New members of the Ecuador forum, introduce yourself here – 2017

Greetings to all.

My name is Rafael and I currently living in Quito, Ecuador. I currently work for a international moving company.

Thank you Rafael for letting us know.  I will keep your contact info for when we know our plans!

Best regards,


Name is Robert. Retired the last month & am strongly considering the move to the Salinas area. Going there for 5 weeks beginning July 12th to get a pulse on the coastal cities & staying in numerous locations. Looking to buy a property and hopefully move in by the end of 2017.

Hello my name is Alexsandra and I moved to guayaquil ten months ago. If anyone would like to chat or something let me know. I am from New Zealand and coming to Ecuador was quite a culture shock. I was also raised on a farm and now live in the city so again a culture shock haha...

Hi to all the new posters!

I'm just updating since I think I was still living in Anconcito which is a part of the larger canton of Salinas on the coast of Ecuador in the southern portion of the province of Santa Elena when I first joined. I lived there for 8 years and managed a property at la Diablica in barrio las Conchas and created a hostel the Ocean Hideaway which I ran from 2010 through 2016.

I now live further up the coast in Montañita, which is a designated Ciudad de Surf! And quite the happening place. I run the Montañita Animal Rescue Society (find us on Facebook, we are linked here in the Business section).

My time is also spent writing about Ecuador on various social media as I am one of the three Admins of Ecuador Expat group on Facebook with 15k members and the Admin of Ecuador Coast with 2,500 members and I am also the Moderator of the Ecuador Forums on ExpatExchange (.)com which currently gets 70k cliks per month on average.

I came to Ecuador first and foremost for my health. The land of eternal equinox is the ultimate proactive treatment for someone who's physical and emotional wellbeing is triggered by Seasonal Affected Disorder. After nearly a decade I can honestly claim my decision to be the right one for me. If you are a person with bipolar or other daylight triggered or induced conditions who would like to discuss how a move to Ecuador, or visiting during Summer or Winter might help, contact me via the mail function.

Hello everyone,

I am a new member on the site and interested in moving to Guayaquil. I am reaching out to hear about your experiences and to see if you have any insight on finding work in Guayaquil.

Thank you in advance for welcoming me,


Hi everyone!

This is Martha and I'm from Guayaquil-Ecuador. I have lived in the United States for 17 years. I lived three years in Cuenca some years before I moved permanently to USA. I got my Spanish Teaching Certificate and I'm corrently looking for more Spanish students. If you have any question about my country please feel free to contact me. ***

Martha Brink

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Hello everyone, my name is Robert and my wife's name is Ruth. We've recently moved to Cuenca and we are currently searching for a long term rental. We've been visiting Ecuador once or twice per year for the past four years. With retirement looming for both of us, we decided to make our move.

Ruth has her Texas teaching certificate and is certified in TESOL. I am retired from teaching anthropology and archaeology at the community  college level. We have a profesional temporary residents  visa and we are open to the idea of teaching here.

In the mean time we are interested in meeting people, improving our español and participating in Cuenca activities. It is a pleasure to be here and we hope to make your acquaintance.

Hello everyone:   My name is Edward.  I currently live in Connecticut, USA and am an MBA in Finance.  I am looking to live and work in Cuenca, Ecuador.

Hi Edward. I will be in Cuenca dec.6. I hope to live there. If you are in cuenca then let's have lunch and learn about Cuenca. I live in lasvegas now.

Hi everyone I'm Lucy. I'm Ecuadorian and I live in Cuenca. If I can assist you in any way please let me know. I also spend my vacations in Quito for those who live there.

Hi Everyone,

I am from St. John's Newfoundland Canada. I have lived in South Africa teaching and Scotland doing computer programming. I have been to Ecuador for a week about 5 years ago. In Quito, Cotacachi and Otavalo. My plan when my kids are grown is the check out more of Ecuador but also head to places like Malta, Canary Islands, Morocco and maybe Even San Diego CA.  I have lived or visited 26 countries.  Is Loja a good place to retire and also what are some good towns where I can live right on a beach.  I am not sure if I would prefer mountains or beach.    Right now I am a 30 second walk to the ocean from my house but have not seen many mountains.  So I am leaning towards Mountains to live 6 months in Canada by the ocean and 6 months mountains in somewhere like Loja.



Hello all

My name is Angelo. Currently living in New Jersey,  USA,  i have been trying to find employment in Quito.  Aside from the pay scale , finding a job has been difficult.  My Spanish is ok. Im not totally lost. Lol.
Cuenca would be a option as well. If anyone has any info, i will forward my cv.
My background is primarily in logistics. I have many contacts with offices around the world.
Thank you
Best rgds
Angelo Lauretta

HI Angelo,

Why not start an online business with something you would love to do.  Lots of tools to help you automate most of the work once you have your idea and everything setup.  I know a know people are doing ok with such a venture and some that are doing really well.

Good luck.  My Spanish is really bad too.   



Hello I am Roey from Israel.
I actually have been on this website 3 years ago when I just moved here, and now I am back again. I have some of my own knowledge to share and also new inquiries.
My recent project in Ecuador is to open a holistic center for yoga and ecuadorian ancestral knowledge for healing on the coast.  This project is now being realized with the purchase of land somewhere along the coast in the area of Olon (the deal is not done yet:) I think I will have lots of questions in regards to construction work, hiring companies, where to get good deals for new house hold in Guayaquil etc...

I have been living here for the last three years and I absolutely love this country!
I went through some major changes and I would love to share my knowledge and my stories with you!

Thanks all for you participation and collaborative networking!

