New members of the Ireland forum, introduce yourself here – 2017

Hi all,

Newbie on the Ireland forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Ireland if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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Hi gays
I live in ireland cork city .work as acupuncturist and business man.

Hi all ^^ My husband my kid (7)  and myself live in South Africa. My great grandfather came here for a better life leaving Ireland behind , there is nothing in this world i want more then to move to Ireland.

Hi all! I joined Expat recently, but never introduced myself. My name is Linda, and I am originally from Lisbon, Portugal, but I am currently living in Santa Clara, CA, USA. I have been living in California for 13 years and working for five years in the product development industry, but I want to take a leap of faith and move to Ireland. Why? Because of the friendly environment, safety, and job opportunity. Yes, I could move back to my hometown, but Ireland presents better and more job opportunities for process engineers, and when I was looking at Irish job boards, I could not believe that there are a quite few openings for process engineers, especially in pharmaceutical and life sciences industries! 

I hope to find this forum very helpful!

Hi All :)

We are newbies here!

We currently reside in Cape Town, South Africa and are seriously considering relocating to Ireland.

We are self-employed and run an successful occupational health and safety company.

We also have 2 boys ages 14 and 8.

If anyone can offer some advise on employment etc it would be greatly appreciated.

Have a happy day!

Hi everyone.

Ireland seems like a quiet, relaxed country.

Any Physios from SA now working in Ireland?


Howdy my name is Dalton and I live in southeastern Oklahoma, USA. It can be very hot, wet, dry, windy, or muggy here and the weather changes in a minutes notice. It's terrible place living here on the plains so me and my buddy are planning to move to Killarney Ireland by 2021 to seek out a better life where the weather isn't so terrible and the landscape isn't so flat and windy.


I am Phung.
I am freshly arrived in Cork 2 weeks ago from Paris. I am living here now.

Happy to be on this website to meet others expat in Cork :)

Hi Dalton

I think you underestimate your weather completely. I think you should come and spend a week maybe 2 in ireland and then decide if the only reason you want to move is for the weather. I hope you own a good pair of wellies, coat and durable umbrella along with lots of vit D tablets if you might get SAD.
All the best

I'm a french guy who live currently in Normandy.
I keep on to improve my english skills by many ways, and I'm still searching for an opportunity allowing me to "expatriate" myself again.
And I thought about the UK and Ireland...
I'm looking forward to have great talks with you all.

Hi everyone,

I moved to Kilkenny, Ireland with my Irish partner one month ago and am looking to meet people and make some friends.
I am loving Ireland and enjoying exploring this beautiful country  :)

Good day

I am Thobile from Durban, South Africa. Thank you so much for this platform. My husband and me really want to move to Ireland, the sooner the better. I just need to know what to expect there.


Its wet wet wet and very cold,  its suppose to be summer. Winter last 10 months if you are lucky. The sun shines rarely and when it does its the best place to be. Other than that if you like the wet cold outdoor walks you are in the right place.
Irish people are ok and not to bad to get along with. The food is ok ish.
Rent is crazy high and public transport not the best. But its a great old place to live if you love green, lots of green country side and lots of walks in wet and boggy conditions.
Hope it answers your questions.

Hello Sanbo

Thank you very much for your response. I think I will enjoy it well except for the "crazy rent". How is the standard of education and health care?



Healthcare not great. Gp's not the best. Lack of experience as far as I am concerned. Just don't get sick. It does not even matter if you have private health insurance waiting list for  specialist can be months long. The public health system is not great waiting list for procedures can run into months long. MOney does not buy good or quick services. Its just that  the health care service is not well organized or run. Schools are generally not the best either. Very basic and private schools cost way above what most people can earn. It really is up to the kids that they just do their best. UNiversity fees are expensive and jobs very few. Most graduates go abroad for jobs as their are limited positions in most jobs. IReland is not a strong economy compared with the uk and other eu countries. Not enuff opportunities for progress and development. If you enjoy a simple life, with little benefits and basic things its ok to live here. Do'nt expect too much or you will be disappointed.


I would recommend you visit for a holiday before you make a decison. Its the best way to make sure you get a real feel for things here. Apart from it being wildly expensive its the long cold summers which will give you a real wake up call if you can stay for the long haul. The winters have shorter period of daylight and the summer longer but its not necessarily the kind of summers you are use to.  The lack of sunlight does get to you, depressing. I have been here for nearly 15 years and still can't get use to it.

