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Welcome, Sidney! Have a wonderful time with your studies in Budapest. Undoubtedly, you will come to fall in love with it! If you still have questions about finding a place to live, let me know. We found our flat via, and there are several Facebook groups that might prove useful, too. Here are a couple of examples:


My name is Priscilla, 25 years old, born and raised in The Netherlands. Within a few months I will be done with my bachelor of nursing and I'm looking for a new adventure in life to get out of my comfort zone. Trying to get as many information as I can to move to Hungary.
Half of July I will go to Budapest and Balaton for a small vacation, super excited!

Byee x

Priscillaa_T :

bachelor of nursing and I'm looking for a new adventure in life to get out of my comfort zone. Trying to get as many information as I can to move to Hungary.

Regarding information: If you want to work as a nurse in Hungary, you should maybe then read this: … 80#3747762

Am I even supposed to write here as a local Hungarian?

Oh whatever...

Hi I'm Flavio. I just registered to this site when I found out about it. I love getting to know foreigners and I was just googling methods when I came across this site.

I'm only 25 years old so I might not be able to help you with the "complicated adult stuff", but if you want to casually ask for basic advice or help from a local you can message me. I'm very casual and friendly with strangers.

Hello there!
Many thanks for the suggestions on where to look for. I'll be checking them out soon enough.
For now, I'm looking for temporary accomodation, since I think it will take me a week or so to get someone else for renting a  shared flat or something like that. Visa guys over here are already asking me for an address in Budapest.
Thanks for tour suggestions!

Hi people,

I can't say I am very fresh in Hungary/Budapest as I did my Erasmus here few years ago and now I am living here for basically two years already, trying to build a full-on grownup life (guess how that's working, hehe) :), but I would be happy to meet new people! :)

So I won't actually sugar coat the info about me - I like having long conversations about life that sometimes can turn into a 3-hour-bitching sessions, I am very sarcastic (but polite), I like black humor, I am flirty (with limits), I like drinking beer (as any Lithuanian) and I can party hard when I want to. I have crazy stories to tell from my student life; I really enjoy traveling - even for a weekend - to some foreign cities (but I am surely not the type to run around the city to make pics by every monument or "must see" place) and I do (or actually recently - try to) read a lot. Rock music is my soul music (80's rock <3), but I can equally party hard with Bieber on as well.

That being said, I am a friendly, tolerant (LGBT <3) person and I am equally looking forward to meet girls and guys, most importantly - some like-minded people here! So pm me if you want to chat or meet :)

Hello I am Hungarian and Serbian citizen that lives currently in Serbia, and own 50% in one Serbian company in north part of Serbia (Délvidék) Novi Sad (Újvidék). I plane to either to expand business or to sale my 50%.  Company works on the field of Recycling industry and of course with secondary raw materials. I am looking to some serious business partner from Budapest or from Hungary, that is willing to expand his business in Serbia with Hungarian partner that lives in Serbia. All the rest in personal contact, please leave the message to me.

Hi Monique,  I would be really interested in taking english lessons! please, let me know fi you are in Budapest. Thanks! Erika

I am from Chandigarh, India and have come for Research work with Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Hello, Deb! I'm an American (from Phoenix, AZ) living in Nagykanizsa, Hungary. I myself learned Hungarian as a child in America from Hungarian parents and, later, from my dearly departed Hungarian wife. I recommend the only place in the U.S. that offers an accredited curriculum in the Hungarian language, as well as Hungarian culture, history, etc. (optional), Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. Usual fees are required, of course. Many of the courses are instructed by visiting Hungarian professors (in English, of course). In Hungary, you can enroll in Eotvos Lorand University and receive a more comprehensive education in and about Hungary, including the language, of course. Hope this helps! Have a pleasant day!

I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I moved to Canada when I was very young. I spent my childhood and most of my adolescence. I have been living and studying in Portugal since I turned 16. I have a degree in Sociology and a Master´s in HRM. Worked for the National Employment Services of Portugal for almost 20 years as a Vocational Guidance Counsellor. Now I set up my own international recruitment business which I am hoping to gow, expand and export.