Are you in the states now? I am in Louisiana and am thinking about moving there myself. We could surely get together here and maybe talk it out.
Donna Suarez

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Hi, I'm new to all of this and would like a friend that has already made the move to contact me if possible. I would like to maybe get an apartment in October 2017. Would be nice to have friends before I go.
Donna from Louisiana

Hello. My husband and I are travelling to Cuenca during Christmas and New Years this year. We are researching retirement places there and would like to meet other expats and possibly attend a Christmas/New Years gathering there. If someone could contact us with any information around events, that would be wonderful. Thank you. Leigh and Jim

HOLA. You will love cuenca. I will be in Cuenca dec. & jan. Let's have lunch sonetime.  :)

Hi, my name is Joey, and I'm a 70 year old retired woman.  My companion Wayne is 56 years old, is self-employed, and we both just want to pull up stakes and move to Ecuador.  Our goal is to make the move in January so we have time to make some plans and meet some people before we leave Phoenix.  We're going to start out on the coast and spend a year or two finding out where we ultimately want to settle down there.

Just new in equador, dont speak spanish .how can i link with the english community

Sir I am Subhash from India
I am looking for aboard to Ecuador

My name is Sinde Merian am in Ecuador living in babahoyo would like to get in touch with the english speaking community in equador.

Hi bro, so please explain me how are they going to meet us, the expats that already live in ecuador??

That's is just outrageous and nonsense for you to say it, and I am being very respectful.

I was just about to respond two of the guys that want to come here, oh but I can't now because of your "comment"

Hope you reconsider how to administrate this forum.

efraincrespor :

explain me how are they going to meet us, the expats that already live in ecuador??

That's is just outrageous and nonsense....

I was just about to respond two of the guys that want to come here, oh but I can't now because of your "comment"

Hope you reconsider how to administrate this forum.

Dear Efrain,

You're the first to post on this thread in about two weeks, so I can't figure out to whom you are attempting to communicate.  I don't see anyone administering this forum having blocked you from sending a PM personal message through our system.

Go to any post on this thread and access the PM capability by clicking on the poster's avatar.

If you are confused in any way .. or would like to clarify why you feel blocked by some party, let us know.

cccmedia shahin from iran

Hi- I am Rebecca and currently live in Charlotte, NC and in my early 40's. I am at the beginning stages of researching the permanent move to Ecuador and feel I must make a change soon.   There is family already there in Cuenca.    However, I am still trying to determine how to gain a job or support myself there and remain until retirement.   I have an interior design background and currently work as an occupancy planning lead.   Who knows where I will end up but first want to be sure I can support myself.

at least you have family to advise you on how things are there, can people you can maybe stay with until you are settled, good luck, my husband and I are also researching our retirement to Ecuador, hopefully within the next two years.


I'm Gabrielle from Trinidad and Tobago. I am moving to Ecuador next week please God to work for a while as a volunteer English teacher. I haven't yet received confirmation about which city I will be assigned to but I know I will be in the Quito area for the first few days for training. Is anyone here currently in the Quito area?

Name is Sergio, born in Puerto Rico, lived in the USA all my life. Met a young lady in Ecuador and we got married in July 2017. Now working on visa to go live there with her. We plan to reside in Quito. So far got marriage registered, now to my permanent residence. Used my "tourist" time to get a home and we have a place all setup, just need to legalize my stay. Y hablo Español fluente. :-)

Dear Bev, Gabrielle and other new members with questions....

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Hello, I am Tom, newly arrived in Quito. Yesterday was our first full day here. My wife and I very recently had finished 5 years of teaching English in Dalian, China. We are now looking for opportunities to teach in Ecuador, either in this city, Cuenca, or elsewhere.

So much for now. Looking forward to an interesting sightseeing day, more or less, free of jetlag ; )

Hello! My aunt and I are looking to move to Quito next year. She is retired and I will have my Masters in Education in March. We have been researching a great deal and would love any tips or suggestions. Mainly concerned with safety and how easy or difficult it will be for me to get a job. I'd like to teach English.

jennwill1972 :

Hello! My aunt and I are looking to move to Quito next year. She is retired and I will have my Masters in Education in March. We have been researching a great deal and would love any tips or suggestions. Mainly concerned with safety and how easy or difficult it will be for me to get a job. I'd like to teach English.

Hi if you have specific questions it's best to start separate topics with each individual concern or question. This is the best way because other members will see the topic as this one is simply for introductions and titled " New members of the Ecuador forum, introduce yourself here – 2017."

Hi, we are the Frias family. We are Ecuador expats turned nomads. We lived 1 year in Ecuador before deciding that we needed to see more of the country (and South America) rather than staying put. We have now spent the past 7 months traveling Ecuador by car. We love this country so much more than we did before, and we will return here again once we have finished seeing all of South America.
For those who are interested, I am Stephanie from Iowa, USA. My husband Carlos was born and raised in Quito, but lived for 26 years in the USA. Both of our children, ages 5 and 3.5 are now dual citizens for the USA and Ecuador. We also moved here with 2 large dogs, one who has recently passed on.
I am now a professional travel writer and am frequently publishing Ecuador travel information on, and on our own blog
Very much looking forward to learning more about Ecuador and in helping others to do so as well!

Hi there,

I'm Mike from Canada. I've been in Quito for a week and I'm already quite taken by it. My two-pronged plan in Ecuador is to teach English and learn Spanish. I've already had some great walks/runs in the city and looking forward to more.

All the best!

Hi everyone happy New year to you all.

I am coming to live in Guayaquil in March with my husband  (originally from Zamora) with my dog and two cats from the UK.

Can anyone recommend a recruitment agency that I can liaise with to arrange a job for when I arrive or is this better done when I am in the country?



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