New members of the Japan forum, introduce yourself here – 2017

Shame for me !!! that you are a nurse working in Yokohama as an alt .. If you were married to me you'd be working as a nurse in Ireland and getting a triple salary

Hello hojo.
My name is Juan Carlos lobato and I just arrived to Tokyo 3 days ago.
I'm currently stay in a hotel and I'm having a bad situation with my debit card.
I saw you have a cafe in nishishinjuku
I'm sorry for asking but I'm looking for a job most like in a coffee industry. Such I'm a barista experience in nyc for more than 6 years.
I would love to speak with you for job information at your cafe.
I would love to hear from you soon and have a wonderful day

Sincerely yours: Juan Carlos lobato

Hi Andi! Thank you, I'll take it as a compliment.
Don't be sorry for me, I'm happy with my job then and now too. Though, I would say at first I had difficulty but now  I love and enjoy  working as an ALT and guess it's all that matters right?

Anyways, thank you for dropping a line. Have a lovely week ahead.

Hello Everyone. I live in Tokyo and work for an Events Company. I have been here around 4 months now and really just looking for social interaction and to meet new people.

As you can guess, I am always interested in Tokyo Events. Anything within the Arts :)

Nice to meet you all.


:cheers:  welcome to Fukuoka

I am Aaron and I come from Nebraska (though i was raised in Jacksonville Florida). I am 23 years old and am about to go to Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan to study Japanese and get a feel of what it means to be in Japan. I will be traveling there for about 3 months but if things go well (I don't want to commit to longer-term living in a place I cannot stand), I intend to return for 1-2 years for longer term study.

Anyway, that is the info from my profile....

I can't wait till I get to Japan.. However, I am rather nervous as well, since I don't know anybody out there. Hopefully, I can get to know people through this and meet people that can help me get through the little details of life in Sapporo.

Hello, I am Mitja, born in Moscow, raised in the US and Germany. Just closed another exciting start-up advantage and look for new endeavors.

Studied computer science and graphic design. For a while taught at university theory of branding. Founded an advertising agency and in 2013 moved to Moscow (after 25 years :)...) to work on a fin-tech start-up.
After looking at the globe decided to go to Japan, the new silicon valley. Berlin was also tempting, but maybe as a next project.

Now I am looking for exciting new partners and crazy ideas. Let's get in touch!

Hey this is Sharjeel Abid and I recently moved to Japan on Work Visa.

Hi, I'm Venus Arucan a new member here in, I live here in Fukuoka city minoshima ku Fukuoka city, I'm married and I want to find a partime job as a housekeeper or nanny... God bless...

Hi All,


I am new to web, so here I am just wondering to know what are the procedures to visit Japan, As i watch NHK Japan really its good. please anybody can advise?

Thank you.

Hello people !

I'm Chaimae, 18 years old from Morocco .
I have been accepted into a japanese university, but still struggling with the papers .
Anyways, I wish everything goes alright so that I could come next year, I am verry excited :D

Nice to meet you everyone!! And have a nice day  :)

Hi i'm Hana, Japanese-Filipina living in yokohama :)

Hello! nice to meet u! I'm Kimberly from Ecuador! Tell me how do u feel about living in Japan!?  :top:

@ KimberleyVinueza > Please feel free to create a new thread on the Japan forum and to ask your question. This thread is mainly kept for introduction of new members.

Thank you,

Priscilla team  :cheers:

Hi! I'm Vanessa and moved from America to Japan in July for an English teaching position. I live in a tiny town called Ono-machi in Fukushima Prefecture.
I'm always open to making friends, especially those interested in art and music.
Nice to meet you all!

Hi Grace,
My name is Debby and I am a former nurse. I may moving to Yamato which is near you. I am a newbie but I was in Asia this summer. I came on a medical mission to the Philippines from the US. I also visited Cambodia and Tokyo. I am a retired disabled army veteran. I will have many questions. I want to learn Japanese and I want to make friends. My bf is Japanese. I love to travel and sightsee and experience the cultures.
Greetings to all of you

Hello Everyone,

I'm L'Shawn. My passport country is the USA, and I am currently living in Nishinomiya, Hyogo near Osaka. I've been in Japan for almost ten years, and have only just begun to get to know the expat community.

I joined this forum so I could learn more about the expat community in Kansai, and to contribute to the community as well.

I have experience teaching in Japan. I currently work at a university here in Nishinomiya where I teach writing and intensive English, which includes all four language skills. I am happy to support anyone who has questions, or is just curious about teaching in Japan, as I also have had experience on the JET Program, and I have worked at a private language school as well.

If there is anyone who knows about events or places where I can go to meet more expats in Osaka, Kobe, or Kyoto, could you please let me know in a reply? I would really appreciate it.

Although I've been in Japan for some time, I'm new to the greater expat community and I'd like to change that. I hope you can help me, and I will do my best to be of service to you as well.



My name is Carl and I'm very much interested to know more about Japan, me and my friends are actually planning to travel to Japan by next year for some R and R and also know if I could migrate there for good given with a touch of personal experience.

Interestingly, my current job also needs me to hire for part-time online workers living in Japan so I am basically hitting two birds with one stone here. :)


I am Munib. I am from Pakistan. I am 2D Graphics Designer and Front End Designer. Living in Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka 7 months so far. Looking for Japanese Language partner. I speak Urdu and English.

Hello everyone and welcome to the forum  :)

@ Munib, feel free to drop an advert in the dedicated section of the website, you will get better chances of finding someone.

- Language exchange in Japan

All the best,

Thank you for your guidance and support

hello everyone im maribel looking for a job


Hi Julien and all members of the Japan forum!

My name is Mathilde, I am a French citizen currently living in France after 5 years in Thailand.
With my family (husband and 2 kids) we would love to come to Japan next year for a few months (3 to 4) and would like to stay in Kyoto where our Kids would go to the French school.
We are looking for a mid term rental but it's quite complicated to find websites that are in English and even to understand the whole system in Japan.

Thanks  :-)


I am from India, visiting Tokyo by this month end. Looking for someone who can partner with me to open an import office there. If someone interested, please reply with their email. With regards. Vinod

My husband and I are traveling for 5 years, essentially spending one month at any location. We started with a 5 month planned trek with friends, but have just begun this phase of one-month stays. After a week here in Sapporo, we've done the easy tourist things and are looking to dive a bit deeper. I'm looking for some local (ex-pat) knowledge on what may be available in terms of volunteering. For more about us:

Hi! my name is Elesia and am from Jamaica.  I am considering moving to Japan next year.

Isn't she too young?

Hi lalita and a newbie here...i hv been offered a teaching job in a little apprehensive  in accepting the offer because I'm confused with all the info in different sites...each one gives a different particularly interested in knowing the cost of living in tokyo and its suburbs. What would the approx monthly cost for leading a simple life with a little bit of travel thrown in?

Try the Meetup app. It’s a good start to networking with the right people around specific events/subject matters.

Hello everyone, my name is Paul J Wood, Paul for short !
I am currently moving to Japan for working and might start to develop my life here.
I am having a Japanese finance and we are thinking about marriage.

Hello everyone,

My name is Maria and I am originally from Texas.  Living in Australia for many years with my husband and 8month old son. We are currently in the process of moving to Osaka for work related reasons in the next few months. I am interested in finding a mum and bub (mommy and baby) support group, parent support groups, mommy friends in the Osaka area.

Kind regards,



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