New members of the England forum, introduce yourself here – 2017

Hi all,

Newbie on the England forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in England if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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i'm an italian guy that want to relocate to UK or find a new job and a new life style with my family.

I hope to find a lot good info and share my experience


MY Real Name is Tigist Lev in Ethiopia am 29 yers old at this time i want husband and work am christian

Next time i tell you more more and more about me

Moved from the US to London about 6 months ago for a new role within my company, and am excited to explore London and the EU even more! In my spare time, trying to start up a an expat/travel blog at

My Name is Meseret I lIve in Ethiopia am mother of cildren age 34 i wont work and come England plese help me.more contact by this email

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Hi, I am a Czech girl living in Stoke on Trent, UK. I am a translator with passion for travelling, photography and good food and drinks. And I like to write about it all on my blog called Tasting the World. See you there!

Hello, I am from London x

Hi there
How are you doing X
I live in Brighton but want to move to hurghada at the end of the year . Are you
Living in Egypt if so do you enjoy it and is it hard to get work as a tourist xx thanks for getting in touch kathy

Fattybumbum2017 :

Hi there
How are you doing X
I live in Brighton but want to move to hurghada at the end of the year . Are you
Living in Egypt if so do you enjoy it and is it hard to get work as a tourist xx thanks for getting in touch kathy

Hi Kathy,

I'd recommend you placing this request in out Egypt Forum; this link will take you there.

Hi everyone,
I am a new member in this Platform
I m an accountant living in Marrakech and want to move to London..

yes i help

Hi Thomas
Do you live in Egypt then what do you do there , I want to get a job and set up a new life in hurghada but heard there's not many jobs going out there for expats . Be great to get some advice and help of you thanks kathy x

hello everyone

my name is Zahra im moroccan , married i moved to live in the uk in leeds and i would like to have friends living in leeds :)

hi i am interested in bying an appartment in the aqua palms resort hurgarda egypt can enyone tell me if this a good move to make and does anyone know when you step outside the accomadation whats there regards Pauline

aqua palm resort :

hi i am interested in bying an appartment in the aqua palms resort hurgarda egypt can enyone tell me if this a good move to make and does anyone know when you step outside the accomadation whats there regards Pauline

You will get a better response asking on Egypt page. But please beware not everyone are who they say they are.

I am muslim Indonesian. I would like to know if I can apply for any kind of job soon after I move into England.


My name is Sean and i am a student of computer science in an university at Brisbane.

I intend to pursue job opportunities in the United Kingdoms and have joine dthe forums seeking help.

Sean S


I am Bertrand a 25 years old French student doing my internship till September. I'm new in London and I'd like to meet people to hang out with, check out my profile to see my interests (I like almost anything).


Welcome Bertrand to :)

I would recommend to start off a fresh thread, you will get a better response

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I'm an English girl looking for help & advice for an Iranian friend hoping to move to the UK 😊

Hi i am from NY

New to Forum. Based in london


I am Patty from Guatemala. I live in England now and I help people settle here. At the BME Network in Weston-super-Mare we give free English lessons and help people find work and access services.

Specially if you are from a tropical country like myself, we aim to help people to learn how to use heaters and eat seasonally. Where is so much stuff different in England and the culture is important to know (have you heard about the invisible queue at the pub?)

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I'm a french guy who live currently in Normandy.
I keep on to improve my english skills by many ways, and I'm still searching for an opportunity allowing me to "expatriate" myself again.
And I thought about the UK...
I'm looking forward to have great talks with you all.

Hi fahad here living in leeds

My name is Kim Mollitor...recently became engaged to a native of the Liverpool he is not in a financial position to support us both I don't wish to relocate without a job in place..having a difficult time navigating visas and other immigration issues regarding marriage requirements...any and all advice would be greatly appreciated..

Hi Kim and welcome to the Forum. :)

The UK has placed restrictions on the ability on non EU passport holders coming to live and work there.  There is a list of "shortage occupations" on the UK Government website; this link will take you there.  If you fit into any of those and can find a job where they are willing to sponsor you, then you should be able to get in.

Hope this helps.

Thank You for the link

Hi, I am Mary. I was born in Germany but I lived in GB. Now I am traveling around the world and freelancing. Nice to meet you all here)))

Hi . My name is Thao and living in hcmc  I used to travel in uk for once . It's amazing and now i would like to go there one time again in july before my visa will be expired
Im happy to make new friends in there

Hi Guys and dolls, sorry Ladies and gentlemen,

This is just to ask for help also to let you all know who we are, my name is Dale and my wife is Efie, i am a londoner who has been living with my greek wife and family in Athens, Greece, We are moving back to London for business and personal reasons in a weeks time, this will be my wifes first time out of Greece, so if anyone would like to maybe make friends once we have settled in to our new job and home, please let us know, as it would be nice to make new friends in London.

All the best to all and thank you in advance.

Hello Everyone!  :)

I'm Roya, I'm from the U.K, and I currently live in Bexleyheath, Kent.

I moved back to the U.K in May 2017 after living and working in China as an English Teacher for almost 2 years.

Hello. My name is Priscilla. I am from Jakarta, Indonesia. I'm visiting UK from 24 Jun until 8 Jul, this would be my first time. I'll be staying nearby London generally.

I know some people and some of my acquaintances in the UK. But it would be great if I could meet some Indonesian fellow, and also non-Indonesian, to make new friends, meet some new people.
Please let me know if you might have free time, so we can arrange to meet up, or maybe you can advise me places to visit.

I'd be glad to hearing from you. Thank you, guys!

Hi! I am Venezuelan, with a British boyfriend, I would like to find the way to stay longer periods of time in the UK in a legal way...I have a tourist visa, so I have visited the UK a few times already. Is there any Venezuelan around?

My name is Whitney Douglas. I'm 24 years old. I'm working in Moshi, Tanzania at a volunteers hostel called Hostel Hoff with my boyfriend Tom. He's from Taunton,England. I've signed up to this website so i can ask questions and learn some stuff which are going to be useful for my future life/studying in England. I'm looking forward to chat with you guys :)

Hi Whitney.
Good luck with your plans. It's not easy but it is possible. See the Uk visa govt site for official information.
To stay permanently you need to show your marriage to your husband either common law marriage or official. Thereafter he has to show he can support you there. Then you will have to apply and pay all the fees.

Not that easy not that hard
Wish you good luck

I am Namuddu irene kiiza, together with my husband we  want  relocate to England

Good day all
My name is Johan Muller.  I am a 27 year old South African looking at the possibility of immigrating to the UK.

Its something I've always wanted to do but it just seems impossible as you dont even know where to start at.

I am finishing up my degree (Bcom in Law) at the end of the year and as such I think that puts me in a slightly better position when attempting to find employment in the UK and then making the big move.

Would love some input and help on how one makes such a move, where to find employment, where to live, etc.  Such a daunting prospect but its something I really want to do.

I am also an avid Arsenal supporter (yes I know, sad) and an all round sports lover, so the chance to go watch some games over a weekend, watch some rugby, play some golf, etc is really appealing to me.

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