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I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Licia, I'm 31, I'm Italian, I live in Lombardy and I'm on here to give advices to both current and future expats.
Hope you're having a great time here!

Hear you soon,

Hello Lucia good morning I hope your doing fine in italy,how is everything there?

hello everybody,
i am raaz and a businessman by profession in the field of aluminium alloys..very soon, i can see myself in italy but still there is some time to it..this is the first time, i am on and would love to be connected with like minded people to grow. you can contact me if you share the same interest.
on a personal front, i like music, going on long rides in rains, meeting new people..

Hii all!

I'm a from India. i was studying in Italy. i'm having having long term student Italian resident permit for 1 year and i was doing renewal every year.

I'm having a some doubts regarding permesso di soggiorno kindly please guide me.

1) Maximum how many months can i stay in India. If i stayed more than 6 months in a year in India will it effect my Italian resident permit.
2) I was thinking to come to Italy for every 5 months in order to attend my exams in Italian university. Is this possible?.

Thank you!
Shekar Polla

New here.
Do not know how things work.

Thank you For the reply!

hi everybody,
I will move to Ravenna in 3-4 months. Could you please inform me about choosing apartment in ravenna city, documentation of renting house and also other subjects as health system, some registrations about driving licence or etc..  :)
Best Wishes,

Hi. I have been living and working in dubai for quite a few years now. I will be moving to Italy as my company is relocating me for a few projects. I do not know Italian and it would be awesome to meet some English speaking people and make new friends! Il be moving to Milan in mid September and would love to have some company while I explore the city.

I will be happy to welcome you in milan

Hi. My name is Kelly. My husband and I have just moved to Milan and would love to meet up with other 20/30 somethings in the city.

We have both moved here for work but I am currently taking some time off to explore before I start.

Let me know if anyone is keen to chat and or meet up!

Hello Everyone, this is raaz here. I  had heard about the expat forum but I had not given it a try, I tried it for now and I am hopeful that I will be enjoying your company .
I live in india but wish to come in milan. I m a businessman, aluminum ingots manufacturer and want people from similar industry to connect to.
Apart from professional network, I would love to be contacted by you all for anything that u feel I can be of help.

Fell in love with a a beautiful Genovese girl, I'm here in Busalla, married on July 25th in the town of Savignone',, Been here since May, I am a disabled veteran from 1st Gulf war, this is my soul mate... I am half Italian "Sicilian & Terrone " "Matera". Would like to connect with X Pat's/ military retirees and look for family in both Sicily and Matera... Need help in guiding through the difficult policy's here,. Most my wife's family lives in the town I live in North of Seattle ... Any info... Friendship and guidance a plus... Areviderci.

New here!  Trying to make my dream of moving to Italy a reality!

Hi everyone
Carol here. Irish but just relocated to Italy from England. Temporarily in Milan until we find a place to rent in Cremona. My partner is Italian but hasn't lived in Italy for a number of years. I was hoping to hear some tips about signing up for italian classes and also rental market tips! Would be great to meet new people in similar situations.
Thank you :)

Hi Kelly,

I am new to Milan and just moved here a week ago. Would love to find some like minded people to travel around the city. I am busy during the weekdays but can be available on weekends to travel around the city and explore. Let me know if you are interested?

Hope to hear from you soon!

HI Everyone,

I am new to Milan and just moved here a week ago. Anyone interested in joining me to explore the sights of the city? Planning to start with Duomo this weekend :)

Feel free to message me if interested.


hi, Am Vanessa from Kenya, Planning to go for a Visit to italy.

Hello Guys, Myself Dhiraj Bhasin. I am an Indian by Nationality and currently staying in Milan - Italy pursuing my Masters in Telecommunication Engineering within Politecnico DI Milano University. I love to group up with professionals from different backgrounds and especially local Italians.


My name is Linda , we as a family have spent many holidays in Italy and now my husband and I would love to live and work there. We this year came back from puglia region and loved lecce . How can we go about find English speaking jobs in Italy , I have always worked in the travel industry and my husband in the music industry in sales

Hello everybody! If you need any information about Italy, feel  free to contact me

Hello All,

I am an American woman residing in Florence for 3 months, hopefully longer, and hoping to explore all opportunities in Italy!


Hi faithevans a nigerian live in italy

I have a question to ask!am a working class but under maternity leave and the same time my documents is under process I just asked for long stay  (carta soggiorno) does my maternity leave going to affect the practical???

