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New members of the Colombia forum, introduce yourself here – 2017

Hi all,

Newbie on the Colombia forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Colombia if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

PD : The thread New members of the Colombia forum, introduce yourself here – 2016 continues below!

Hello, everyone.  I'm Colleen from Canada.
Hope everyone's having a great day.
I'm considering relocating to Colombia.  I
have a business which relies completely
(unfortunately) upon the internet.  I'd been
wondering what it's like there, for the most
part, please?  Very grateful for any info/help.
Thanks so much! :)

Hi Colleen, you should definitely visit and get to know the country and culture. I loved Cartagena so much after I visited, I decided to move here!

Couple things to note...some feedback and info you'll find applies to one city but may not be true for others, Spanish is not optional, and Internet is pretty good in the major cities.

Happy to help with any questions you may have!

Thanks so much, Jessica, and I do hope to visit wherever I'll
decide upon first, yes.  I'm a single female and had thought
of Medellin because I was told it was perhaps safer as such?
I don't know if you'd agree with that, or not ...  Not speaking
fluent Spanish sounds like it could be a challenge - even
though I'm purposely choosing a Spanish-speaking country,
as I really do wish to learn it.  It's a beautiful language. :)

Appreciate your reply, Jessica and thanks so much! :)

Hi everyone ... Cynthia in Lancaster, PA here. My husband and I are planning to move to Manizales in about the next year, year and a half. I'm going to get a CELTA so I can teach (gotta have something going to do ...!)

I guess I don't have any specific questions right now, just wanted to introduce myself. My husband is from Manizales and we are planning on retiring there. We'd like to buy a lot and build a house.

Just looking forward to living en la ciudad de las puertas abiertas!

Hi Colleen... the Internet is fine in the cities. Have you thought about Cali... it's certainly a lot cheaper than Meddillin and Cartagena.The people are so happy here,  and if you like music and dance then you'll  hit the jackpot.
As for safety... I've  lived  here for  four years and never even seen trouble,  let alone  been involved.... Use your head and you'll be  safe anywhere.

Hello from Dallas.
My name is Rusty, a retired Air Force Pilot.   My wife and I want to start spending more time abroad and I have visited Medellin a couple of times now and really enjoyed it.  Our goal is two  live in Medellin about half the year and Dallas the other half.
I'll be in Medellin next month, 7 through 14 March, and would like to meet with a local expat to discuss what they have learned.
I would appreciate your help/advise.

Hi everyone and welcome on board  :)

@ Rusty, thanks for your introduction. Feel free to create a new topic on the Medellin forum with a few precise questions. Members will guide you through their experience.

All the best,

Its very Good

What kind of business are you involved in down in Medellin ? I love that city !!!

Hi friends

This is kapil gupta from india.can you guide me here in colombia regarding business  ,job oppurtunities.currently working with an indian mnc here.


Hi Colleen,

When are you planning on moving to Colombia?

Buenas tardes,

My name is Allison Voss. I lived in Bogota, Colombia for a year just last year and have recently moved to NYC. My boyfriend is Colombian and spent the majority of his life in Bogota. I LOVE Colombia and think it's a wonderful place to live and travel to.

I have a blog called Understanding Intent (, where I write about my adventures and thoughts. Many of my posts are from my time living in Bogota, so I would recommend checking them out.

Happy to connect here on this expat site!

Un abrazo,


My name is Patrice. Originally I am Belgian but also American. When I came to Medellin on vacation for the first time, it was "Love at first sight" with the city and its people, the incredibly welcoming "Paisas"... and only 6 months later I moved here in this great, still well-centered, green neighborhood of "El Velodromo". As I have been happily living here since 3 years already and not missing at all my life in the US,  I think my experience could be of great help to respond to any question you may have about  any project you may also have with the "City of eternal Spring" :-)


Hi Patrice ,

My name is Riza and I'll be traveling to Medellin next week. I am an American and would like to stay there long term as well. Are you a teacher or do you work remote? Also, what are some great sight seeing and things to take photos? I am also a photographer. Thanks!

Hello Riza,
No, I am not a teacher although I have been sometimes in my life but in other countries ;-)
For photography, the lighting is always great in Colombia, except that it is night a 6:30 PM every day of the year... I am not a professional photographer, I just take my snapshot Panasonic mostly when I go on an excursion around Medellin; landscapes, flowers and birds, butterflies is what I like the most; I don't feel much comfortable to photography people, or any scenery in the center (called El Centro) or in the "Barios Populares" because of the risk of being stolen; as the Colombians themselves say you should never "dar papaya"...
You could take some good pictures at the Botanical Garden or even in some small parks in the city, or go to Guatape, Santa Fe, Parque Arvi (Santa Helena), or Envigado, for example.
Anyway, I wish you a safe trip and a wonderful new life experience in Colombia; it's not perfect, but in comparison to all the countries I have been living in, it has definitely a lot of good and positive to offer.


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Hello everyone,

Welcome on board  :)

@ rjt43932 and ppanis,

Please create your own threads on the  Medellin forum if you have any question/need for information. This thread is only dedicated to the introduction of new members.