Hello from Budapest;
Hope your move to Hungary has gone well and you have managed to settle.
My family and I have moved to Budapest last year from Cambridge, UK.
We have got a house and the children are going to a Hungarian school. They could speak Hungarian already since my wife is from here.
We have started looking for jobs now!
I wonder how your experience has been so far in Hungary?
I cannot speak Hungarian yet, but have to make a serious effort...
Best Regards;

Hello from Budapest;
Hope your move to Budapest is going well.
My family and I moved from Cambridge, UK last year.
We have bought a house in district 16. Also have and extra extension that we are trying to rent it out if you are still looking for a place!
Best Regards;

Hi All,

my name is Marta,  from Budapest. I would like to introduce myself, as an English speaking hairdresser.

Nice to meet you all! Best,

Hi Everyone,

I'm Maricel living in Hungary for almost 2yrs.I can speak little hungarian language but mostly I used English even in the house.I loved Hungary and its my second home. I'm currently looking a full time job,Bachelor of Science in Food Technology graduate and had 14.8yrs.worked experience in food industry as QA/QC analyst. Hope somebody can help me.

Hello! I am Maria and I recently moved to Budapest to live with my partner. I was working as a customer service operator for eBay and was learning Graphic design for one year. I am searching for a job as well as new contacts. I would be happy to make new friends or just chat with any of you and share experience :)

My name is Jamshid from Cambridge, UK.
Moved to Budapest with my family last year.
Cannot speak Hungarian yet and am looking for a job that requires speaking in English.
My background is in IT, computers and electronics but would consider other jobs.

Uh oh I never know how these social media sites work

I live in Budapest, have done so for four years. Because I am looking for a new job I get a lot of clutter from various job posting websites. I own a house in a place I can't spell, and am buying a new one in another street in Budapest that I can't spell. I think my life is fated with living in places I can't spell.

I do speak some Hungarian but have to switch between keyboards and stuff, so I can't spell the name of the street I live in, which is very handy. I know how to say beer or wine or vodka, so that is a bit handy. I am looking for a new job in Budapest, and have bought a new house here, I know how to do the sparks and the water and the gas and stuff, I can do the engineering and stuff, I just don't know the words sometimes. I am waiting for my missus to get home for the weekend then we can have a game of cribbage. In English, please! We speak English at home but Hungarian on the street.

I lived in Cairo for two years and in Texas for two years so I am quite used to dealing with foreign languages, such as American.

Hello to all, newly relocated resident to Budapest from the USA hoping to continue in the transportation business.
Residing right in the thick of the tourists in District One and find it tremendously exciting.
Anyone needing transport is welcome to contact me.
Here's my e-mail address for direct contact: - ***

Ken A.

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Hello everyone,

My name is Alicja, I'm originally from Poland, but lived and worked all my adult life in UK, Birmingham and Wolverhampton (I still run my web development business in there). This is where I've met my Hungarian husband and where our 2 kids where born (they're 5 and 2). We've moved to Keszthely just a month ago.

My Hungarian is still very poor (although I'm learning) and I wonder if there are any English (or Polish) speakers living in the area ho would like to meet up for a coffee, walk, trip to a gallery, museum, etc. or even kids playground (with the kids of course).

I hope to meet some great people in here!

Hi Alicja,

If you want to meet a bunch of English speaking people, I suggest you attend the BalatonBrits  Greet & Eat meetings, venue: Gulya Csárda in Balatonszentgyörgy. Next one is September 12th  at 6 pm.

Hi fidobsa,

Many thanks for the tip off. I know that place. I've put the date in my calendar :)

Hi All,

My name is Janith. I got the acceptance letter from University of Pannonia for MSc in Computer Science Engineering. I've done Computer Science for  Bsc and I hope to take this opportunity to enhance my skills and knowledge in Hungary. I'll be staying in Veszprém. Hence it's less popular than Budapest, I'd like to meet people and know about the city, life, expenses and also opportunities of doing part time jobs. It will be great to meet expats, locals, and students especially from University of Pannonia. :) Thanks a lot for reading my description, looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you  again :)

Hello Everyone,
My name is Beth, I am from America and moved to Budapest end of July. I would love to meet travel buddies, movie watchers, theater goers, food eaters, and explorers. I look forward to meeting you!