Hi All  :D

I'm Lee, I currently live in London, originally from Cardiff, U.K, my fiancé is Italian and from Milan and is urgently wanting to move back to Milan. My Italian skills are very basic I find it easier to listen to and understand as opposed to being confident in talking Italian. I am desperately trying to explore all avenues to support my fiancé's wishes to return to Milan but can obviously at present apply/accept English Speaking Jobs. I've worked in Retail for the past 13 years and in Retail Management for the past 6 years. I work within the premium skincare/makeup industry as a training manager, but would be very happy to consider the field of work if my skills fit to be able to facilitate a speedy move. Any advice or recommendations would be massively appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi guys, I am Grace from Uganda doing an internship with IFAD for 6 months.Hope to meet many people here.

Hello All,
My name is Patricia and I was born and raised in New York City.
I have been living and working in Naples for the past 20 years.
Glad and proud to be part of the expat group!

My name is Patricia and I have been living in Italy for many years, my husband who passed away 11 years ago, was Italian and I also have three grown up children with children of their own. I taught English to adult Italians right up until I retired four years ago.
I met a lovely English man seven years ago and our lives have been rather topsy turvy since, because we spend two months in Piacenza, Italy and two in Southampton England. My partner has decided that enough's enough and it was time to make the big move to,Italy permanently so he would like to buy a house near the seaside perhaps the Sarzana area. This is obviously such a big decision for,him with all the legal  problems involved, Brexit not helping at all especially should he not manage to move within two years, as he has to sell his house as well as winding up a whole life time of what was his life in the UK.
For him it would be splendid to be in touch with other British people in the area we live but even for myself as such contact didn't exist when I first came to Italy. I was thrown in at the deep end, as we live in a totally Italian environment. Forums too what more could you ask for?  :thanks:

I think that while you are still in Britain , now is the time to study the language because if you do know some basics, believe me, your life in Italy would be so much easier. Unless, of course you lived in a totally British environment, but finding work would certainly be easier knowing some Italian .

Ciao! Sono Io Cindy Chua from Philippines!!! I have a big trouble of coming back italy because I overstayed in the Philippines since 2012. If somebody can help me kindly send me a reply. Thanks & best regards everyone!!!

This is Barbara, I live in Rome area Appio Latino. I was educated in a German highschool and went to University here in Rome. I'd like to improve my knowledge of German and English language and train.
I own a small studio in the city center, if anybody is interested in a rental let me know!

I'm a member since long, but like almost never been active, today I just decided to be a new member again and promise to be more active on expat online ..
I lived in various cities, in Milan 5 years, now in Rome almost 3 years, no idea where yet for the future, might be Spain! or USA.

I came from Tripoli, Libya..

Hello everyone, I´m moving to Bolzano Italy this December and it would be lovely to know if there is any expat already living there. I´m facing a hard time finding an apartment to rent so if anyone has any tips they will be very welcomed. :) Thank you and Cheers!

Hi all, my name is Ian I have recently arrived in Bari from Australia.
Looking to chat or meet people locally. I only speak English though am trying hard to learn Italian.
I'm not even to sure how to use this site ..... A bit unco with Internet stuff.
Anyone out there?

Hi I am Victoria,

I am Chinese / Japanese from Kuala Lumpur and moving to Torino with my husband and my teenage sons age 14 yrs and 12 yrs. Husband will be working for few years in Torino and I would like to meet more friends and people to improve on my Italian .
I speak very good English and of course my own mother tongue.
If there is anyone with children in the same age group , I would really love to connect.
I am a frequent traveler and have traveled to many countries and also lived abroad in Australia for a few years.

Hi expats!

My name is Yurie from Andria city in Puglia. I live 7km away from Unesco Heritage: Castel Del Monte!
I'm originally from Japan but I lived in Australia for 5 years before Italy.
I'm a travel designer/planner for inbound Puglia region. I'll be self-employed soon and hopefully starting up online tour operator next year.
I'm here for net working and friendship with other expats in Italy. And obviously if you need a help to settle here, I can advise you as much as I can!

Konichiwa yurie san,
So nice to know another Japanese living in italy.which part of italy are you living in?
Would love to connect if we are nearby. I am relocating to turin.

Hi vlucagen1 san, Konnichiwa! :)

Thank you for your message! I live in Puglia, the heel of Italian boot, southern part of Italy, next to Adriatic sea :) So Torino is completely opposite side unfortunately! There are many Japanese as well as other asians (many from South-East/central) there, so I believe you won't feel home-sick much there!


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I recently moved to Bari from Byron Bay in Australia. I was born in Zimbabwe but have lived in Australia for the last 30 years. Looking to meet other expats and Italians who speak English so I can get to know more about the area and learn to speak Italian.
Anybody out there?

Hi Everyone!, My name is Danny and I am currently living in the Netherlands. I was born and raised here. My parents er both from Italy, the region of Calabria. I like the Netherlands but i miss the Italian lifestyle. I want to go back to la bella Italia and find there some work (Florence). I would love to meet new people and get in touch with each other. :)

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