New members of the India forum, introduce yourself here – 2017

hi frm Chennai
any info wants to be given

My name is komaljeet kaur I have done MBA in business management like to do study and work in Riga if is it possible

hi dear how are you doing this side gautam from new delhi (capital of india) i would like to welcome you here in india if you want any kind of help you can ask to me

thank you

Yes. That's great news. Osho!
I've lived & worked in New York & Chicago.
Now in Calcutta place of Mother Teresa.
I would be happy to be your guide!

Hi I'm from Delhi, India.

Hi Jakob,
Just read your message. Are you still planning to invest in India?



Hey   Bebzo,

Did you come to India?



Yes traveling to India will definitely be great experience!
You can start from Mountains like Dharamshala or from Sea/ Beach in Goa!
You can come and do some yoga course or just walk the old markets!

If you want a easy start then Visit OSHO International, this is a place to Meditate and meet people from all over the world!

Let me know what are you interest and can suggest you accordingly!

There is lot to experience in India and this is for sure!


Hi Jakob,

I am Aditi currently pursuing my MBA in HR from NMIMS, Mumbai. I needed your help for an academic project. It would be great if we could get in touch. Thanks in advance.


I have shifted to Udaipur some months back. I come from France and am looking for other  expats in Udaipur, Rajasthan! I speak French and English.

Hi i am Julian Aguirre from San Francisco born in Mexico raised by vets now in India with my wife and son.Ive been here about 5 years so far mainly Bangalore.I cant say much about other cities but till now i still have issues with people i get into a lot of fights and for some reason i feel very tense all the time.

I'm Bettina, from Munich Germany. I moved to Bangalore in May 2017 and recently started to work for Arthur's Food Company in Bangalore. It's a German Meat Processing Company and they make German sausages, the best I ever had in India.

hey buddy,I'd like to talk to you!! :)

I'm looking for a sparring partner!!! is there anyone from USA? :D

My name is Amrina. I am from Canada and I live in India.

Hi all I am Richard M Gono from Liberia I came to India for study and I living warangal

Hi all,
I am Richard M Gono from Liberia I came to India for study but I has a conditions so I am looking for a job in the field of mechanic

Sounds great i think kerala will be better you will enjoy each and every second promise!!

Hi all

I'm natasha
Nice to meet you all...

Living n working in Pune right now

Hi natasha

Just moved to India
From UK
I am enjoying India

Move to Hyderabad much better place for expat
I am from UK and enjoying my stay in Hyderabad
Love the food and people are friendly

Which city and what can you do as mechanic

Nice to be in India
Have been in Pune
Must say a place by no mean economical
But lot of expat
Mainly bcoz of osho

Hi all,

New to the forum, not new to India. I am from the midwestern part of the US and am currently living in Kochi. If you know any expats living here let me know! I’d love to meet them and compare the intricacies of living in Kochi.


fionaeliza :

Hi all,

New to the forum, not new to India. I am from the midwestern part of the US and am currently living in Kochi. If you know any expats living here let me know! I’d love to meet them and compare the intricacies of living in Kochi.


Hi dear am from cochin

I'm an American senior widow with no children who is interested in moving to Puducherry, Tamilnadu.  Over the years of my life, I became a scholar-practitioner of Hindu and Vajrayana Buddhist meditational spiritualities.  I have an M.A. and Ph.D. in South Asian Languages and Civilizations, with specialization in the History of Religions. I did funded doctoral research on nondual schools of Tantric Hinduism while living in Varanasi, and returned to India on pilgrimage five more times. I also spent a short sabbatical in the Kathmandu Valley, living with a community of ordained Tibetan Buddhist refugees and learning about Newar Vajrayana Buddhist culture and its priestly tradition of sacred dances.

I was a full-time graduate school professor of world spiritualities, East-West psychology, cultural psychologies, transpersonal psychology, and consciousness studies. Then I studied for an M.A. in Counseling and became a transpersonal psychotherapist in private practice. I also have certificates in organizational development and transformation, intercultural communication, transpersonal hypnotherapy, and spiritual direction. Since the year 2000, I've been self-employed as a licensed psychotherapist, coach, intercultural trainer, hypnotherapist, and spiritual director. Recently I added global management consulting, with specialization in conscious capitalism and global diversity and inclusion.

I'm a new member of the Integral Management group of the Sri Aurobindo Society in Puducherry.  Although I've been a follower of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother for many years, I have no set plans to join the Sri Aurobindo Ashram or Auroville, although I know I'll be visiting regularly to network with devotees.  Last year, I was ordained as an interfaith / interspiritual minister, with a ministry in social justice, environmental justice, ethnic and religious mediation, and peacebuilding.  I'm looking to network with people all over South Asia and worldwide who have similar interests in evolutionary spirituality and co-creating a better world.


Hi mark
Email me ur details on my e-mail. ***

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Helo Navina madam I am from India .l want to go Oman and doing job there .please mam.convey me how can I get Visa to staying in Oman and doing job there

Hey I'm Hannah

I'm currently doing a short course in New Delhi. Would love to meet any southern Africans living anywhere around Delhi  :)

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Hello everyone, I am from Iraq, studying Pharmacy in Bangalore

Vad för typ av business vill du investera i?

Hi My name is Andiena from Bali, Indonesia

I'm currently doing my internship with IT Company in Mumbai, graduated in MBA
interesting in finance, Marketing.

actually, my internship will be completed by next month on feb 2018, thinking about settling down in Mumbai and looking forward to new opportunities that might available.

thank you

hello all

I am Vidya and am a US citizen living in Chennai since 2006. Chennai has been a wonderful experience due to its culture. I love the music in the city and its traditions.

Hello All..i am looking forward to meet pinoy in mumbai if anyone living around o devolope my skills on Tagalog..please post any related community forums


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