Hi, my name is Anna. I moved to Budapest a month ago with my husband and two daughters (7 and 3.5). While I am originally from Hungary, I haven't lived here for over 30 years. I spent the last 25 years in Philadelphia, PA, USA. My kids don't (yet) speak Hungarian. I am hoping to meet other families with English speaking kids.

Hi! I'm Roland. I live in Budapest...and have lived here my whole life, as I am hungarian.

Hi, I'm Simon, I have lived in Budapest for four years, I'm English. My wife is Hungarian and we lived in England for four years before moving back (for her) to Hungary. Better quality of life here than in England.


My husband, my dog and myself are originally from the US (Seattle), but have been living in London for the past 5 years. In early 2018 we'll be moving to Budapest!

My husband has spent quite a bit of time in Budapest and Szeged for work and I've been a handful of times. Looking forward to this move and Hungarian wine! :)

Well hello and welcome on board!
Similar scenario as yours' with my wife, dog and I moving to Budapest in March of this year from the Sunshine State.
I am part of a major tour company for tourists and have settled in, finally.
Having just gone thru the very lengthy gov't procedures to legalize my residency, I can be of great help to you when you arrive. That must be STARTED within your first 90 days.
Don't hesitate to contact me. Many regulations have been changed in becoming a PERMENENT resident within the last couple of years.
Hoping to hear from you.
P.S.- We have a car if you need an airport P/U!

Hi everyone,

My name is Natalie. My husband Michael and I are currently living in Illinois ( originally I am from Ukraine). We were thinking and considering to invest in real estate and buy a house near Balaton lake, close to Keszthely to rent it out; and if everything will go great also move there in the future.

My husband is currently on a trip there, looking for houses and love the area and people a lot ( even though its not a season and some places are closed:))

We are looking forward to get to know other expat members and locals  to share experience, make friends  and maybe to get an advice or two, as the whole buying property process over there are a big step and new for us :)))


Natalie and Michael


My name is Livia.  I actually joined the a few months back, but never really introduced myself to the community.

I am a Hungarian born American citizen planning to return to Budapest in about six months to semi-retire.   I left Hungary during the Communist years.  Had an amazing life after struggling through some hard years as an immigrant in the United States.  I traveled the world and been in 30 countries, lived in five.   (Hungary till age 18 / refugee camp in Italy for a year / USA for 40 plus years - in states of New York, Florida, Texas, and California / Australia for 13 months / Fiji since September 2017)  During my travels, I built businesses, learned a lot, and met amazing people. 

I never really learned the art of "balancing life" and my work became my universe; could not imagine it any other way.  Now, I decided to go home and plan to find part-time work helping a small business in any capacity a few times a week and write my books and paint.   My U.S. Government pension of approximately HUF 400,000 a month should be enough to live on (from what I gather) but I still would like to keep busy with some projects, as I've always been an active "doer". I hope to invest in a home; an apartment in the city.

I am currently in Fiji,  helping a commercial real estate developer with business/legal advice.  In my spare time, I used to write about the news; economy, and politics, and just last year I started painting while spending time in Australia and became an exhibiting artist.  I have also have been working on two books for several years; now I plan to make time to finish them. 

I wish I could figure out how to attach some photos here of my very large stylized canvases of famous musicians, actors, and landscapes that became popular in the small town I lived in just outside of Sydney for a year...

I would like to start friendships with some like-minded persons already in Budapest, so I can learn as much as I can about what life is like there now; decide what part of the city I want to live in, and could join a community that fits my interests when I get there.  Please drop me a note here and let's start communicating if you feel that we have some things in common!  I am sort of a loaner, and like my space and NOT interested in relationships and dating anyone, so please only respond if interested in friendship and sharing experiences and information about life in Budapest.  The best way to describe what I've done with my life is through my work - following is a summary of my "resume"... 