In addition to that, if you have accommodation to propose or if you are looking for one, an advert should be dropped in the dedicated section of the website : Housing in Medellin.

thanks in advance,

Hello everyone ,
I am new here, I am exploring the possibilities of moving to Medellin
I am looking for a joint venture opportunity, if possible. As i have no idea of where to begin

Hi Jason,
I did move to Colombia 3 years ago from New York and very happy of my decision.
I can happily give you free advice, connect you to some reliable people who helped me with visa and everything, and even have a housing classified in the Medellin section here if you want to check out...
That can be the best move you will have made in your life to come and live in Colombia at this time of history in the US; it's not Paradise yet but very close to it ;-)

Yay!!! That is exactly what we are doing starting May. My husband is an Army retiree, we are homeschooling our girls and traveling. 6 months in the States and 6 months in Colombia.

Hello! My name is Martha and I am in the process of buying an apartment in either Envigado or Sabaneta. I have been to Colombia 3 times in the previous year and feel that Medellin is the place I want to be. I am back in the US presently but plan to return by June.

Best of luck to you then any1973! :-)  Which city are you moving to?

I'm Jim and I have been to Colombia 3 times since April 2016 and I am from San Francisco and Brasil where have been living and working between these two places since 1980. After more than 30 trips to South America since 1989 I have been to all the places I wanted to go and am currently helping a co-worker get set up in Medellin later this year in Nov/Dec as a retired resident.
I speak enough Spanish and Portuguese to breeze through Latin America.
The DIAN tax situation won't help retirees and the over- priced real estate that the previous gringo's over paid for doesn't help the newer investors. I will do my best to co- invest with my co-worker from San Diego/Los Angeles. It will be a challenge.
Most of my Colombia experiences have been pleasant. Fruits and cooking inside with good ingredients available have helped make this possible. As long as the dollar stays in the 3,000 area that would be helpful. The increase in the VAT will be another negative regressive tax.
I am looking forward to a long term commitment to Colombia to hit it and quit it as necessary..

Hi Jim,
I want to wish you best of luck with your investment in Medellin! From my own experience, I think it is still worth to do it; I lived many years in NYC and in many other countries as well and comparing to other "enough developed" places in the world, life is still much affordable in spite of the taxes hikes. With my Colombian partner I invested in a couple of apartments, but in the "Velodromo" not in the indeed over-rated Poblado, which is so crowded with gringos now and "estracto 6" which make everything (Rent, administration, utilities, cable TV/Internet... and of course shopping) much more costly in a long term...
Most of gringos who invest here don't know how to do it safely and this is adding to a lot of legal fees with lawyers, banks etc... I was lucky to meet the right, totally reliable people to help me with all paper-work at a very reasonable cost; also I took the time to  visit all the neighborhoods of Medellin and many apartments before taking my decision...
If you'd like any help or advice, I'd be more than happy to do it and for free, for I think that's what this website if for  ;-)

Hello everyone,

Please note that this thread is only dedicated to the introduction of new members.

If you are looking for information, it would be better to create a new topic on the main forum Post new topic.

thanks in advance,

Hello. My name is Simon and my best friend and I are planning to move to Medellin from Houston in August. We have booked a place to stay in Poblado for a month and are looking forward to learning about the city and everything it has to offer. We are both in the oil and gas industry, but would like to start a local business in Medellin at some point.

Hi, I'm Jon from Tucson and I am considering accepting a job offer in Medellin.  My wife and I have lived elsewhere in Latin America (Mexico and Argentina) and we are investigating potential issues with living in Columbia.   
Take care and I hope to be there soon!

Hi All

I have been living and traveling in Colombia for several years and living and traveling full time for the last 6 months.  Just moved to Bogota last week and may stay here for sometime.
Bogota seems to be more difficult to find a good apartment than other places. May just need some more time.

I now will have to think about a visa if I want to stay longer. These are things I am now trying to sort thru.

I will say that I have the best chance to travel Colombia that most people have not had the opportunity, but is a long story for another day..

Arthuro.   I tried my other names, some else was using.


i am going on a 2 week trip to Cartagena at end of April. I am going with little planning and expectations. this is my intention to find some adventure. i am improving my Spanish slowly. I am also using my time on this trip to make a decision on moving to Colombia.

Hi, I'm Stacy from Atlanta and just returned from a five-day visit to Medellin. I loved it! 100 % fun and beautiful, especially the para-gliding above the city! I am looking forward to returning soon, maybe this summer, for a longer stretch. But first a question: Are all the ex-pats either retired, digital nomads or English teachers?

Hi all,

Have visited Colombia twice now, having fallen in love on the end of the first visit. My fiancé and I are going through the immigration process so I can bring her to Australia, but there is no guarantee. My second option is to move to Colombia to be with her.

My main concern is gainful employment. I have 20 years experience in radio, selling advertising, and sales team management. Prior to this I worked in construction, building timber frame homes. I am highly adaptable and intelligent and have been thinking about moving across to a digital lifestyle, which would allow me to travel and still support my couple.

Any advice on employment opportunities, even outside of the ones I mentioned above would be greatly appreciated.

Estas luego mis amigos!

How does a cowgirl from Nevada find herself blogging about Coffee and Horses in Colombia? I’m going to tell you the short version. And, I wouldn’t have it any other way. It has its ups and downs, and even a few side-ways. The main thing is that despite the challenges, I’m still here. And I still want to be here, which is what counts  the most. Come inside and get a practical glimpse into my Life in Pereira Colombia. Read More on my blog here: My Life in Pereira Colombia

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