You know am actually looking for a Nursing job that side. My hubby has a forklift certificate so he will be looking for a warehouse job. What are the chances of us getting jobs that side?



Nursing jobs plenty but for your husband jobs are not plentiful. Not much in his line.
You should check out the irish immigration website for all information on jobs and how to get connected as you will need a workpermit etc.
It should not be too difficult for you anyway. Your husband can work on your work permit. You will need to get cracking on it as the borders are getting tighter with time. Given the chances here in the eu, many irish people are reserving jobs for the own kind.
all the best

What type of nursing qualification do you have thobile>

Hello Sanbo

I have a Diploma in Nursing

I currently live in Dallas (originally from Southern Indiana).  I absolutely agree with your assessment of southern Oklahoma...
Good luck to you!

Hello, my name is Christiana.  I will be moving to Cork City in a month.  Holy cow! Is it only a month away??
I'm an automation engineer and moving on a Critical Skills work permit, relocating from Dallas, TX.  I'm originally from southern Indiana, USA.
We've started our own blog to chronicle each step - if anyone is interested.  Mostly it's so we can look back in years to come at how crazy we are.
I'm really looking forward to experiencing an entirely different way of life.  The biggest hurdle I'm having right now is finding housing and what exactly we want to do in regards to renting versus buying.

all the best christiana

Good luck Christinah. Hope you enjoy Ireland.

Hi all,

I am new on the forum!
I am an Dutch student who is going on an internship for 6 months this september. I am curious to what Dublin will bring me! I already became aware of the fact that there is a shortage on the housing market, since my landlord cancelled my verbal contract because he received a better offer:(  Any tips for finding housing for only 6 months are welcome!
I am keeping my good mood with searching for new housing because I am going to live in the city of my dreams!!

Greetings from the Netherlands!

Hi name is Dave , I am from Dublin but am married to a Filipino living in Tacloban . I travel there as much as I can and we are currently waiting on a decision on her visa .
I would much appreciate any advice given on this process . She has also got an 8 year old child who I treat as my own , we have also applied for a visa for him , I might add that I have known her 9 years now and its been a long struggle to get to this point . we recently got married last year after a very turbulent 9 years in which circumstances pushed us apart several times. we now have a home together in Tacloban and we stay in contact every day no matter what . its now nearly 6 months since our papers went in and we have received no response or contact what so ever , is this normal practice , should we just wait or should we inquire as any contact we have made we just get the official response of 6 - 12 months process . Also if anyone has advice on schools that I can enroll our son in ... his English is good but still broken but he has very good grades at home any way that's my story of why I'm here and any help would be much appreciated , also Maricor is a Teacher with good English and she would love to take up teaching here if she could


You should have no problem to move back to ireland if you have an irish passport. Your family should have no problem to move here.
You could work immediately and your wife by virtue of your status.

Hello there,

I am a German native living in Tralee, Co. Kerry for the last years and in Ireland in general for the past 12 years+.
Ireland is a wonderful country so beautiful and very compassionate and I have a wonderful relationship with this country.
But I believe it can also be the loneliest country or one of the loneliest ones around...


I do agree with you on all counts. I think it is symptomatic of all countries and cultures you might relocate to . That is why we expats have to support one another because we are coming into a country as adults with our own cultural quirks much different from kids who can make pals easily at school level. We are very sociable people but its hard to meet people with exact same qualities and interests as what we are use to. Its rare to meet like minded adults in a foreign country you move to. I have been 15 and a half years in this country but my husband and I both expats prefer our own company and to do our own thing instead of trying to fit in with the irish culture. My daughter is the reason we are kind of forced to engage with irish people because she is at school at the moment.  So yes loneliness is a real issue from time to time especially with no family support. I feel the benefits outweighs the bad issues. I enjoy the calm, quiet, peacefulness, hearing the birds all the time, the green space, lots of space and places to visit with my family that is safe and pleasant with less people, less crowds and yes, more space to breath. Its good for my mind, health and body. I hate crowded malls, traffic and high rise buildings, so yes Ireland can by boring and lonely but hey! you gotta make the best of things.

