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I am Maya. When I got bored and frustrated living in Bulgaria, I quit my job at the university, and decided to check how  life is in Denmark (I had lived also in Oslo and Stockholm). The first year in Copenhagen I lived together with my boyfriend, but at some point he decided to go back to Bulgaria, and we separated. So, I have been single for six months now, but it's OK. It feels kind of liberating :) The only problem is that it's been extremely difficult to find a decent place for a reasonable price. Now I live in Frederiksberg, which a great neighborhood. However, I have to move out again soon, as I am not satisfied with the living conditions at my present apartment. And my roommates suck!
I am a freelance writer, and also a director of the Bulgarian School in Copenhagen.

Hi , I moved to Vejan, Denmark on 1st ,Jan, 2018

Hi, Im planning to visit Denmark in august, any advices on how to settle up are welcome! Regards! :)

I am planning to migrate there, are there any part time jobs for English speaking people
Thank you


I'm a doctor in South Africa and am looking into the option of working in Pharma. Of course many of the big Pharma companies are in Denmark. Can I ask you a couple questions about your experience?


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Hello from me as well!  I am Yoanna and i come from Bulgaria. I am a student at Aarhus university in the town of Herning and i enjoy my life in Denmark. However, ti is hard to find a job in such a small town so if anybody has any suggestions, please draw me a line. :)

Hi everyone , I'm italian, 38 y.o. and I will probably move to Copenaghen within 2 weeks .Searching for friend or language exchange

Hello, Everyone! I am Monique. I live in New York City and I am moving to Denmark with my Husband very very soon. Excited to experience life in Europe and cant wait to make new Danish friends.

I downloaded some Danish learning audio and have been listening to it over and over during my subway rides to and from work and I find it to be really helpful. I recommend this to everyone else that is moving to Denmark or just moved there recently.  :one

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You should join a club to meet people with common interest as you. Some type of sports club, art club, music club, whatever your hobby is.

hello i'm philip 28 well rounded lebanese guy, still stuck in my anti lgbt country & jobless for the past 2 years .. i spend most my time playin online games with my buddies all over the globe.
i hope i can find a career in denmark, since its a place where i wont spend days in jail for my sexual orientation.
all i can do is hope for the best i guess ..
any advise ?

I would like to know more about Denmark so I join this forum.
I am mostly interested in pos-graduate study and jobs aopportunities and food culture in general.

welcome Silvma, i have the same interest as you .
i suggest you watching a lot of youtube videos .
you'll  love taht country with every video u'll watch !!

Hi, thanks.

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