort of recommendations Mme Elizabeth.  Regards

Hi there
Just registered here, saw your post
Would be great to meet during your next visit
I am from Marrakech. 
And i càn help.

Good evening Mr.Nasser

Great pleasure to assist you brother.

Feel free to contact me when you come to Marrakech. You almost welcome.



I would like to introduce myself, my name is Katherine. I am in a relationship with a Moroccan man for almost 4 years. We have applied for a K1 Visa, if that is denied, I will be moving to Again. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I'm Ameerati, and I am American, currently living in America and I am in the knowing stage of knowing a fellow Moroccan that is currently living in Saudi Arabia.

I have been to Morocco before and loved the country. I have decided that if things do not work out with my fellow Moroccan, I would still like to relocate there within the five years and continue to live there full-time.

I would like to meet new people all the time insha'Allaah.



Peace and greeting fellow forum members.

I just got engaged to my Moroccan partner having traveled there 3 times in 2017. I was lucky to meet some great people and contacts.

I have decided to move over this year and will be exploring business and investment ideas. I have some areas I want to focus on.

My first venture will to bring home style Pakistan good to hungry tourist and visiting Moroccans.

I have a few more larger projects I will get working on. I like to collaborate with others so if interested message me and we can talk.


Hello everyone,

I am new in the group, I live in London at the moment, am a businesswoman looking forward to moving to Morocco and starting a business between London and Morocco. Any advice will be appreciated.



Hi all,

I am tunisian, am working in a Multinational Company in morocco

I used to live in France and now am in Casablanca

I am an engineer.

I joined on Today

I am looking for friends and interesting people in order to share activities and our job expériences

What kind of business you want to start?

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