Yes I find that too, its more difficult when you are a single parent with no family whatsoever. Then it can be very very lonely. I had and still have my struggles with that. I enjoy the positive sides which I absolutely love and love Ireland for that but long term I don't think I could live with this being excluded or not getting in into the community. Loneliness is a bummer... I wonder if its different somewhere else...
I lived in Greece for a couple of years and had not one day that impression...
But Greece is wonderful but  no option now. I am looking into South America...
Until then I enjoy the locious green surroundings, amazing landscapes here and the beautiful summer we have this year  :)

To that my dear kerryspirit all i have to say, such a place does not exist, utopia! If you find it let me know. If you are a believer you will only find the perfect place in the hereafter, heaven, eternity.
enjoy this wonderful summer, Gods gift to us.

Hi everyone, I am new here and few months in Ireland now, I am from Nigeria, wife moved here as a nurse and I being a civil engineer, have some experience here already I wish to share and also get more informations, make friends and able to socialise, thanks all

HI guys.
I am Andreas Peters (Andy) from Germany and here since 16th of July this year.
I directly started working as a Recruitment Consultant in a language team the Monday after. In case you are looking for a job, maybe I can help you.
I am here completely new and don´t really know people. I am looking for a Volleyball team to join. If anyone know a team not too far from the city center, let me know.
I am quite open, easy going and like to make new friends.
Just leave me a message : )
I am happy to be here

Hi fellow expats. We've been living in Ireland now almost 5 months and love it.  I've been writing a weekly blog about our experiences and adventures.  ***

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Hi all!
My name is Marion, I'm from France and I just moved to Cork 3 weeks ago. I'm planning one year in Ireland especially to improve my English. I will start a job next week in a hotel.
I moved here with a friend and as it is out first time in Ireland we don't know anyone else.
I am looking for advices and for new friends in town.
Thank you !

Hello! I am a retired French University Professor of Literature and an active researcher, creative writer and translator. I am also an Australian citizen and I have lived and worked in many countries on all continents, but... I have never visited Ireland. From mid-late January onwards, I will spend 7 months in Cork (Jan-Aug 2018) to accompany my partner, a Brazilian school-teacher. She will study English full time at a language school, and work part-time if she finds some job(s). My main worry is to find suitable housing for a couple like us: we are grown-ups and I'll work at home: we cannot share a flat or a house. Our means are quite limited (one of the reasons why we did not choose Dublin), but, more importantly, we cannot commit ourselves to a "minimum one year" lease, because we will most probably not stay after August 2018. After this we might move to Portugal, or spend a year in India.
Also, we have no acquaintances in Ireland, let alone in Cork. I am looking forward to meeting colleagues  at Cork University College, while my partner would like to meet other teachers and people from similar walks of life.
For me, beside coaching my partner to complement her course, it will be an opportunity to know a new country, new landscapes while concentrating on various intellectual projects, one of them being a book on cosmopolitanism.
If anyone has suggestions about how to find housing in advance of our moving to Cork, it would be wonderful. I can share expertise on many of the places where I lived, and literary knowledge, this is about all, unfortunately... Tahnk you!


I live in the Czech Republic and my wife is from non EU country, but she has permanent residency in the Czech Republic. We consider relocating to Ireland (Dublin) or to the UK (London or its surrounding) - I got a job offer there. We selected those 2 countries because of language - it's quite hard to live in non English speaking country for my wife, and to get a job is hard as well.


I currently live in San Francisco with my boyfriend of 2 years who is from Limerick. We are currently planning on buying a home in County Cork. I work in admin and my boyfriend is a microbiologist and we cannot wait to get away from the high prices of living in San Francisco (think $2,000/mo for a TINY studio)!

Joined this group for possible job opportunities and for any advice on living in Cork.


Good day, all ,

My name is Marcelle and I am a South African , I have been in Shipping / Logistics for my entire working Career, I am a senior in my Industry , I am also married to an amazing Man Nicholas who is high in the Security industry,  We are looking to immigrate to Ireland , as we found that my Husbands Birth mother decends from the Butlers of Kilkenny ,  I have been doing loads of research and came across this amazing site  i have loads of questions and dont really have the support in Cape Town to get the exact answers , Any guidance in this matter will be greatly appreciated , I am not sure to take the route of My Husbands Ancestral rights or Employment Permits .... But i know with all my heart that Ireland is where we need to be to start our new chapter in our lives and chase our dreams

Hello! I'll be moving to Dublin in October. I've been working as an accountant for over 3 years in Canada and recently accepted an offer to continue my career in Ireland. I joined the group hoping to meet people and also gain some insight into life in Dublin. I am currently looking for suggestions for places to live in Dublin, so any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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