Here is pretty much my entire life:

Current (Fiji)
Midwest Group
Business-legal consultant to CEO of commercial real estate developer and business operator

2015 – 2017 (U.S.A. and Australia)
CJ Global Capital/CEIAP - Chief Operating Officer and Partner
Responsible for finding business opportunities, creating business plans, developing marketing strategies, and working with investors. Secured and negotiated exclusive right to sell agreements for patented wound care product, created business plan and worked closely with International Marketing Director to set-up distributorships worldwide

2013 – 2016 (U.S.A.)
Wells Fargo Advisors and Morgan Stanley Wealth Management – Financial Advisor/Stock Broker
Managing multi-million dollar investment portfolios, trading securities on U.S. stock market
Securities and Exchange Commission Licensed - Series 7, Series 66, Insurance Producer, NMLS, Mortgage Broker

2007 - 2012 (U.S.A.)
Nature’s Skin and Body Food – VP of Sales and Marketing
Working directly with CEO developing marketing strategies for small organic skin care company and managing a sales force of 12

2002 - 2007 (U.S.A.)
IGB Real Estate North America, LLC - Vice President of Investments and co-owner
Commercial Real Estate Investment business specializing in shopping center development nationwide.  Identifying markets, finding and evaluating projects, initiating the creation of joint ventures, maintaining relationships with our financial partners and developer affiliates.  Annual budget $50 Million.  For first two years also worked in sales with Marriott Vacation Club (see below) while building business.

1998 - 2002 (U.S.A.)
DALNYC Realty, Inc., Dallas, TX – President and Owner
As an independent contractor, acted as Director of Acquisitions and Dispositions for Dallas, Texas based real estate investment firm as well as other private investors.  Annual budget approximately $100 million

1992 – 1996 (U.S.A.)
Andre Zarre Gallery – SoHo, New York
Gallery Director – increased sales 40% while in charge
Ran every aspect of gallery operations including selecting art; organizing exhibitions, meeting with clients, and sales 

1990 – 1992 (U.S.A.)
Circle Gallery – SoHo, New York
#1 in company in art sales out of 36 galleries and over 100 sales consultants at Circle Gallery.   

Varga Katalin Szakkozepiskola – FASHION DESIGN - Budapest, Hungary

U.S.A. - Securities and Exchange Commission - Series 7 Securities Exam / Series 66 Investment Advisor and Securities Law / Life, Accident, and Health Agent
Exam / MNLS
Real Estate Broker Licenses in the sates of Florida, New York, Texas, and California
CCIM Institute – Commercial RE Investment Analysis and Financial Analysis for Commercial Investment

World traveler; published writer, and an exhibiting painter 
Have two adult daughters
Speak fluent English and Hungarian, Conversational Italian, and some French

hi my nameis ilyes im 21 years old from algeria, studying in budapest Master degree mechatronics engineering, looking to meet you all :)

Hi I am Sandra and live in Nagykanizsa. I would love to meet other expats in this area or Close by. I speak English and German, trying to learn Hungarian but very hard! Say hello and very glad to meet you

Hi everyone!

How to learn Hungarian before entering Hungary?
Also is it necessary to admit my kids to Hungarian school or can I continue their education online from their original hometown?? Any ideas

Hi, Im Mitch Gaza, from Philippines, planning to move in Budapest Hungary, find job and get job with an Accounting or office work, I hope you guys or some one out there will help me.  I want to get there to live maybe for good cause my Boyfriend is hungarian and he lives  in there .

I am Madalina and I want to move to Budapest. I found a place where to stay there, but for now, I only come every two weeks and spend the weekends there. I am from Romania and I work in Timisoara as a software engineer.
I would like to make friends here and learn the language.
Thank you that you make this community so friendly.

madamady :

I am Madalina and I want to move to Budapest. I found a place where to stay there, but for now, I only come every two weeks and spend the weekends there. I am from Romania and I work in Timisoara as a software engineer.
I would like to make friends here and learn the language.
Thank you that you make this community so friendly.


Hey. If you are looking for Hungarian friends you can add me on facebook(delhusza flavio, same pic as here) and we can hang out.

Hi everyone!

My name is Thomas, I should be moving to Budapest by February 2018 to do my masters degree in Business Development. I just wanted to get into contact with other students and get some advice in terms of living in Budapest and the procedure of renting out a flat :)

My husband and I plan to live in Hungary full time in a few years' time. For now, we come and go as our business at home continues, and we support our elderly parents to live easier lives..

We find Budapest wonderful for the most part.. the people, the streets, the gardens, the architecture - and the history ! We feel very much at home.

The public transport is like knife through warm butter - it is that easy after you have spent a little time figuring it out - we did it over the net.

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